My Muppets Show: GT Harv-E Combination Chart


This is the official Gameteep My Muppets Show Chart with all the combination to all the muppets in the game. You will find here the muppets you need to use the get the muppet using Harv-E combination.

Editor’s Notes

  • All combinations are purchased from the developers in store using gems. So they work.
  • Upper Tier Muppets don’t always give you the muppet you want, it’s up to luck.
  • Upper Tier Muppets are harder to obtain.
  • Most combinations have been confirmed first-hand.
  • Muppets that cost more gems for purchase may take multiple attempts from 10 tries upward depending on your luck.
Muppet Stage Muppet #1 Muppet #2 Time Price Unlock Lvl Rooms
 My Muppets Show Animal


 My Muppets Show Rowlf
 My Muppets Show Floyd
 Muppet Theater  Purchase in Market  Purchase in Market 01:59:59  1000 My Muppets Show coin  9  1
Sam Eagle
My Muppets Show Sam Eagle
 Muppet Theater  Purchase in Market  Purchase in Market 01:59:59  500My Muppets Show coin  7  1
 My Muppets Show Rats
 Muppet Theater  Sam Eagle  Rowlf  00:29:59  20My Muppets Show Diamond  2  2
Jax Strumley
 My Muppets Show Jax Strumley
 Muppet Theater  Floyd   Sam Eagle  03:59:59  120My Muppets Show Diamond  7  2
Durwood Clapper
 My Muppets Show Durwood Clapper
 Muppet Theater  Animal  Rowlf  00:29:59  20My Muppets Show Diamond  7  2
Big Mo
 My Muppets Show Big Mo
 Muppet Theater  Animal   Sam Eagle  00:29:59  20My Muppets Show Diamond  7  2
 My Muppets Show Zoot
 Muppet Theater  Rats Big Mo   01:59:59  40My Muppets Show Diamond  7  3
The Divettes
 My Muppets Show The Divettes
 Muppet Theater  Rowlf   Floyd 03:59:59 120My Muppets Show Diamond  9  2
 My Muppets Show Snowth
 Muppet Theater  Animal   Floyd 03:59:59  120My Muppets Show Diamond  9  2
 My Muppets Show Kermit
 Muppet Theater  Miss Piggy  Jax Strumley  05:59:59  250My Muppets Show Diamond  9  3
 My Muppets Show Gonzo
  Muppet Theater  Snowth   Rats 05:59:59   180My Muppets Show Diamond  8  3
Miss Piggy
 My Muppets Show Miss Piggy
 Muppet Theater  Durwood Clapper   The Divettes 05:59:59  180My Muppets Show Diamond  7  3
Mahna Mahna
 My Muppets Show Mahna Mahna
  Muppet Theater  Big Mo   Snowth 05:59:59   180My Muppets Show Diamond  9  2
 My Muppets Show Fozzie
 Muppet Theater  Jax Strumley    Gonzo 05:59:59  250My Muppets Show Diamond  9  3


Swedish Chef
 My Muppets Show Swedish Chef
 Kitchen  Purchase in market  Purchase in market 01:59:59  5,000 coins  9  1
 My Muppets Show Chickens
  Kitchen  Swedish Chef  Rowlf  05:59:59  150My Muppets Show Diamond  7  2
 My Muppets Show Kizzy
  Kitchen  Floyd  Animal  03:59:59  150My Muppets Show Diamond  7  2
 My Muppets Show Rizzo
  Kitchen  Veggies  Gonzo  11:59:59  400My Muppets Show Diamond  7  3
 My Muppets Show Walter
  Kitchen  Gonzo  Kizzy  11:59:59  400My Muppets Show Diamond  7  3
 My Muppets Show Beaker
  Kitchen  The Divettes  Zoot  11:59:59  400My Muppets Show Diamond  7  3
 My Muppets Show Veggies
  Kitchen  Floyd  Swedish Chef  03:59:59  150My Muppets Show Diamond  7  3
 My Muppets Show Veggies
  Kitchen  Floyd  Swedish Chef  03:59:59  150My Muppets Show Diamond  7  3
 My Muppets Show Kermit Kitchen
 Kitchen  Walter Jax Strumley   11:59:59  500My Muppets Show Diamond  9  3
My Muppets Show Diamond
 My Muppets Show Diamond


  29 Responses to “My Muppets Show: GT Harv-E Combination Chart”

  1. Wow
    No comments

  2. When are you will put roof combinations?

  3. How do get Zoot?

  4. I love muppets show!!

  5. Lalalalalalala. Lazania!

  6. in the muppet theater is an secret or limmited muppet if got a friend that is level 22 his name is KTFproductions it has a weird girl muppet on a guitar i want to know wich that combi is please?

  7. Huge muppets fan..thanks for the tips..any plans to add the rooftop list? And is skooter on Amy of the levels?

  8. How do you get gonzo for the kitchen?

  9. lalalalala 3128515MN my code

  10. How to get Beaugard?

  11. Hey! I wonder if you did this right but why is the combination wrong for Kermit? I tried it a million times and it’s wrong! What gives? Just tell me the real combination plz.

  12. His status is low on Harvee so keep trying he is hard to get

  13. Sometimes these do not friggin work I tried Kermit 7 times now and it bloody did nothing thanks for the pretend combinations -.-

    • The Kermit combo actually worked on the first try for me. In fact, most of the combos here worked on first or second try. But I am now on Fozzie (last one for theater) and it is giving me a run for my money, lol. The up side – all the duplicate Muppets can be dismissed for coins! And I am typically getting extra Divettes, which pay 27,000.

    • Keep on trying you’ll get it

  14. Thx I finaly have kermit

  15. i keep doing rats and snowth it does’nt work?

  16. they are real the higher the level of those two muppets the higher the chances to get the muppet you want

  17. This is the real thing for Kermit- Miss Piggy and Jax Strumley

  18. The comb. Is right keep on trying you’ll get it soon

  19. How do I achieve these 1- occupational hazard. 2- insta growing pain. 3- go big or go home. 4- short and sweet?

  20. It is so funny how that I got Miss Piggy and Kermit at the first try but I have tried 6 times to get Gonzo.

  21. This did not help me at all

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