Oct 242012

We have finally confirmed the breeding combination for the Punkleton Monster in My Singing Monsters. If you haven’t heard about the Punkleton Monster, then it’s a limited edition monster for My Singing Monster to celebrate each Halloween.

My Singing Monsters Punkleton Monster

The Monster itself features an all new design that is extremely different from any other monsters we’ve seen and only available for a limited time. The breeding rate for this monster may be slightly lower depending on your luck. According to our classification, we can confirm the rate is about 1 to 5-10. So For 5-10 breeds, you will be able to breed one of these exclusive monsters for your Singing Island.

How to breed Punkleton Monster

To breed Punkleton Monster, you must know that this monster is only available on the Plant Island which is redecorated to be the Halloween Island of the game. That means it probably won’t work on any other island!

The breeding combination for breeding the Punkleton Monster is using a T-Rox Monster and a Bowgart Monster. We have confirmed that this is the only combination that will help you breed this limited edition monster.

Breeding order of left or right will not affect your breeding rate and there is no evidence that it affects your chance at getting this monster. The level of your monster will not affect your chance at getting this monster. It is up to your game to give you this monster.

  89 Responses to “My Singing Monsters: How to breed Punkleton Monster”

  1. Great! Just got this one at my first try after I read your article. It takes about 17 hours to breed but I used my saved up diamonds to hasten the process. Thanks for the tip! ^^

  2. I tried this combination 3 times (along with others) before it was the reported combination. I am on try number 11. Still no success.

  3. Took the whole 15 times and all my diamonds to speed up the process but it finally was a success.

    • Did it work with the combination bogward and t-rox. I’ ve tried it a several times and it doesn’t work 🙁
      Both Monsters are on level 10. Do you know if they maybe need a higher level?

      • No sometimes it takes a few try’s to breed a “rarer” ” I think I spelled that right” monster than the other monsters. I don’t know why that is but that’s just the game

      • I’m on try number 5 – so far, I’ve bred only Bowgarts. Still hoping and trying.

  4. If you already own this guy, does he disappear from your island after Halloween ?

  5. Didn't work for me

  6. I need help! It doesnt’t work with the comination 🙁 bogwar and t-rox or on level nine…

  7. Yay i did it after 4 attemps!!

  8. I think I did it. Breeding time is 18 hours. Both has to be on level 12.

  9. No

  10. Finally got the correct breeding time. (18 hours) I used a level 8 Bowgart with a level 9 T-Rox. This was about my 10th try. Just keep at it. Also you can put a mine on each island & earn up to 12 gems a day.

    • I bought a mine for each of my three islands, and I only get one diamond a day from them. Shouldn’t I be able to get at least two a day? Any way to get more than that?

      • Look at when the original comment was posted. The mines that were available last year gave more diamonds than the mini-mines that we see now.

      • Mini-mines give you one diamond a day, while regular diamond mines (only available at certain points in time) give you two every twelve hours. And the level of a monster doesn’t matter with these special monsters. Punkleton a, Yools, Smoochies, Babbits and the like all breed on pure luck. Torches and monster levels aren’t involved, so you don’t need to use lots of food.

  11. The first time I bred one it took me 5 tries and I bred the trox and bowgart in that order. I don’t think the level matters but I believe you have to pick the trox first than the bowgart.

  12. WOW I JUST GOT MY 7th ONE AWSOME!!!!!! By the way if u want to add me my Game Center is paigedoggy

  13. Plunkleton is back out of season and will be here until April 4

  14. I have the regular Planet Island and just started playing this game a week ago. I was successful in hatching the Punkleton on my second attempt at breeding the T-Rox Monster and a Bowgart Monster together. The first time I beed them I picked T-Rox first then Bowgart and hatched another Bowgart. The second successful time, I picked Bowgart first then T-Rox and hatched a Punkleton. Both my monsters were on level 8 when I breed them together and created a Punkleton :-). Hope this helps others. Good Luck

  15. I trieD but I didn’t work any advice?:):):)

  16. Breeding percentage is %21

  17. Is it only available in October?

  18. it is still available to bree this monster punkleton???

  19. YES! I got the punkleton on my first try!

    Oh by the way add me (3342723LD)

  20. Punk lepton has reappeared for the season. Has anyone been successful breeding it???
    I can buy it, but it’s more fun breeding it. I have tried several times using t-roc and bogart. All I get is many many bogarts. Now I’m trying random three element monster combinations. Any ideas anyone?? Also, have not been able to breed a Ghazt ever! even with the 500% offer”
    I’m getting discouraged. Also, been breeding over and over many rebroos and grumpyres on ethereal island….nothing else. Feels like a deadend!

  21. Got it after my second try

  22. Yeah, breeding for the monster just reopened until November 4th. 🙂

  23. its here until april

  24. I got one on my 3rd try!!

  25. 4th time and it didn’t work any advice

  26. Thank yu gameteep it worked on my first try.

  27. Does it matter which way like bogart t-rox or t-rox bowgart?

  28. Hello?

  29. I got the punkleton monster with the above combination In two tries, so it works

  30. I have the combination 30times for the punkleton and it still didn’t work

  31. Got a shrugs bush on my first try! I got it with the clamble and the bowgart

  32. I have the t-rox and bowgart at lvl 15 and yet no success at all

  33. It does not matter what level any of the 2 are aslong as there over 4 and can bread you have a chance i did this with a level 4 bowgart and a level5 t-rox. Its just some take more trys than others because of how rare they are, like a ghazt wont happent the first time you try unless your extremely lucky. Hope this helps

  34. It’s definitely the right combination. I bred two within days of one another.

  35. N E V E R W O R K S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. First try, Fingers crossed!
    Add me : 5797698AC 🙂

  37. Can i have some friend codes plz x

  38. I’m not even sure I got one yet with trox and bogart after 20 tries! I have 18 hour breed time?

  39. I am on my 19th breeding of t rox + bowgart and STILL no punkleton!! I have zero luck!! :o(

    • Ok, i fiiiiiiiiiiinally got one on my 21st try!! Unfortunately my immediate 22nd attempt was the usual failure. Oh well, on to other monsters 🙂

  40. If you have 18 hours you have succeeded in breeding the Punkelton, up to my 9th try, still no luck.

  41. couldnt get bowgath

  42. Hmmm 34 tries no punkelton getting boring now

  43. Dose it have to be in this order bogart – t rox. Or trox- bogart

  44. Heads up, just put together a lvl 10 bowgart and a lvl 11 T-Rox and got an 18hr breeding time on my first try. I’ve been trying to breed a ghazt countless (and hopelessly) times, but for some reason my luck came just in time for hollowen! Good luck to all those trying!!

  45. I have been trying non stop. STILL no success. 🙁

  46. I have tried and tried.. all I ever get are bowgars and t-rox 🙁
    I want a punkleton!!!

    • I want a Punkleton so bad I could cry. I have been playing since mid October but I couldn’t get Bogwart and T-Rox until just after Punkleton went away. I wish I could steal a Punkleton. Maybe Saint Nicholas will put one in my shoes on Christmas Eve.

  47. I have a question if anyone has an answer. Some of the monsters you can only get on certain islands. AND they dont have other monsters on those islands that you need to breed to get them… for instance… Cybop is only availabe on air island… you need a Tweedle and a noggin to produce cybop… how do I get a noggin on the air island to breed with tweedle to create a cybop? is this possible.?

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