Mar 142013

It looks like My Singing Monsters is celebrating Easter with a brand new update filled with content for their Easter event on the Water Island of the game. Update your game today to see the Easter Event and be sure to try to breed for the brand new limited edition monster called the Blabbit Monster in your game.

My Singing Monsters Easter icon

The update will update your Water Island so it is filled with Easter Eggs like the picture below.

My Singing Monsters - Easter Water Island

Included in this update is the limited and Easter special edition monster in the game called the BLABBIT monster, which is probably a monster you want to get for your game before it expires. You can see the notes for this monster in the screenshot or text below”

Developer’s notes




My Singing Monsters - Blabbit Monster

At any rate, these special additions to your game are only available for a limited time. So be sure to enjoy the Easter update before it’s over, and take plenty of screenshots to save your moments in Easter for My Singing Monsters!

What’s New in Version 1.1.4

new Easter content on Water island!

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  11 Responses to “My Singing Monsters: Easter Update, Blabbit Monster Limited”

  1. I really love this game but I feel the castle upgrades are absurd .I have brought things but now your getting ridiculous with the cost. It’s not fair to children. My daughter wants to play it but she cannot afford real money for items. It ill take her ages to try and save up so now she has stopped playing. Come on be realistic with your costs for things

  2. Does anybody know what the secret breeding formula is for the Blabbit monster is? If so could you please reply to this comment so I can try to breed one. Thanks.

    • Why don’t you try yourself instead of freeloading? LOL

      • Wow! That was kind of mean – everyone is trying to find the right breeding combo for the Blabbit – what’s wrong with sharing it if you figure it out? And BTW – who said they WEREN’T already trying to figure it out?!

        • I go by what was posted. The post said, “… so I could try to breed one.” Going by what was said, the person hasn’t even tried. Thanks!

          • Actually, you cannot glean anything at all about if Daniel & Jeannette are trying their own combinations from their message, you just assume.

            Regardless, they were asking kindly if someone could share their discoveries with them and there’s nothing at all wrong with that, though it was indeed quite rude of you to to post such a snarky comment.

    • Spunge and scups

  3. I apologize if you took it that way. Why don’t you try yourself instead of freeloading? I don’t see harm in that, along with the LOL showing humor. Geez!

  4. Andrew you are a douche people only want help so shut your pathetic little mouth
    As far as I know shellbeat and reedling work :-)

  5. Has anybody noticed that Yule is also present in Cold Island when the Easter update was released?

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