My Singing Monsters: Deedge Monster


The Deedge Monster in My Singing Monsters is a hybrid element monster in My Singing Monster. It can only be obtained when you have purchase the Cold Island and have unlocked the Tweedle Monster in your My Singing Monsters market place. Keep in mind it appears that this monster can only be obtained on the Cold Island.

“The Deedge, attuned to the beat of the earth, pulls together multiple elements to produce a complex beat. A tireless, energetic performer, He keeps all the monsters dancing.” – My Singing Monsters: Deedge Monster Biography

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My Singing Monsters Deedge Monster

Release Date:
August 22 2012

Egg Design:

My Singing Monsters Deedge Monster egg


Rhythm Type:

Release Version:


Breeding Time:

24 hours

Beds Required:

Buying Price:

150My Singing Monsters - Diamonds

Selling Price:
My Singing Monsters - Coins

Level Requirement:  ?

My Singing Monsters: Deedge Monster Key Features

  • Blue Colored Monster Design
  • Cool ice blocks and Stereo
  • Features 4 different elements in 1 monster.

My Singing Monsters: Deedge Monster breeding guide

The Deedge Monster is a hybrid monster that requires two different elements to breed for. You must first obtain the breeding structure at level 7 to be able to breed for this Deedge Monster. Without the breeding structure, you can also purchase this monster for diamonds.

To breed for the Deedge Monster you must use the elements of Air and the elements of Plant to get the Deedge Monster. The recommended combinations for breeding this monster is using the Bowgart Monster  and the Tweedle Monster.

Keep in mind that breeding the monsters left or right does not matter. And that if you are not getting the monsters then you must continue trying until your game gives you the correct breeding time. Breeding is ultimately up to chance and you may get multiple monsters depending on their rarity.

My Singing Monsters: Deedge Monster Evolution Guide

As we know it, there’s no physical evolution in the monsters for My Singing Monsters. Your income rate will increase along with your max income capacity.

My Singing Monsters: Deedge Monster Earnings [Per Minute]

Level Earnings
Level 1  10 Level 6
Level 2 Level 7
Level 3 Level 8
Level 4 Level 9
Level 5 Level 10

Max income rate per level

Level Max Earning
Max Earnings
Level 1 17280 Level 6
Level 2 Level 7
Level 3 Level 8
Level 4 Level 9
Level 5 Level 10

My Singing Monsters: Deedge Monster Food Chart

Feeding food to your monsters in My Singing Monsters will allow your monsters to increase their max coins and increase the income rate they are earning.

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1  5 Level 6  160
Level 2  10 Level 7  320
Level 3  20 Level 8  640
Level 4  40 Level 9  1280
Level 5  80 Level 10  2560

My Singing Monsters Likes Charts


  • Revian

    To hatch a deedge use bowgart and tweedle

    • Ryan dodge

      I tried mammot and sponge the first time it worked and I didn’t really want it because I don’t have enough beds

    • Cornf

      Yes,it’s working – bowgart and tweedle, at level 9 both;)

    • David

      I used dandidoo and maw and got deedge monster on my first try

      • Emelia

        What level are you on?

    • Bob

      I can’t get it! Even with 2 torches Lit!!!

      • grace..

        same here!

    • Isabella

      I can stinken get a deedge monster!

  • katie

    I’ve tried tweedle and bowgart but I just get a parent monster help!!!

    • Suzan

      Make sure their happiness is equal, 50% both or 75%both.

      • Paula

        Happiness and level don’t matter. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have bred most of what I have.

  • AjLe

    No this’s wrong no matter how much i tried, i didn’t get Deedle.
    It’s: mammoth x spunge

    • Tatiana

      Try tweedle and bowgart. It takes a few tries but it works !

  • Behemoth

    No it is right just try it multiple times.

  • andrew

    I tried panto and oaktopus and it worked

  • Chris

    I used THUMPIES AND TOE JAMMER to get Deegee

    • Alex

      Same here

      • Alli

        I got Thumpies and Toe Jammee to work on the first try!

        • Alli


  • Trey

    The tweedle and bowgart did not work 😐

    • Sophia Schmidt

      Guys just don’t say combos are wrong they are mostly right whatever works for you is fine

      • FurcornLover

        You are right. everybody says the combinations are wrong, But as long as there are four different elements combined you can get the four element monster. Its just a bit of luck.

