My Muppets Show: Hera Thump


Hera Thump is a Muppet in the My Muppets Show game for mobile devices. He is a diamond priced character which means players have the choice of purchasing the muppet from the store or using Harv-E to combine two muppets to search for new talent like the Hera Thump.


Hera Thump

My Muppets Show Hera Thump
 Ship – 7,500 My Muppets Show coin
Dressing Rooms Required: 1
When it comes to slapping rhythm into song, Hera Thump isun-beat-able! No one can lay down a paradiddle or flam-roll-&drag a clamorous conga-commotion like this gal!
Price  7,500 My Muppets Show coin
Unlock Level  1
Talent Search Time  07:59:59
Talent Search Digitization Time  07:59:59
Combination Purchase in Market
Combination in Text

The Newsman + 1800’s Robot

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About Harv-E / Talent Searching

When combining muppets to search for new talent, one must remember that in most combination games that the odds of getting certain muppets are completely random. Most of the time, it is up to luck for you to obtain certain muppets if more than one muppet can be obtained from the combination.

To Talent Search simply tap on Harv-E then select the character that gives you a chance at obtaining this character and wait until he digitizes to know if you’ve obtained this muppet.

There is absolutely no way a player can view the percentage of getting any given muppet through playing the game.


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