Hornacle (Constellation – January) | My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire


Hornacle is a monster found in My Singing Monsters and My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire. Dawn of Fire is the second installment in the My Singing Monsters franchise and is available for Apple iOS and for Android devices.

Monster Release Date: January 2017


BIO Acient legends tell of a cacophony that lasted eons,. Yet from this primordial clangor, a wave of harmony swelled, creste, and crashed across the woid, pooling into a placid sea of euphony and starlight. Thus the living ocean was formed. Reflected in its shimmering surface, the distant twinkle of Ocean’s Tears echoes with the Celestial Hornacle’s triumphant song, heralding an age of music – a harbringer of good news and even better grooves
  • Galaxy
Availability Monsters in this game is available through purchase of using “Diamonds”, “Coins” or breeding. Purchases will allow you to obtain the monster immediately while breeding will give you a “chance” at obtaining the monster. Please see below for more information on how to get this monster for your game.

  • Star Map Completion.
Breeding Requirements  You cannot breed this monster.
Food All monsters have different requirements for feeding them. You can check out the requirement by tapping on the monster page.
Song  Each monster has their own unique “song” or sound and it evolves as you level up your monster in the game. You can check out the song in the videos below to see their tune in the game prior to trying to obtain the monster.