Sep 042013

My Singing Monsters is celebrating the game’s 1-year anniversary and they’ve made an update packed with new stuff that all My Singing Monsters players will simply love. The most notable content added into the game is the “Ethereal Island”, an island where the great Ethereals can teleport into and breed even more Ethereal-type monsters.

my singing monsters ethereal island update

Ethereal Island’s New Stuff

The Ethereal Island has unlocked many new items including monsters into the game. There is a new song and a new currency called Shards that replaces the gold coins in in the island including three new Ethereal Monsters that’s available for you to breed.


There are three new ethereal monsters, each cooler than the next and highly sought after by any legendary monster breeder. The new monsters are known as the Whisp, Nebulob and finally the Arackulele.

How to Teleport Original Ethereal Monsters

You need to level your Ethereal Monsters from the other Islands to Level 15 then you can teleport them into the Ethereal Island.

Nebulob (here)

My Singing Monsters Nebulob

The little-understood Nebulob is one of the few monsters born without a predisposition to music. Instead, it is something that the Nebulob works on all its life, constantly researching new and exciting genres to learn from and experiment with. The elaborate exo-suit it dons aids in the creation of its own special style, a Dulcet mix of machine and spirit. If pressed, the Nebulob will confess its favorite musical genre as “Rhythm & Ozze”.

Arackulele (Here)

My Singing Monsters Arackulele

Multi-limbed and multi-talented, the Ethereal monster known as the Arackulele experiences no greater joy than when it’s plucking and strumming on its homemade chordophone. Its rousing and inspirational musical stylings are emblematic of its whole attitude towards life: even though we are all just specks in the vastness of the multiverse, when enough monsters join together in harmony, anything is possible!

Whisp Monster (Here)

My Singing Monsters Whisp

Even though it may look like the Whisp doesn’t get out too often, nothing could be further from the truth. It loves to swoop, glide and careen through the phantasmagorical terrain of Ethereal island, entertaining other monsters with its mellifluous voice and charming conversational skills. Whisp don’t cast reflections in mirrors, which makes it difficult to preen their stylish hairdos.


New items have been added into the game including brand new decorations and even structures like the Humble Hotel and the Storage Shed when you have one of these in your island.


→ You can now change the volume of each monster! Available while moving a monster
→ Remixes for Water Island, Earth Island and Gold Island available to download!
→ Friends Menu is now organized into pages for faster loading and increased stability
→ New Top Islands menu!

  48 Responses to “My Singing Monsters: New Ethereal Island, 1-year Anniversary!”

  1. How do you teleport a monster?

    • I’m not sold on the ethereal island yet – I don’t like the idea of losing the big coin production! We’ll see how it turns out. Please add me and like my islands, it gives my 3 young kids no end of amusement; we’ll return the favor – thanks!


      • Sure, I am just getting my two boys started. I started this,but they want to do it, so I use this as an incentive.6275197FN

    • Could I teleport my monster back to its home island?

  2. I have a ghast to teleport

  3. It would be nice if you let peeps know how exactly to use this new island and “teleport what where???

  4. I don’t understand how to transport my level 15 monsters to the ethereal island (like i already did to the gold island). Anyone else figure it out…?

    Thanks!!! 🙂

  5. Please like our island and PLEASE enter our friend code it would really mean a lot for my child that’s very ill thank you millions:) it’s would mean a lot she’s trying to reach a personal record it’s 2950554EG Again thank you so much

    • All you need to do is ask, even if your child wasn’t sick I would still add. This game is so entertaining. You can add me if you like, I don’t get offended when ppl don’t add back. Hope your little one is doing ok. Have a good day.

  6. I teleported my level 15 ghazt to the ethereal island. It had to be rehatched, then I had to level it up again (it’s now level 11). It should be producing about 18 shard per hour but still nothing all day, any help please??

  7. Once you ethereal is at level 15 then select it and a new icon “teleport” will appear. And then if will appear in the nursery ………. And be at level 0 again………

  8. The whole turning back into an egg thing sucks. It just sucks. I only have 1 ghazt and it produces much of my money. (However I have a grumpyre at level 9) I don’t wanna tp it yet because I’d lose all my income source and millions put into food for the thing! Gah! Why can’t it just be like the gold island! Hey guys, should I tp or wait?

