My Singing Monsters: Entbrat Monster


The Entbrat Monster in My Singing Monsters is a hybrid monster in My Singing Monsters. The monster requires 4 bed and is of the Entbrat Species. The Entbrat is the first four element monster in My Singing Monsters and it is probably the most sought after monster in the game.

“The complex combination of elements that produce an Entbrat result in a truly gentle giant. This massive monster’s great bellow vibrants the particles of the world from the clouds in the sky to the stones in the ground. Entbrats are not notably intelligent.” – My Singing Monsters: Entbrat Monster Biography
“Ancient Epic Form Entbrat Monsters are said to host species entirely unique to their personal eco systems. Lgened holds that some jungles are actually living, breathing Medusasaurs, and that species native to the surrounding areas evolved within them.” -“Epic” My Singing Monsters: Medusasaur Monster Description

 My Singing Monsters - Plant ElementMy Singing Monsters - Earth ElementMy Singing Monsters - Water ElementMy Singing Monsters - Cold Element

My Singing Monsters Entbrat Monster

Release Date:
August 22 2012

Egg Design:

My Singing Monsters Entbrat Monster Egg


Rhythm Type:

Release Version:


Breeding Time:

24 hours

Beds Required:

Buying Price:

150My Singing Monsters - Diamonds

Selling Price:
220,000My Singing Monsters - Coins

Level Requirement:  4

 My Singing Monsters: Entbrat Monster Key Features

  • Giant tree horns.
  • Features four different elements.

My Singing Monsters: Entbrat Monster breeding guide

The Entbrat Monster is a hybrid monster that requires two different elements to breed for. You must first obtain the breeding structure at level 7 to be able to breed for this Entbrat Monster. Without the breeding structure, you can also purchase this monster for diamonds.

To breed for the Entbrat Monster you must use the elements of Earth, Plant, Water, and Cold to get the Entbrat Monster. The recommended combinations for breeding this monster is using the Shurubb Monster and the Maw Monster. Or another combination is T-Rox and Potbelly

Keep in mind that breeding the monsters left or right does not matter. And that if you are not getting the monsters then you must continue trying until your game gives you the correct breeding time. Breeding is ultimately up to chance and you may get multiple monsters depending on their rarity.

My Singing Monsters: Entbrat Monster Evolution Guide

As we know it, there’s no physical evolution in the monsters for My Singing Monsters. Your income rate will increase along with your max income capacity.

My Singing Monsters: Entbrat Monster Earnings [Per Minute]

Level Earnings Level Earnings Level
Level 1  12 Level 6  58 Level 11 106
Level 2  19 Level 7  67 Level 12 115
Level 3  29 Level 8  77 Level 13 125
Level 4  38 Level 9  86 Level 14
Level 5  48 Level 10  96 Level 15

Max income rate per level

Level Max Earning Level Max Earnings Level Max Earnings
Level 1  11232 Level 6  53914 Level 11  98842
Level 2  17971 Level 7  62899 Level 12  107827
Level 3  26957 Level 8  71885 Leve1 13  116813
Level 4  35942 Level 9  80870 Level 14
Level 5  44928 Level 10  89856 Level 15

My Singing Monsters: Entbrat Monster Food Chart

Feeding food to your monsters in My Singing Monsters will allow your monsters to increase their max coins and increase the income rate they are earning.

Level Food Req. Level Food Req. Food Req.
Level 1 15 Level 6 480 Level 11
Level 2 30 Level 7 960 Level 12
Level 3 60 Level 8 1920 Level 13 61,440
Level 4 120 Level 9 Level 14
Level 5 240 Level 10 Level 15

My Singing Monsters Likes Charts


      • lol

        It works if you keep trying lol
        (). ()
        ( O o O )
        ( )

        • Emma

          Yep patience and repetition

    • Lady Gaga (official)

      Yes,it’s the only way. I’ve tried. Before you ask yes,I do play singing monsters! I love it!

      • Lady Gaga Fan :)

        OMG I LOVE YOU!!!!!

        • My’Onjia

          How do u know that’s the real lady gaga just because it say official doesn’t mean it’s true and why would lady gaga even have my singing monsters app lol I could be her but……

          • lol

            Lady gaga more like lady suck-my-brabra

          • daggerztrike

            Well, she plays minecraft…

      • stacka_bibles

        See! The “real” Lady Gaga approves. It must be true. Lady Gaga, what made you come out with those toothbrushes? You’re a genius!

        • Rachel

          I have one

      • Derpshire The Donkey

        The Shrubb and Maw failed me. Failed me!

        • Ari

          I used the shrubb and maw and got my baby on my second try. I literally started to dance and scream. I only started 2 weeks ago so I’m very new to this game, but I think I’ve gotten pretty far. Can y’all tell me if I’m doing well for only being in my second week? My friend code is 4189256ee. I have 2 islands but I just started my second one this morning. I don’t know if you can see both. I just discovery as I go haha.

          • Faust

            I used trox and potbelly it gave me another potbelly what do i do please respond

          • Katie

            Omg I screamed, my dog barked at me. I used the trox and potbelly, it works I tried seven times! I love this game! My friend number is: 11080410KG

        • Wesley

          Worked for me second time… Just keep trying

    • kenzee

      i did and like they said you might have to do it multiple times depending on it rarity

    • Xavier

      keep trying, you dont always get it the first try maybe not even the second but keep trying

    • Alice

      Anyone know what Entebrat’s mystery like is?

      • Awesomepants

        babayag tower

        • NerdGirl

          Thanx! Babayag Tower totally worked! My entebrat is producing the best of all my singing monsters now!

