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Munch Time is a unique experience that will have players lunging for their lunch. This simple yet compelling game starts off as a simple walk to your prey– I mean lunch. And as you venture through the levels you will find yourself swinging from flower pedals to wrap changing your own character’s colors. Perhaps one of the coolest thing I really enjoyed was being able to launch myself from a flower cannon, how cool is that? Swinging this adorable creature collecting your trophy stars will certainly fill your appetite as you help it across different levels and challenges.

The levels of this game are simple, yet challenging. You will find that as you advance through the levels, each new puzzle requires you to stop and think about how to obtain all three collective stars before feeding him his prize. As I am one of the providers for strategies to apps, there is actually quite a lot of factors to successfully collecting your stars.

Think about speed

Without spoiling too much about how to earn your collective stars, think about speed. When you swing from one point to another, the speed is normally faster on your first swing, and as a result your swings are higher. You can continue to swing from one pedal to another without having to wait for them to stop, letting you reach maximum speed.

Munch Time Gameplay 4

Mid-Air Transformation

This one is quite difficult actually, but possible. On some stages, you may need to transform in mid-air (change colors). Some apps may have the stop and wait for change but this is how polished Munch Time is, you can change different colors if you take them in while you are in the air. Use it to your advantage to swing from one point to another.

I hope those two tips for Munch Time provided some help. Overall, Munch Time is a very unique experience that will have you waiting to see what other transformations, or bonuses will be available to this adorable creature. Munch Time is in the Appstore or iTunes for 0.99, so why wait?

Munch Time Gameplay 3Munch TimeMunch Time Gameplay 2

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