Jul 312013

My Singing Monsters released a brand new monster called the Shugabush this week. The Shugabush Monster is a new type of monster which is dubbed as the “Legendary” type of monsters in the game.


It’s symbol features what we see in the photo as a Star with sun rays in the background colored in Orange and Yellow. The monster is available on the Plant Island only and is unlocked at level 9!

The Shugabush monster is voiced by musician Kristian Bush from Sugarland and is certainly one legendary monster you want to have in your game. So let’s start singing!

How to breed Shugabush Monster?

Even though the Shugabush is a Legendary Monster in the game, it still can be obtained through breeding. Some players may choose to purchase this monster into their game due to it’s low price but you can certainly breed one in your plant island using a specific combination.

The combination to breeding the Shugabush is using the Clamble and the Bowgart. This has has been a tested combination and the breeding time is 35 hours which should appear as 01:10:59:59.

Please keep in mind that like all breeding game, the level does not matter and the sides you select the monster for breeding also does not matter.


  106 Responses to “My Singing Monsters: How to Breed New Shugabush Monster”

  1. First comment!!!!

  2. My first try and I got it right! I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Still unsuccessful in breeding one but I did breed a ghazt! :) 2716219MB

  4. That is cool that u have ghazt

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  6. I got a bee?

  7. This new monster comes up and i get an entbrat first try and second try. What is with this!!!!!!???!?!?!?

  8. I got it already

  9. I kept on trying and i still never got it. What am i doing wrong?

  10. I’m still breeding the clamble

  11. does anyone know if you can breed with the shugabush? thanks for the help. add me 2293265JB

  12. I used a clamble and a bowgart and got a shuga bush to the first try :)

  13. I have tried a ton of times to get a Shugabush but I didn’t get it but I did get a ghzt with Enbrat + Clamble

    • Yo you acutly got a ghazt I don’t have ghazt but I do have shuga bush don’t give up once you get shuga bush your sure to get 2 of them like me

  14. Can I get more friends? – 3829651FH
    “my singing monster” im kinda new

  15. I got a Shugabush on my first try !! awesome

  16. Just bred the shugabush :D first try with bowgart and clamble

  17. Oh and add my freind code :)


  18. I’m not at a level 27 but what is the robot monster? I want him!

    Add me please! Need more friends…


  19. I’ve tried two times now and can’t get the Shugabush??

    Add me 5007642bm

  20. Clamble and bowgart first time. Good luck to all! 4141471GN

  21. What level were your clamble and bowgart on when you bread to shuggabush?

  22. got it the first time with Bowgart and clamble!!

  23. I just bread him! Can’t wait. my friend referral code is 4708987MF.

  24. It took me five times, but he’s finally arriving!

  25. First try and i get the ghzat end the second time a shakbush

  26. How do yo do it iv tryed 5times and still nothing unhappy!!!!!

  27. Whats the combo for the shugabush on the cold island?

  28. I’ve tried a lot of times and all I have is hundreds of bowgarts and clambles.Look at it this way, I started trying when it became available at level 9. I’m now on level 17 with no Shugabush. Why can’t I get one :(

  29. Looking to get friends, my code is 5884261HF. I’m just now attempting to breed a ghazt, wish me luck!

  30. I GOT A PUNKLETON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FRIEND CODE: 4861058GK

  31. I have breeding shugabush more than fifteen times , but always failed. This happened too when I tried to breed punkleton, ghazt , and grumpyre. Hope someone can give me a help. So confused till now. Please your kindness. And please add me too 5587318NI .

  32. Hi there! I only have 10 friends. Check my islands out… I think theyre very creative. I don’t just plop my monsters in the middle of the island together. I got paths. Well check me out pleeeaase?? I am Frieda and I live in a lonely place in the world. my code be 5599275AF

  33. I was having a really hard time breeding a shugabush. Was doing the Clamble / Bowgart combo. Ended up with 7 clambls and 6 bowgarts. I was frustrated so I changed my Clambles name to : Just do it! And I have now successfully bred a shugabush (or something that takes 35 hours) anyway its something new and something cool and I finally did it? Maybe if your stuck try changing your monsters name? Worked for me! Add me! 5599275AF

  34. Having trouble getting Shugabush!!!! Keep getting Bowgarts!!!!!!!! Ugh!!!! Maybe more wishing torches will help?

  35. Hi! I’ve added a bunch of you guys from here. Looking to have more friends. My FC is 6751837IL. Still trying to get Shugabush. 3 times failed. Good luck!

  36. Trying the combo nothing yet… Friend me and help light wishing torches!! And wish me luck. My friend code is 4892077EL

  37. Bogart and clampble worked for me first try I also had 2 wishing torches. Also add me please for some diamonds .7700401FB

  38. I got a bowgart:(

  39. To let you know , check your friends Islands on a daily basis or at least every time you play it would be nice to have more than one torch lit.

  40. i got the ghazt twice on plant island, got the grumpyre on cold island.. and i just got the jeeode on water island. i havent been able to get the reebro on cold island yet but will keep trying. theyre all on ethereal island now.

    i was able to get the shugabush on plant island and now have several of the new breeds on shugabush island.

    i was able to breed a yool – christmas event on cold island, and the punkleton on plant island – halloween event.

    i suggest keep trying till you get them. i was breeding twice a day for a long while and finally gotten them so far.

    check out my islands :) 3764865GD

  41. This is great

  42. how many wishing torches do you need to breed a shugabush?

  43. And the Ghazt :)

  44. Hi All…..,
    I have tried breeding bogart clamble…. Then clamble bogart for a grand total of 1,564 times!!!!!!! I have been playing the game for almost a year. I have not got the sugarbush yet!!!!!! I have also had up to 39 torches lit and still NOTHING!!!! Does any one have any ideas as to how come this monster cannot be made for me???

  45. I finally did it! I breeded bowgart with clamble with 2 torches friend code 8581335HH reply with name if wanting to : )

  46. I have finally got shugabush yesterday with 2 torches lit. Friend code 8581335HH reply with and I’ll try to visit everyday :)

  47. Looking to get friends, my code is 9356315EF

  48. Hey I’m new and need friends my code is 8962554GK

  49. Clamble and bogart worked ! Finally I tried maybe 10 times after reading this blog the name changed worked for me and both monsters are same level

  50. Oh I forgot I also have all 10 torches lit

  51. Tried over 60 times to get shugabush and still nothing, any tips?

    • try putting both the bowgart and clamble on the same level! and try changing their names once or twice each time! that is what i did and i have about 10 of the :)

  52. If there is other things I have to do to get it plz comment

  53. When i did it i did not get shugabush time i got 11 hours!

  54. I have been trying to get a ghatz for forever! I did entrbat and t-roz, and bowgart for like 2 months! What should I do? Oh, can you please be my friend? I will like your islands and light your torches. 4850455FL

  55. Yayyyy I got it on my first try =)

  56. I am hopeless of breeding hard to get monster.. I tried embrat level 15 n trox level 15 for ghazt many time but no luck. . I tried embrat level 15, clamble level 12 it finally work…
    clamble level 12 and bowgart level 15 for shagabush :) whewwee…. gl to all

  57. I’m just starting out and could use some friends. I’m so alone. :( My friend code is 144466681G

  58. Oops. My FC is 14446668FG. <== rookie

  59. Got Shugabush on first try!!!

  60. i got the shugabush on my 2nd try and i love them!!!! i recently became obssed and i have over 12 of them!! they are awesome!

  61. I don’t even have a bogwart and I was able to breed a shugabush

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