My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic: Scootaloo


Scootaloo is a Pony in the mobile game My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic. Like all ponies, this pony can be obtained in the market after you have reached the requirement. However, it’s not that easy for some ponies because it cost a certain amount of coins to buy these Ponies and some times the buying price may be expensive. Therefore you will need to ensure you have enough coins to purchase this pony into your Ponyville.

Like most ponies, when you purchase a Pony into your Ponyville, you’ll also get a custom building that is attached to this pony. It is similar to a pony’s home and each pony has their own custom building that will make your Ponyville shine has you collect and unlock them all!

~ Game Description

My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic Scootaloo

Release Date: Nov 8. 2012


Level requirement: 11
Buying Price: 50My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic Heart Diamond

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My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic: Scootaloo Key Features

  • Scootaloo is a light orange and purple hair pony..
About My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic: Scootaloo

You can purchase Scootaloo for 50My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic Heart Diamond in the market. These are heart diamonds and not the normal diamonds.

Unlocks Scootaloo’s Barn.

  • Doglover

    How do i get more heart diamonds

  • schilli das schäfchen


  • Kelly

    When I go to buy her, it forces me to the social media page.. then searches for friends 🙁

  • Annie

    Yeah! How do we get more hearts? This method stinks, you can only add 25 in my friend thingy

  • Flind3r

    I need friends too for my scootaloo.
    My gameloft name is: Flind3r

    • AwesomeKooldog

      I need her too! ADD MEE PLZ!!!! AwesomeKooldog

    • FaffywaffleRD

      Add me, ID = FaffywaffleRD

  • Kat

    I don’t have any friends on the game loft thing and I don’t have a FB! But it’s the only goal I have and I’m not even close to being done with the game! Help

    • FaffywaffleRD

      Add me, Gameloft ID = FaffywaffleRD

  • william

    You may need to add through Facebook I can’t get the game loft live to work so please add me,as a friend William ray brown I have rainbow dash as a pic

  • Kaeleigh

    I’m trying to get scootaloo but it says I need 30 hearts when I only have 27. It says I can get hearts when I add friends. But every time I try, it sends me to face book or GL live! Then I tipe in my password and email and it sends me back to my little pony. Then it says I have no face book or GL live! friends. Can some pony help me?

    • Kaeleigh

      Hello! I’m back again! I’m adding this to my other comment. Please please PLEASE add me as a friend! My game name is kaelovesdogs.

  • Lisa

    Add me on gameloft! Lissie9988 is my username!

  • Anna

    I need more heart gems!!! Please add me: harlequinkiss

  • CaveBoy4051

    And me too! I’m CaveBoy4051

  • zdolly

    Add me on gameloft zdolly need more hearts to get scootaloo

    • AwesomeKooldog

      Same! ME= AwesomeKooldog

  • broserl

    Need Scootaloo….Please add/except requests from me. username broserl

    • sarah

      Please add Simmons60480. You will make my 5 year old daughter very happy.

  • april

    Need friends for scootaloo toolfreak66

    • AwesomeKooldog

      SAME!!!! AWESOMEKOOLDOG’s the name

  • Alicia

    Please add Nillaicing80 I am stuck and nobody I know plays this game… 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    Add me to please. Username Fromtheinterstate

  • Lush

    add me please, need friends for scootaloo
    username; dash_pony31

    • AwesomeKooldog

      Same! I am AwesomeKooldog

  • peggy

    Add me please. My id is yeopeggy

  • Casey

    Add me, SkittlesYouSay

  • Danielle

    d33elizb3th0813 add me I need scootalo

  • Michael

    Please add me my name is sonicrainbowdash2

  • Josh

    Add me on GameLoft: PILKEY2AGAIN

  • Russ

    Please add me: ScootalooZz

    • Russ

      I will be sure to accept too!

  • Brandon

    someone add me. i need friends and Scootaloo- bmock23

  • Dead1bird

    Usernames dead1bird
    I can’t progress any further in the game until I find some friends to add 🙁
    Level 56 and haven’t got Scootaloo >..<

  • OoJasmineoO

    I can’t get Scootaloo either because I’m friendless.. Add me please on GLive my username’s OoJasmineoO

  • OoJasmineoO

    And I’ll accept any requests too!! C:

    • FaffywaffleRD

      Add me it’s FaffywaffleRD!

  • Austin

    Add me as well DrAuskie, I will be sure to accept!

  • Desiree

    Hey everypony, so I’ve been adding a bunch of you on GL to send you hearts. I would appreciate it if you could send me some as well so we can all finally get Scootaloo.
    My GL username is dezzaling.

    Hope to give you hearts soon!

