Dec 072012

My Singing Monsters just updated with the Christmas monster named Yool Monster! This Yool Monster is a brand new monster that was released to celebrate the Christmas holiday season. The monster is only here for a couple of weeks, till December 26 in fact. So it’s important for players to breed for this monster immediately before any other monster to ensure they have a chance at getting this monster.

My Singing Monsters Yool Monster

How to breed Yool Monster (See more here)

The Yool Monster is only available on the Cold Island. No other island is possible to breed for the Yool Monster. So be sure you have the Cold Island before you begin trying to get this monster.

If you want to breed this Christmas monster then you need to use the Deedge Monster and the Thumpies Monster for a chance to get the Yool Monster. The breeding time is 36 Hours. If you got this breeding time then that means there is a chance that you have a Yool Monster breeding in your island!

We have classified this Yool Monster as a Super Rare monster because some players have spent over 400 diamonds and have been unsuccessful. On the other hand, some players got it on their 3rd try. We recommend anyone looking to spend diamonds to save up and just purchase the monster for 150 diamonds.

We will continue to confirm the success rate of breeding the Yool Monster.

Please keep in mind that even with the right combination in hand, it’s still up to luck and your game to give you the monster. The level of your monster will not affect the breeding process. The order in which you select your monster will also not affect the final results for you to get the Yool Monster or not. It is up to luck and your game to give you the monster.
Confirmation Video

  24 Responses to “My Singing Monsters: How to breed Yool Monster”

  1. Thz very helpful

  2. Hiya, I just got a 1day 11hr breeding time for a Thumpies/Deedge combo on my second try, the first attempt gave me another Thumpies, so I bred my freshest Deedge with that new Thumpies. May or may not be significant, but I doubt the process could be completely random or based on chance. Thanks for the updates and info though, you’ve saved me a lot of time over the last three weeks – I’m determined not to shell out any real cash to play the game but I am fully hooked on it. It’s a genius bit of design, programming and marketing – I can’t fault it!

    • Yes!!!! I think you might be on to something Jonski, after many, many fails have just achieved something with a 36hr breeding time using the newest thumpies (level 4) and Deedge (level 10). Thanks so much for the tip 🙂

  3. Hi guys, I’m trying to find out what the secret likes are for the level four monsters in order to bring their happiness leves up to 100%. I have found out that for the Deedge, it’s the Squeed Statue. Any help on the others? It would be great if you could post this info on the monster’s page.

  4. I have tried several attempts but no luck. I will try using the fresh thump is as stated above. I am addicted to this game and want this Yool. The pumpkin guy was easier I have three of them. Ill take any other suggestions ?

  5. How do you breed a yool

  6. If tried 12 times deedge and thumpies , thumpies and deedge both are level 10 on mine WHY WON’T IT WORK? Xx really want it before he goes 🙁

  7. The Yool monster is super rare!! I have been trying and trying. I just started my 14th breeding, and still only getting Thumpies. In the mean time I am saving all diamonds just to purchase this monster in case I can’t get the breeding method accomplished. I am at 97 now and starting to believe I may never see this monster on my island. I have 2 Deedges at level 9 and 1 Thumpies at level 10, still no Yool!!

  8. I have tried 30+ times for yool with deege/thumpies and no luck.. I guess I’ll have to buy him :/

  9. I have been trying to breed the Yool since it was introduced and all I get are thumpies…non stop…and I have noticed that, now when I sell the thumpies, the price has gone down…interesting to say the least

  10. Got the yool on my second try using deedge and thumpies. Love this game:)

  11. How much beds does it recire?Im gonna try to get it as a rare egg in the ticket scratch.

  12. I got Yool Monster, 36 hours on first try . So excited!! in holiday spirit… I had not been breeding for couple months because I do not have patients to retry 10 time or more. I last try to breed anything for pumpkin monster. WHY when doing weekly scratch off for a monster it’s ALWAYS something I already have Mammott every single time this is frustrating.

  13. I just tried for the very first time with my deedge and thumpies (both level 15) and got a 36 hour breed time!!!! Can’t wait!!

  14. Got it on my first try this year….it was incubating even before the press announcement came out online…..

  15. Ended up buying, but I love it!! : )

  16. While trying to breed the yool I lit all my torches and ended up with a grumpyre!

  17. I got the yool monster on my first try! Breed thumpies and deedge in this order! It worked for me.

  18. I just bred a new deege and got him up to a level 6 with 0% happiness. I then tried breeding my deege and thumpies (level 7 0% happiness) and first try got a yool confirmed. No torches lit. I’m not aware if the fact I chose the deege for the right choice and the thumpies for the left choice made a difference or if the act I used a newly bred deege either. Good luck. This is all the info I have.

  19. I got it first try doing thumpers first then deedge (thumpies lvl 5-6 deedge lvl 10 my friend code is: 676367OKC pls add me

  20. I can wait a year to buy a Yool. My Xmas (I don’t say Christ anymore) spirit has been sucked dry years ago. There’s only so many combos I can go through before I finally admit defeat. I’ll have enough diamonds this time next year to buy one.

  21. I have been trying to get the yool since the announcement came out but no luck 🙁 any tips?? Or is it just dependant on luck? 🙁

  22. As of Sep 12th, 2014, the breeding combination has changed. It’s no longer Deedge and Thumpies. As I write this, I’m not aware of what the new combination is but it’s important to know this because BBB just released all the special edition monsters during their anniversary month.

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