My Singing Monsters: Blabbit Monster


The Blabbit Monster in My Singing Monsters is a limited edition monster available for Easter. It is also some times named the Easters monster. It first appeared on March 14 2013.

“Note: Blabbit can only be bred or purchased until April 1st. Any Blabbits on your Water island at that point will stay unless you sell them.

The playful Blabbit shares a common ancestor with the reedling, and developed an equally eccentric adaptation for breathing – blowing bubbles! As it releases the bubbles, it makes an adorable trilling sound which endears it to the other monsters. This is lucky for the Blabbit, because it also has a reputation for being a bit of a nuisance when it “borrows” monster eggs to hide all over the place.

This monster, like all special edition monsters, cannot breed.”
– My Singing Monsters: Blabbit Monster Biography

My Singing Monsters Blabbit Monster

Limited Edition

Release Date:
March 14 2013

End Date:
April 1st 2013

Egg Design:

My Singing Monsters Blabbit Monster egg


Rhythm Type:


Breeding Time: 19 hours

Beds Required: 1

Buying Price:

150My Singing Monsters - Diamonds

Selling Price:
220,000My Singing Monsters - Coins

User Rating

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Breed Rate
Rating: 4.5/5 (14 votes cast)

 My Singing Monsters: Blabbit Monster Key Features

  • Limited Edition Monster
  • Easter monster
  • 18 Hours breeding time.

My Singing Monsters: Blabbit Monster breeding guide

You must first obtain the breeding structure at level 7 to be able to breed for this Blabbit Monster. Without the breeding structure, you can also purchase this monster for diamonds.

The monster can be bred using Spunge and Scups . The breeding time is 19 hours o18:59:59.

Unconfirmed combinations Shellbeat and Reedling or Reedling and a Scups

There are NO CONFIRMED combinations. All combinations are speculations. We will post more information on breeding the monster once the combination has been confirmed by us.

March 16 2013 Update –

  • There is no confirmed combinations. Please wait as we confirm the combinations. Comment below and feel free to discuss the combinations, we will first hand confirm the combinations prior to updating the page.
March 17 2013 Update
  • Please save your gems as we confirm the combination.
March 18 2013 Update
  • Combination confirmed to be Spunge and Scups 

Keep in mind that breeding the monsters left or right does not matter. And that if you are not getting the monsters then you must continue trying until your game gives you the correct breeding time. Breeding is ultimately up to chance and you may get multiple monsters depending on their rarity.

My Singing Monsters: Blabbit Monster Evolution Guide

As we know it, there’s no physical evolution in the monsters for My Singing Monsters. Your income rate will increase along with your max income capacity.

My Singing Monsters: Blabbit Monster Earnings [Per Minute]

Level Earnings
Level 1  6 Level 6  29
Level 2  10 Level 7  34
Level 3  14 Level 8  38
Level 4  19 Level 9  43
Level 5  24 Level 10  48

Max income rate per level

Level Max Earning
Max Earnings
Level 1  2,880 Level 6  13,824
Level 2  4,608 Level 7  16,128
Level 3  6,912 Level 8  18,432
Level 4  9,216 Level 9  20,736
Level 5  11,520 Level 10  23,040

My Singing Monsters: Blabbit Monster Food Chart

Feeding food to your monsters in My Singing Monsters will allow your monsters to increase their max coins and increase the income rate they are earning.

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1  10 Level 6  320
Level 2  20 Level 7  640
Level 3 40 Level 8  1,280
Level 4  80 Level 9  2560
Level 5  160 Level 10  5,120


  78 Responses to “My Singing Monsters: Blabbit Monster”

  1. If anybody knows of the secret formula to breed a Blabbit monster I would appreciate if they could reply to this comment & let me know. Thanks

  2. “Note: Blabbit can only be bred or purchased until April 1st. Any Blabbits on your Air island at that point will stay unless you sell

    Did you mean water island???

  3. Well, I tried breeding a Reedling and the pianist (I forgot its name).

    And I am sorry to inform you it didn’t work!

  4. shellbeat and reedling i just tried this and it didnt work but whos to say it will work every time, downside is whatever ime breeding takes 12 hrs!!
    we really need some one who has successfully bread it to be able to confirm this PLEASE lol

  5. A new attempt:

    Shellbeat ( Lv.15) and Reedling (Lv.10).

    Unfortunately it didn’t work again.

    I’ll give another try in 12 hours and come back here to reply my result.

  6. Based on the ears and feet, I could swear it would be Shellbeat and Noggin. But no luck yet after like 50 tries

  7. I jus bought mine with diamonds cause i got all these mines an keep hoarding diamonds

  8. Shellbeat and reeling both level11. Didn’t work times 2. Not sure. The valentine one I bread 12 times before it worked

  9. Shellbeat And Reedling both lv 15 did not worked either order. Trying scups and shellbeat in this order both lv 15.

  10. Tried reedling and scupps… Seems to make sense… Didn’t work first time but rarely does with this game

  11. I juat read that the confirmed was Shelbeat and Reedling I’m gonna keep trying that combination and let you know if it worked.

  12. I don’t think Shellbeat is involved at all anymore. It’s Reedling and something else. I say Noggin. Someone else said it was Scups. Can’t confirm though.

  13. Wait do u need water island to breed this monster?

  14. It says it shares an ancestor with the reedling, so wouldn’t you need at tweedle or a shrubb?

    • In order to breed a reedling, we must use air,plant and earth/rock.

      So, the possible ancestors are:

      Noggin (earth/rock)
      Tweedle (air)
      Potbelly (plant)
      Dandidoo (air and plant)
      Cybop (air and earth/rock)
      Shrubb (plant and earth/rock)

      Besides that, there is the other monster, which seems to be one made of water.