  • Russ

    Totally forgot about this, kinda gave up. The reason is because i didnt know how to accept friend requests. Facepalm moment. Sorry for everyone who added me and i didnt know how to accept. I still need more heart things, so please add me: ScootalooZz

  • Anna

    Please add me too ! Search: amferreira

  • Tristan

    Add me please. I’m legogalactus

  • Rachael_gogirl

    Please help me! I’ll pay you BA k when I level up(can u get hearts for anything else? Like for the 10th day or something?)

  • Daly1829

    Please someone add me as a friend at GL daly1829. I need help!!!!!

  • Derpy_do

    Add me too!!! ID: derpy_do

  • CloudFairy

    need help too add me CloudFairy got the same problem. I’ll give back as well.

  • Icenek0

    Yo! In the same boat! Add me on facebook [email protected] I’ll gift back!

    • FaffywaffleRD

      Don’t you have a Gameloft account name as well? I really cba to use my FB account.

      • Icenek0

        Yeah just figured it out. Gl ID iceneko

  • FaffywaffleRD

    Please add me too guys! I need Scootaloo as well.

    G ID is FaffywaffleRD

    RD = Rainbow Dash ofc 😛

  • FaffywaffleRD


    Add me! GLive ID is FaffywaffleRD

    I have a big *** city and rich as!

    I give out gifts/treasure chests roughly 24 times a day to everyone.

    Add me for loads of hearts.

  • SashaSims

    I need scootaloo too! GL username is SashaSims. Add me please!

  • Luvtheworld

    Hi. I really need scootaloo. I’m like on the quest to get her( its “get along little pony”) and so yeah, i need friends. My id is Luvtheworld. Pls add me and I’ll add u.

  • Amanda Seeley

    I really need hearts for scootaloo and others to come please add me manda_rae

  • Gally gal 2000

    Please add me: LaylaCrystal

  • Knittax

    I need her as well my name is Knittax, Please ADD ME!

  • Shiney

    I will give away treasure chests and heart gifts add me – shinemoonlight77

  • ariana

    Hey everypony I need help with some heart gems my gameloft id is dimples911 I will except and add others

  • em_texas

    Add us too em_texas

  • Kelsey

    I need my little Scoots too!
    My GL Name is kel2k

  • lee

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  • Katie

    Please add me! kjames835 Thanks so much! We love to play, but I need hearts soooo badly!

  • zari

    plz add me for my little pony userid is lazaria0122

  • KatieKatison

    Please add me, i need hearts for scootaloo. i play every day!
    my gl name is katiekatison

  • Hytura

    I play everyday, and I’ll surely give hearts. My username is Hytura

  • Jessica

    Please add me! Username is sevenmotions.

  • Lunetta21

    Plzz add me I need her to!!

    • Lunetta21

      User name is Lunetta21

  • Ceri

    Iv added a few, I can’t move on at all one without hearts:( I need scootaloo, minutte, and twilight a dad:(

    Username is 94cerilouise

  • JackdaCookie

    Add me Jackdacookie on gameloft
    Also add my facebook for more hearts please

  • Chris

    I send lots of hearts to my Gameloft friends. Please add me…


  • Vanity Rose

    I haven’t figured out how to add friends on GL Live! so add me please! My username is VanityRose

    • katty

      I sent request to you.
      I`m KattylittlePony

  • Alison

    Add me: angel44657

  • Amanda

    Please add me as I too am on a quest to get more hearts and I will happily return any hearts that I am sent…. Thank you 🙂 my gameloft ID is scrummymummy

  • katty

    I need her as well…

    • katty

      I will also send hearts everyday.

      • katty

        Or will try to.

      • katty

        Facelift name is KattylittlePony please add me I would like to help others out. ^^;

        • katty

          …wow really kindle…? Game loft name.

  • Dionne

    Please add me Dionne25…my 6 year old would be very happy…thanks

  • Chris

    add me. i send hearts and treasure chests every day…


  • Cindi

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  • Miki

    Add me!! Trying to get scootaloo not enough hearts.. MikiandZaires

  • Andrés

    add me gameloft live:

  • KaeEss

    Add Me On GL I Will Send Chests

    GL- KaeSenpai

  • NiteShadieLane

    I am also unable to get scootaloo. Please add me
    GL: NiteshadieLane

  • Hillary

    I sent a friend request to everyone who commented with their GL username! To anyone else who sees this, please add me! Username: hillaryxcore

  • Skrillex Death

    I am very ocd about this game play it every day but I need hearts I will return the favor daily
    GL: SkrillexDeath

  • Liv91

    Me to! Add me please Liv91 will send chests. Really want to progress past this quest!

  • mewapple

    add me on gameloft live (note after i made my GL it came back to mlp os game) but
    i need hearts gems etc.

    • mewapple

      i got on my computer so i can be on it & be on mlp os game

  • vfotter

    Please add me….i need more hearts too! Vfotter