Aug 272013

The Blabbit is back in an all out Out of Season Special in My Singing Monsters. If you’ve missed the Blabbit Monster back during Easter then now may be a good time for you to breed one of these monsters for your game. The monster is available again until September 3, 2013 and is a rare creature to obtain in your game.

Blabbit was released in 2013, and was available for a limited time and now the monster is back for breeding (or for purchases) in the market under the Water Island section of the game. This monster can only be obtained in this Water Island section and no other. You can purchase the Blabbit for 225 diamonds in this special return or get one through breeding using a specific combination.

My Singing Monsters Blabbit Monster Special Sept 3

How to breed Blabbit

The only combination that has been confirmed to work to breeding the Blabbit Monster previously has been using the Scups and the Spunge. As a result, this is the only recommended combination to breeding this monster.


  • The level of your breeding monster does not matter.
  • Which side you select for breeding does not matter.
  • It’s up to luck to get monsters.

See a confirmed video on YouTube.

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