Feb 062013

My Singing Monsters players can now enjoy a brand new monster that is made available for Valentine’s Day! The Schmoochle Monster is what the Valentine monster is called and it’s available until the 15h of February. That means it’s going to be available just a bit after Valentine’s day and will be removed thereafter.

My Singing Monsters Schmoochle Monster

The monster appears to have two heads and a pink body with a bright red heart on its chest. Don’t forget about the wings though because there’s also a set of wings to match its body!

How to breed Schmoochle Monster

So you’re all wondering how to breed this limited edition Valentine’s monster. The combination is quite simple but the breeding rate is a tad on the difficult side which may make it difficult for players that don’t play daily.

To breed this monster, you need to use the Tweedle monster and the Riff monster. The breeding time should be 32 hours and so is the hatching time.

Please keep in mind that this monster may be difficult to obtain if you don’t actively play the game. The selection order of the monster on the left or right does not matter and the level of your monsters will also not affect your breeding rate.

  21 Responses to “My Singing Monsters: How to breed Schmoochle Monster”

  1. I finally got the right breeding time after 4 tries! :o)

  2. got one after 10 tries..:)

  3. You would think Mammott and Pompom would work for the breeding for this monster, it would make more sense. lol

  4. I try for 4 times but nothing,i dont try…. I have tweedle monster and riff,but nothing…

  5. Ive aleady tried 6 times. Still nothing. I play the game constantly and i wont give up.

  6. I got 24hours is that it?

  7. I just got a 1day 11hr breeding time for a Tweedle/Riff combo on my second try, the first attempt gave me another Tweedle, so I bred my freshest Riff with that new Tweedle.. May or may not be significant, but I doubt the process could be completely random or based on chance. becasye i used the same two to make another and got a 36 hour. Thanks for the updates and info though, you’ve saved me a lot of time over the last three weeks – I’m determined not to shell out any real cash to play the game but I am fully hooked on it. It’s a genius design, programming and marketing – I can’t fault it!

  8. It’s a Riff and Tweedle like it says. However, Riff on the left and Tweedle on the right for me.

  9. Bwhahaha, got it on the first try >:)

  10. I got it on my first try

  11. I can’t breed it! This is like my 15th try. Most difficult limited edition monster in my opinion.

  12. I tried tweedle and riff still nothing even after 10 tries and it says in shop when u click it it says u “can’t breed this monster” any other combos?

  13. Got it at my first try please vote for me and like my islands friend code is 4488179if. Thanks .

  14. I tried 18 times and still nothing! I should have bought it because I spent $6 in diamonds to speed up the breeding 🙁

  15. I thought it would have been the Pom pom and the riff. The riff has the same body type with the stout body, long arms, wings and the pom pom has the colour pink, she’s a girl (matched with the male riff) would explain the 2 heads. Also, she has the striped legs and arms like the Schmochle. I guess I just wasted a bunch of torches trying to get it.

  16. Omg just found out you can get 999 diamonds free just hit options and then hit referral code and type in 29095854IC only works once though I think

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