Dec 182013

My Muppets Show updates the game with a brand new stage for the Christmas holidays! This stage is not just any normal stage it is inside a ship! Is it haunted? Who knows but that is really one of the most unique places to have an entire band of Muppets for your show! In the new stage you will find a number of new Muppets for you to obtain including new costumes for older designed Muppets.

My Muppets Show Christmas Icon Kermit

Some of the new Muppets include The Newsman and the 1880’s robot available for purchase when you get the to the Ship Stage of the game. There is also the Myron Bellows, Hera Thump, Boomer and the Crazy Harry Muppet in the Ship Stage which are all new and never before seen muppets in the game.


Now your digitalizer can upgrade allowing you to store even more muppets in the game for digitizing into your stages.


New dressing rooms are available for upgrade as you can now have more muppets in your stage!

What’s New in Version 1.1.1

NEW STAGE! Continue your musical voyage, and set sail on a ship to perform on the newest stage! Grab the helm, and jam to a catchy new tune! Hire 3 new Whatnots, the 1880s Robot, and Newsman to join your musical crew!
Check out the new digitizer upgrade that allows you to hire multiple premium Muppets like Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy!
Now there are additional dressing room upgrades so you can hire more Muppets and new goals to complete for extra coins, diamonds, and XP!

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  1. Stage 4 is out!! But it still says coming soon???? What to do guys

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