      So far, I have tried:

      Dandidoo and Scups
      Shellbeat and Reedling
      Shellbeat and the pianist

      Nothing worked!

  15. Reedling and Shellbeat at level 15 and 100 % happy, doen’t work in my 3 attemps

  16. Blabbit only needs 1 bed, not 2 as your listed here. I have tried Reedling with Shellbeat over 15 times, nothing. Also tried Reedling with Scupps about 10 times, nothing. Tried Reedling with every monster on the island at least once, nothing. I give up! LOL

  17. It says it SHARES an ancestor with reedling. So I’m thinking its going to be either tweedle or shrubb along with some other monster. Just saying.

  18. Did anyone have any luck with cybop and reedling? It data blabbit makes a trilling noise. Would that be a noise cybop makes?

  19. Yeah, I have tried all of the combos everyone else has multiple times and have had no luck, I am just going to save up my diamonds and buy one. I think they need to give us a hint or something on this!

  20. In the process of trying reedling and spunge. So far, not good, but I’ve only tried once. I’ll be back when I get it.

  21. Ok I’ve figured out possible combinations. If you think about it, the combinations can only happen on water island and no other island like all the other holiday monsters. Therefore if its an ancestor of reedling and sonething else, it has to be:

    Dandidoo: with Pummel or Scups
    Cybop: with Pummel or Spunge
    Shrubb: with Spunge or Scups

    Dandidoo is the most likely candidate ancestor. So lets try that and pummel or that and Scups, everyone. C’mon we can do this.

  22. Yool is back on cold island.

  23. Thanks Mike. I was looking forward for this monster.

  24. Any chance you need a floofy nest first?

  25. is yool breedable ?

  26. No, Yool has to be bought with diamonds in this release.

  27. Guess i need to stop trying to breed one then

  28. Well I tried a spunge and tweedle. Didn’t work.
    My best guess is dandidoo and spunge

  29. pls just someone figure it out!!!

  30. Today I had a look at my singing monsters breeding XML on my jail broken iPad I can confirm the combination is spunge and scups

  31. today i looked at the my singing monsters breeding xml on my jailbroken ipad i can confirm the combination is spunge and scups

  32. Not confirmed yet but someone said Spunge and Scups and it was 18 hours…worth a try

    • Yes, it worked! But the time is 19 hours. I took screenshots also.

      • spunge and scups works with the trick of 1st having to feed each a level up.

        Done this in the past with other rare monsters…not guaranteed to work 1st time though chances are higher if you do.

        Lucky worked 1st time round when I feed scups to level 12 and spunge to level 11 but did not work the next time i tried breading them using the same process.

        Quess you have to wait or log in after a certain amount of time to try again as noted with other previous trials of breading rare monsters.

  33. I tried a spunge and dandidoo,didn’t work.

  34. Andrew can you please provide the screen shots

  35. 3 time lucky, i just bread spunge and scups (both level 11) and its gonna take 19 hrs, fingers crossed!!
    hubby has tried this combination 6 times so far and no luck for him
    keep trying guys

    • I’ve now done the sponge and scups over 10 times in the past couple days both level 14 and haven’t gotten it yet all I keep getting is sponges 🙁

  36. How do I post them? I would be happy to post, but not sure how.

  37. I did post on Gameteep’s Facebook page.

  38. The breeding time is 19 hours. I dunno how to post here though, but have pics to prove it.

  39. I tried the Spunge and Scups. I got a 19 hour breeding time on my first attempt. I still have about 7 hours to go, so as soon as I get the result i will let you all know.

  40. I did get the combination of scups and spunge to work on my second try. Lucky me!!

  41. Only took 2 attempts and my Spunge & Scups are each on level 9 and both only 25% happy.

    • I tryed a spunge and scups with all my wishing torches lit both level 4 and i tryed 6 times speeded it up every time and only got 12 hour breeding time

  42. Scups and spunge is 100% confirmed. Upon my third attempt on breeding I produced a blabbit.

  43. man, i need tons of gold and i need it now!(dont have water island much less air)
    i just need my food to get air island

  44. state you fav monster

  45. I have bred Scups and Spunge over ten times, still no Blabbit. They are both level 11, and 75% happy. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG HERE? Any ideas would be appreciated. Time is running out.

    • Nothing, I think it was much easier at first. I got about 5 of them once I found the combination. Been trying since then, no luck. Guess they made it harder to get, or I got really lucky at first.

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  48. Hi everyone
    I went to this 2 dollar shop last week and found these my singing monsters hint cards.
    One said to go into options, select submit refferal and enter 2859747ab for 1000 diamonds.

    It really does work and everyone I know who has this game has confirmed it.

  49. Spunge and scupps seems to be the combo a lot of people have used of their facebook page and postings.

  50. Regardless of the referral code you use, regardless of what anyone might tell you, your only ever going to get is 5.

  51. I added many friends from the forum and won lots of diamonds, add me, so you and me win.
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  52. Why has t the blabbit being released? It said the 14 Of march?

  53. Where has the blabbit gone? I can’t find him to buy him? Been breeding for months and still no sign of him.i got the new humbug on my first try and now I’ve got the new is it Godzilla? In the nursery.all easier than the missing blabbit.any ideas please.

  54. That was last year. It’s probably later this year because Easter is later in april

  55. Is the Blabbit supposed to be released on March 14? I have’it seen it in the News before.

  56. The Blabbit is now available for the 2014 year. GOOD LUCK!

  57. I got a blabbit using a sponge and scups… Both level 10.

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