Jun 222016

My Singing Monsters fans! A new update is now available for My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire with brand new monsters available for you to breed. For those that are new, Dawn of Fire is the second game to the original My Singing Monsters game where you play as the younger and more adorable version of the monsters, which eventually grows up to become the monsters found in My Singing Monsters.

Added into this new update is Monster Bonuses, which allows your monster to advance even faster in the game with bonuses that includes up to 1.5 times the amount of experience and gold obtained through completing tasks for the monsters. This will help you gain gold faster which can be used to purchase materials from the market and this also helps your monster level up much quickier from the increased experienced generated from the 1.5x bonus.

Two new monsters have also been added into the game. One of them is the Pango that is already found in the original My Singing Monsters game, while the other one is a completely new monster named the “Barrb” monster. The Pango is a two element monster, and the Barrb is a three element monster. New special icons in item lists for crafting structures also let you know if that item is wanted by a monster.

See the Barrb here!

See the Pango

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