Oct 232012

My Singing Monsters has jumped into the Halloween spirit celebrating this year’s spooky events with My Singing Monsters (Halloween Edition). Well, it’s not a Halloween edition but one of the island has been completely redecorated to look like a spooky island for you to enjoy your musical monsters.

How to breed Punkleton Monster

my singing monsters 103 icon

Whats new in this update?

Well from our close examination, we found that the island has been redecorated. We were not able to locate any new monsters for your game or decorations. They may be added soon but not during the time of this writing.

The more noticeable changes to the game is that the sky is much darker than usual. There are also pumpkins all over the island, from big to small on the sides.

Please keep in mind that we only noticed the plant island had this change and no other island. The icon for the plant island has also been changed and we were unable to locate any other changes in the game. We’ll keep you posted if we do fine other additions and changes.

My Singing Monsters Update 1.0.4, for Halloween!


What’s New in Version 1.0.4

• New Halloween content!
• Receive diamonds for inviting friends!
• Minor bug fixes

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  1. Now today October 24th there is a new monster but I don’t know how to unlock it, Calbeleto it’s the name, a skeleton with pumpkin head and the info said something about the elements but I don’t want to waste time trying each element so I don’t really know

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