My Muppets Show: Friend Codes


Your Friend Code in My Muppets Show is one of the greatest assets in the game. Having other players add you using your friends code will give you FREE Diamonds, 5 FREE diamonds to be exact. This may seem small but it does add up in the future allowing you to unlock certain combinations or just fast forwarding your talent search timers.

My Muppets Show Friend Codes

These are all good in the long term and all you need to do is to find your friend code and let new players know how they can add you into the game!

You can find your friends code by going into the Friends menu at the bottom of the screen. In this menu you will see your friend code, simply input that into the comments below with a message telling others why they should add you.

Remember to let others know why they should add you. Just entering your friends code in the comments may be flagged as spam and you will not be able to post your friends code again.

So start out big by getting as many friends as possible in My Muppets Show!

  197 Responses to “My Muppets Show: Friend Codes”

  1. Please add me!!

  2. 3789 3378cg

  3. my friend code is 5609154GG (USA)

  4. 976153LF

    Add me! :))

  5. Hey everyone, I’m new but ambitious and a ole school muppet lover♡♥ 51446978Fl Add me!

  6. My code is 52412162mg

  7. Add me please 40720643CN

  8. My code: 43I98338HE (I think those are supposed to be “I” instead of a “1”…)

  9. My number. 16941123EF. It’s germany

  10. please add me…. 51714242mk
    I’m having fun with this. I miss the Muppets….

  11. Friend code: 42035074EC 🙂

  12. Muppets code is 27709890mg

  13. code is 66741141K,
    you can add me.

  14. 26643714GK enjoy 🙂

  15. 43062659MF pls invite or add me

  16. 52626562HI. I’ve added most of you(:

  17. Add me 51344322BE

  18. Germany code 19783619CB

  19. Please add me. I’m at level 22 and didn’t get xp yet. Friend code 31956098GK. Thanks a bunch.

  20. Use my referral code for some free gems and a like on your stages! 56181314NA

  21. here is my code it is 28675458NA. hope you will enjoy it!!!

  22. please add me! all my muppets are nymphomaniacs and need other dirty muppets to mob around with haha 😉 friend CODE#56547458LI

  23. Friend code 51234242BM; thans!

  24. Im new at this and would love to see others stages please add me

  25. Just stsrting out. Need friends. Please add me code 5799202kk.

  26. Please add me

    My code is 38178435DL and my muppets are proper mental 😀

  27. add me 41501955EN

  28. Looking for Australia/Asia players – my code is 14187521FN

  29. please add me!! 🙂


  30. Friend Code: 20807746JE USA Sebby’s Muppets

  31. Hello, just started this and my Muppet Theatre is coming along very nicely but I need some friends please. My code is 51361603ND

  32. 47290307LL (Europe)

    my theater, the kitchen is now finished and I start with the rooftop.

    A look at it. I’ve only been playing in December

  33. Please add me. The muppets are one of my favorite shows…. 65412226EG

    Mahna mahna….

  34. Loved the Muppets since High School and believe me, the years are adding up, LOL! Please add my referral code: 66434434BM

  35. Does anyone know how to design Pepe and Dr Teeth in the harve??

  36. I would love it if you would add me. I’m not sure what reason to give except that we would all like more diamonds and we are at the mercy of total strangers to get them. I am a kind person who has been adding many others as I have time. It’s fun to think of them out there somewhere receiving their diamonds and smiling. So this is a game of giving a lot to others without the guarantee of getting anything in return. That is interesting to me

    Anyway, if you’ve read this far, please do add me. I am in the USA and my code is


    Freakenstein & Tony

    Thanks. And best of luck with your shows.

  37. Add me please

  38. Oh and add me

  39. Visit my stage hit that check Mark plz go Kermit

  40. I’m awesome

  41. Visit my stage it is 35713346GC Hit the check Mark an I will hit the checkmark on yours!!!!!!!

  42. I’ve added most of you but some are either fake, or you have un installed the app :’-( :’-0 and im nor posting my code cause u dont know who can be on this site (!!!!!!)

  43. All of these friend codes are fake except from one or two! 🙁

  44. My friend coad is 99018050GG USA

  45. 89639107CN add me please 🙂

  46. Friend Code is 54505538DM. Works in the U.S.A Name is Nick’s Muppets

  47. Add me for daily diamonds! 110171586 DA

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