Mar 182013

It has been confirmed. The secrets to breeding the Blabbit Monster in My Singing Monsters has been released and you can safely breed for this monster knowing that the combination does work.

My Singing Monsters - Blabbit Monster

The Blabbit monster is released for Easter and is available until April  1st 2013, it may be extended by the developers if they choose to do so but as we know it, the Blabbit monster is only available until then. However, the developers did release a brand new mini-game that allows players to obtain expired limited edition monsters through scratch cards. So be sure to check that out if you’ve missed this monster.

How to breed Blabbit

My Singing Monsters Blabbit Monster

Blabbit monsters are rare. In fact, players may choose to save up on their gems and buy the monster instead of breeding for one if they’re not lucky. Some players have spent more than 500 Gems attempting to breed this monster while some have gotten it on their first try. So make your choices carefully when attempting to fast forward your times with gems.

To breed the Blabbit monster, we have confirmed you need to use the Scups monster and the Spunge Monster. The breeding time is 19 hours which should say 18:59:59.

Please keep in mind when breeding that this monster is super rare which means he may be difficult to breed for in your game.

  17 Responses to “My Singing Monsters: How to breed Blabbit Monster Confirmed”

  1. I’ve never been lucky, but I got him the first try!

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  5. I think that you should buy him with gems.

  6. Does anybody now when they will have the blabbit this for easter or was it released alreadythanks

    • They just released today and will be available until April 22nd at noon EDT (guess on the time but the date is correct according to the news flyer).

    • The Blabbit became available for breeding or purchase today and will last until April 22nd.

  7. It’s been released

  8. I got it on the first try! XD
    I used a level 7 spunge and level 5 scups, no torches.
    I guess I got really lucky…

  9. I think it should be a Spunge on the left and a Scups on the right although i’ve not managed to breed one myself yet.

  10. I am so bummed, I tried every 12 hours from the moment it was available with a sponge (level 15) and a soups (level 15) and didn’t get one before they were gone. I don’t believe I the Easter bunny anymore!

  11. Sorry, auto correct. Soups = Scups.

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