Nov 272012

This is hot! My Singing Monsters players get a stunning new update with two amazing new islands for their game. For veteran players, when we say new islands you know what that means! Yes there are new monsters! Hold on tight as we go through the update in detail…


In this new update, the Gold Island is free (good to know). The Earth island cost 7,500,000 so hopefully you’ve been saving up those coins for this purchase!

My Singing Monsters - Earth and Gold Island

Earth Island

The earth island has a new monster called the Quarrister Monster, which is a four element monster for you to collect on this island. If you’re looking for that diamond generating mine then that cost 20 diamonds for this island.

My Singing Monsters - Earth Island

Gold Island

The Gold Island is really one of those islands you’ll love or hate. It’s beautiful, more beautiful than any other island in My Singing Monsters. However, there’s no monsters to collect there. You can bring in any level 15 monsters into this island (like a storage). Level 15 monsters are great but quite difficult to come by.

My Singing Monsters - Gold IslandMy Singing Monsters Gold Island info

Quarrister Monster

Yes! We did find a new monster! His name is the Quarrister Monster. A four element monster that is designed specifically for your earth island and he has 6 heads!

My Singing Monsters Quarrister

What’s New in Version 1.1.0

•Earth Island!!!
•Gold Island!!!
•More monsters!

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  1. Cool but like do you loose any memory?

  2. Cool!!!!!!!
    Go play!!!!!!

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