    • Cort Hasto

      You have to do it multiple times for it to work if you don’t get it on your first try.

  • Wenchilada

    Bowgart & Tweedle. Awesome!

  • micah


  • Paul

    I used level 10 bowgart and level 12 tweedle but still took me couple of days to get a tweedle

  • Paul

    I meant to say deedge

  • k-man

    the tweedle and bowgart worked for me

    • kiley

      i know why do you get the cold island with two more islands there rip offs

  • sebastian

    I cant get it D:

    • isaiah

      me niether :/

  • edgz

    Whats the mystery like. I cant figure it out to save my life

    • Chelsea

      Squeed Statue

      • Neil

        Thanks Chelsea!

  • Olaip

    Spunge and Mammott – works the very first time I tried it

    • Misty

      I tried that one many times and it won’t work

  • sparky

    This is a cool web site.add me plz 2446991bl

    • Laysha

      Somebody show me a cool website to get the deedge.pleeeeeease.

  • sparky

    😀 XD

  • Amanda

    Congle and Potbelly worked for me.

    • Victor

      Me to on my first tired

  • Trish

    I used mammoth and sponge and got it on the first try!!

  • Trish

    Spunge* sorry. Auto correct!

  • The pig

    i wonda if thy gona make an ethereal for COLD ISLAND

    • Ben :) :) :)

      Its the grumpyre

  • Christina

    I won mine on a scratch card.

  • Green

    add 3148224AI

  • Peter

    Does anyone know what the mystery item is to make the Deege happy? I have the 2 trees and the water fountain thing, but I don’t know what the last item is. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Dominic

      I use tweedle and bowgart i did it three times and it worked

    • Dominic

      I was lucky

  • Shawna

    Add me as a friend! 2256674BA

  • Jane

    Add me plzz i just lost my island coz my brother purposley ruined it i lost everything and i desperatly need diamonds 1264779GN


    Hi! it is very nice game! I am addicted now!
    I’ve been trying to create a Deedge, but it is very difficult to achieve this.
    I have added all of your codes, mine is 2268464DC

  • Kake

    Add me: 2031975FL

  • Brilliant

    Do you want 5 diamonds Free?? It’s easy, just go to options menu > submit referrals > put this code : 3722907JD > Submit and BAM!! you got 5 Diamonds for free

  • isaiah

    congle and potbelly 🙂

  • Joedann

    Add me! 3819774BA

    Also does anyone know the secret like for the deedge?!

  • Taylor

    How do u get a tweedle

  • Debbie

    How do I transfer my monsters from one island to a new island

  • Gerica

    Do you have to breed this on the cold island or the earth island too?

  • Coolguy

    I tried mammot and spunge and I got a keep getting a mammot.

  • Coolguy

    I tried mammot and spunge and I keep getting a mammot.

  • Laysha

    Guys i have tried to get deedge I use bowgart and tweedle but it does nt work.

  • Andrew

    Could you breed a Deedge and another Deedge to get another Deedge?

  • sebastian vongprachanh

    how do you breed the deedge


    • limehore

      it’s first spunge then mammot. If that doesn’t work try dandidoo then maw. If that doesn’t work try tweedle then bowgart!

      • limehore

        those are the only combinations I know

  • FamiliarStranger

    Hey guys, please add me 🙂


    • noah

      JUST DID

  • noah

    This game is awesome also I tried it just once and it WORKED!

  • Laysha

    Well i have tried all kinds of combinations.but it doesnt work

    • Skyler

      You just have to keep trying

  • Laysha

    I tried tweedle and bowgart one moré time and it worked finaly

  • Maria

    Now I am really frustrated…I have tried so many different ways to breed a Deedge and I just can’t:( I guess I am destined NOT to be a monster mom:)
    Can anyone help ??? Please!!

  • kiley

    its hard

  • Laysha


  • Janelle

    U can use thumpies and toe jammer that’s how I got mine

  • kody

    I used the tweedle and the Bogart I got it on my first try.

  • Juicy J

    I Got It And Riff On My First Try In 1 Day On My 1st Try!!!!

    • Juicy J

      Oops Bad Grammar

  • Justin

    Use congo and potbelly. Worked twice for me!

  • Bailey

    Trish it worked first time for me aswell

  • Lisa C

    I can’t seem to breed one of these. Friend me and light my torches. Maybe that will help. 10957726FM