    • I reckon wait, shards suck. You can’t trade them for anything. The game should allow you to trade shards for coins or even diamonds. I lost heaps of cash when I teleported my ghazat to the enthral island

      • Thanks, ill wait till I get another ghazt. Cant wait to get another so I can tp the first! The ethereal island song is so amazing

      • I’m glad I have this website to read other’s comments! I don’t think I’ll be using the Etheral Island. Doesn’t sound like it’s worth the problems of starting over after you’ve put so much time, coins, and effort into getting the monsters leveled up enough to move to the island in the first place!
        Code to add me: 4349001ID

  9. Good Morning my friends, i will try to write a quick mini guide about the new island ( ethereal island)

    – You have to reach level 15 with Ghatz, Reebro or Grumpyre to be able to teleport them to the new island
    – Once you teleport them they gonna be at the nursery as An egg, the good new is that they gonna need only 10 hours to hatch the bad new is that they gonna produce shards not coins
    – the most important part is, Once you teleport the basic ethereals to the new island, you gonna be able to create the others, and trust me, they sound AMAZING!!

    Last thing to say is, if you havent had the luck to breed the ethereals, keep trying!!
    The new island brings with no doubt a breath of fresh air to this wonderfull game 🙂
    ADD ME , go to option —-> submit referral—> put this code 2707426FE :), it will be a pleasure for me to have you as a friend, and endeed we will both receive 5 diamonds, see ya around friends

    • I added many friends from the forum and won lots of diamonds, add me, so you and me win.
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  10. 2329474LA is my code, please feel free to add me, we can like each others islands! Also, I discovered you can actually trade a million coins for 50 diamonds! Here’s how: go to ethereal island, go to currency exchange, exchange 500,000 for 50 shards, then do it again, then trade your new 100 shards for 50 diamonds!

  11. hey guys, quick question hoping someone knows the answer to.

    So i just hatched a grumpyre, my first etheral monstar (ive been playing for two months and have trying for an etheral the whole time) i leveled it up to level 15 to put him on the new island but its called teleportation, does that mean he dissapears from the cold island?? I know what teleporting is but just want to make sure if that really means moving the grumpyre to the etheral island and removing him from the cold island. Thanks a bunch in advance.

    • Yes Boris, your Grumpyre and any other OF the ethereal, once you press teleport they will dissapear from their original island, you will find them on the nursery OF the ethereal islands as eggs, it doesn’t work LIKE the gold island unfortunilly and this procedure is complitely neccesary if u want to breed the new ethereal monsters. See ya friend, hope that this imfo help u

  12. 2970568hk add me!

  13. Dopo che hai due mostri eterei a livello 15 è una scemenza allevare nebulob e compagnia ma ascoltate il mio consiglio:iniziare l’ isola eterea è come ricominciare il gioco con i mostri eterei ad esempio ciuffetta =fauce e rincominciare con un nuovo tipo di soldi decisamente più difficili da ottenere ,se volete vedere la mia isola eterea allora aggiungete 1933536km ,ho nebulob coolvellone e fantasssma,spero che vi piacerá

  14. 5306974FE I’m new to this so please add me. Having so much fun with this game….. Thanks

  15. Hi everyone! Thanks for the info and tips. I added each of you, hope you don’t mind. My code is 884300bc. Happy Singing! 🙂

  16. Having fun with this. Question: Do my monsters have to be a certain level in order to breed an ethereal?

    Please add me: 5689995GF

  17. I don’t think I want to teleport now if I will loose all those coins. Hope they change this.

  18. I added many friends from the forum and won lots of diamonds, add me, so you and me win.
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  19. If I get my ghazt to level 15 and teleport him to the ethereal island, do I lose him on the plant island? Or are ethereals like the other monsters who just create a double and go to the gold island?

  20. I finally (gulp) leveled my ghatz and reebro and teleported them to Etheral. Does anyone know when they begin to collect shards? I’ve leveled both to 8 now… It’s been a few hours and no shards to collect yet, so just wondering if they need to be a higher level, or what.

  21. How do u get shards?

  22. I never thought I’d be hanging out at a monsters message board but….. please aside me! 9035419LL

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