Sep 122012

We wrote a review on My Singing Monsters a few weeks ago on the captivating musicals placed into this game and they’ve updated to version 1.0.2 with an extra island. For veteran players, you know that an extra island in My Singing Monsters means there are more monsters to be discovered, and with more monsters that means even better music!

My Singing Monsters icon

If you’ve been playing this game then you’ll know that the focus of most of their monsters is on the music projected from the monsters in the game and not as much on their graphical design. That being said, it’s not a music only game, it’s a monsters breeding game (like DragonVale or Dragon Story) with tons of amazing monsters singing tunes that will simply make you fall in love with the app. If you haven’t picked up the app you can do so below

The developers have also hinted to us that there will be a fourth island in October, and that being said.. more island = more monster = more fun music! So be sure to keep up with My Singing Monsters to collect all the monsters in the game!

Update* Players have removed that the graphics and sound have been improved drastically compared to the other update.

What’s New in Version 1.0.2

•Island 3 now available with more monsters!!!
•Monsters now grow when you level them up!
•More connection issues fixed

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  1. My singing is sick

  2. This is cool

  3. When is the update

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