Nov 062013

My Singing Monsters makes an update today to end the Halloween update and brings a couple of new features including bug fixes and optimization for players around the world.

My Singing Monsters Wishing Torches Update Easier Breeding

Players can expect from this updated a added new item called the Wishing Torch which allows breeders to breed rare monsters easier. That means you can now get Ethereal Monsters or four element monsters or even limited monsters easier while breeding for them. Each of the islands have their very own designed Wishing Torch that resembles to the element on the island.

Other changes in this update is added Social Features that allow you to help your friends speed up their breeding time using Facebook. New Stats and info for monsters, there has also been some new bug fixes for the iPhone 5S.



What’s New in Version 1.2.2

The ancient magic of the wishing torches has been rediscovered! When you light a wishing torch, it improves the chances of breeding rare monsters! The more torches you have on an island, the better your chances! If you don’t have the means to light a torch yourself, you can put out a call to your friends to ask them to light it for you – for free!

Also in this update:
→ NEW Social feature: help speed up your friends’ incubation through Facebook!
→ NEW Stats tab in Info menu of monsters and castles, including new Island Rank system
→ Fixes an issue with touch response on iPhone 5S
→ Other bug fixes and optimizations


  • Joe

    How do the wishing torches work? What’s the difference between the 2 and 100 diamond options? How long do they stay lit? How much does it cost to light a friends torch and how do you do it?

    • Kit Kat

      Add 3622110JI as friend

      I’ll light my torch and I wiil do the same for you 🙂

      • J R


        could/would pls explain the whole wishing torch thing?


        J R

      • anthony

        ill light ur torch if u light mine my name is anthony on the game

    • Dasha

      It seems that having friends light your torches seems to be the best way to go. When you visit a friend’s islands, it shows a little flame icon where there is an unlit torch. As far as I can tell, you can only light one torch per day per friend. If you add me as a friend I will light a torch for you if you’ll do the same for me: 2522921HB

  • Darrin

    So does lighting the torch with 100 diamonds, and given the infinity sign, mean it lights all torches on all islands at all times….
    So if I initially buy one torch for each island
    1.does it light all of them
    2.if I pay the 100 diamonds while I only have one torch on each island, then purchase more torches later, does it light all future torches automatically?

    • Darrin

      So I spend half an hour to put 10 torches on each island. Then I go to light it with the infinity 100 diamonds…. It turns out the two diamonds only lights them for 24 hours and then 100 diamonds lights only the one torch for ever…. I should have tried it and read it earlier
      Seems like a cash for development grab to me…mmmmm short and curlys!
      Btw my island code is 3306840NG… You light mine and I’ll light yours

      • SnakeCharmer

        I added your friend code and will light yours if you light mine…however I don’t see the name “Darrin” listed with any of the codes I have. Can you please tell me what your screen name is? My code is 6101200EA user name SNAKECHARMER. Thank you.

        • darrin

          Snakecharmer my screen code is atimm15…. my wife started the game and I ‘stole’ it from her 🙂

        • darrin

          Tried to light your fire but they were already lit …. only one torch per island. So I liked them instead 🙂

        • David

          Hey I’ll help you out if you get me back

  • Fitch08

    Howdy guys and gals, please add me and light my torches and I’ll do the same for you.

    ID: 3894745IL


  • Teaching is fun

    Does anyone know what % the torches help by? I have breed over a dozen times so far on water island with all 10 torches lit with nothing to show……
    Teaching is fun
    Thank you all!!

    • Emmee Lee

      I don’t know if this helps and I don’t know the percentage raise for each torch, but when I lit only a few or most of them, I missed the breed I wanted but when I had all the torches lit I got what I wanted first shot. I now have all the island eatherals(except for earth, I havent boaght that yet, and water, I havent developed water enouph to try yet) incubating. I’m using the mobile version though so I don’t know that would work on pc. The way I’m set up I can earn 4free gems a day so I only have to wait 5 days to light all my torches again. That worth the wait to me if I keep getting the monster I want first shot.

  • Vegathegreat

    Come on baby light my fire 5328723NL

  • Dani

    I paid 100 diamonds to light one of mine and it’s gone out?!

  • Skywalker

    Light my torches please 5838330FE

  • db110406

    I would like to know what percent each torch gives you. I figured since you can have 10 on each island, they each gave 10% to equal 100% when all are lit. I purchased and lit 8 of them and tried breeding twice for a monster a still no luck. Maybe I was wrong? Anyways… someone please add me 5596704ke. Nobody has used my code yet. 🙁

  • MONSTER mama

    I have added everyone above to my friend list and went to light some torches, which I just discovered tonight. But it seems I can only light ONE TORCH PER FRIEND, is this correct? Because once I light a torch, all of the floating “buttons” disappear on all the islands.

    Also, going BACK to a friend’s island on which i just lit a torch, the one that I lit is displaying as UNLIT. Has anyone else seen this? I wonder if the torches I have lit on the three islands of the last 3 posters have actually STAYED lit?

    finally, my island ID is 5596558HI ; PLEASE visit, like, and give me a light and I will reciprocate. Thanks!

    MONSTER mama

  • EmmaTea

    6455283EB Add me 🙂

  • Scott


    PLEASE light my torches!

  • mason

    I will be your friend

  • Hermit IX

    Please add me and always light one more torch a day than you have out. 5112433DJ

  • Gary

    Can someone please add me to the list to help me light my torches and i will do the same for you. I really would appreciate it.

  • Reagan

    Each torch adds 5% so it’s 50% when all 10 are lit

  • Benji ‘Banton’ Taylor

    Check out my monsters at 25017047ND and be sure to light a torch I will light yours in return