    • NigNog

      Man, when i combine my t-rox i only keep getting potbellys…
      Is it a higher chance to get a certain monster if your breeding monsters are at a higher level than 4?


        my t-rox and potbelly were 10 and it took 4 times

      • Rachel

        U have a better chance of getting one with wish torches

    • J

      My t-rox is at level 7 and my potbelly is at 5 and I got entbrat

    • Caveman

      Look I tried 10 different times with a trox and potbelly, nothin. Tried with bowgart and noggin worked twice in a row and on the first try with this combo.

      • Michael jack

        Oh shiz it really is noggin and bogart first Ty thanks ppl ur awesome

        • Valerie Hardin

          No. Does not work -_-

    • Geoffro

      For me trox and potbelly worked the first time, second time tried bowgart and noggin and it worked, now I’m using pummel and mamott and it’s worked 3 times in a row. Call it good luck I guess but people don’t get on here bitching they don’t work when they do

    • Happy face

      I got it first try potbelly and trox and they were lvl 8

    • Lauren

      Please add me as a friend. 3162789gh

      Also, if u click on options and then add my number in referral we will both get 5 FREE DIAMONDS!!! Lets help each other!!

    • Sophia Schmidt


    • dallas

      Its f urcorn and fwog

    • matthew

      i did

    • matthew

      what is the secret like of the entbrat!!!???

    • Hailey

      Honestly, if you breed a bowgart with a noggin it works on the first try

      • Laura

        Doesnt, tried it…….

    • Will

      I tried both shruub and maw
      And potbelly and T-rox neither of them work -_-

    • goofball9

      you need a maw and a shrubb but the botbelly and t-rox doesnt work

  • fundellaz

    you must upgrede lvl T-Rox and Potbelly to lvl 10 before breeding
    100% work

    • Mohammad Usman Sohail Khalid

      Did it with Potbelly n T-Rox it is breeding as we speak but i am not sure it may be something else

  • MentalPROblem

    Question is: can you use 2 monsters that consist of 3 elements each (for example Bowgart and T-Rox) to produce the Entbrat?
    So far I’ve been only combining the abovementioned ones (because they are the ones that bring the most money on the Plant Island) and it has resulted me into 4 Bowgarts and 1 T-Rox at this moment.

    • Leon

      Yes as long as there is the four elements required for the Entbrat in the breeding process. Unfortunately breeding rates are controlled by the server and may change from time to time or not. Or it may be depending on your luck

  • Moe

    Anyone figure out what the secret item it is the entbrat likes to bring his happiness to 100%? I figured out the one for Deedge, it’s the Squeed Statue (iron sculpture that looks like an octopus with all legs pointing up in the air). Would appreciate if anyone has the info on Entbrat, Riff, Shellbeat or the new Quarrister.

    • Awesomepants

      babayag tower is the mystery like

  • amelia

    Gameteep has been making me waste my time alot. That doesnt work its the pummel and the mammott. They were wrong about the t rox too.

  • kelvin

    What is his final like?

    • Joseph

      Its the babayag tower for 75k

  • Daniel & Jeannette

    Like Amelia We also got entbrat using pummel & mammott, so thanks for your comment Amelia.

  • jack

    Well I am on lvl 9 and I have breeded 2 entbrats all I did was just try and get a t-rox and a carnivorite or whatever u call them so just concentrate on that and you could get an entbrat straight away like I did so now you know peace.

    …. Good Luck 🙂

  • SarahLynn

    I got mine on my first try by breeding T-rox & Potbelly! 😀 And no they do not have to be lvl 10 first. My T-Rod is lvl 7 and Potbelly is lvl 5. I don’t think the level of your monsters matters…

    • jman

      It does for limited edition monsters

      • jman

        They don’t have to be the same level but they need to be higher than a certain level. And by the way on some limited edition ediion monsters monstrosity need breeding structure level 7 but I don’t know how to do that.

  • Nyck

    I used clamble first and added the water element. Works well under level 10 and takes 24 hours to breed & incubate

  • Tammy

    Shrubb and max does not work…have tried and tried…am going to try trox potbelly!

  • Bryan

    Mammott, Flappy Flag, Guitree, Babayag Tower to get 100%. I use bowgart & noggin, I have 3 Entbrats so far. It doesn’t work every time, keep trying.

  • Leo Howard

    Noggin and bowgart I swear

  • stacka_bibles

    Why are you people crying so much? “waah, this site wastes my time, they are wrong all the time”….no you are just impatient, the breeding doesn’t work everytime, they are not wrong. There are multiple ways to breed them. I used t rox and potbelly and it didn’t work, I tried the other combo, it didn’t work… I went back to t rox and potbelly and it worked twice in a row, and I didn’t even have to cry and whine about it. Good luck.

    • jman

      I agree these peeps don’t know anything

      • Derpshire The Donkey

        People should stop complaining. I mean seriously, they were the ones who clicked on it.

    • Entbrat-less

      That’s because you haven’t tried almost 20 different times without your so called “luck”. I’m almost through level 15 and have 6 Trox, 2 clambles, 3 shrubs, and 2 pummels and multiple potbellies, mammotts, and noggins because none of these combos have worked for me…. This makes it too frustrating to be fun anymore. The reason your not whining is because you did not have to experience this and still no Entbrat.

      • Steve

        Oh please! I tried twice daily for over a week to get the Sugabush. The game is not supposed to just give you everything! Otherwise it would be way too easy and then everyone would be complaining about that. Yeah, it may be a little frustrating but not enough for me to get on here and call the site a liar. As i recall you are the one coming to look for help. Stop being a whinny baby and just play the game otherwise stop playing it.

        And btw it took me 5 times to get the Entbrant.

  • John

    How do you upgrade the breeding structure?

    • Buibui29


  • Lulu8888

    I need to know how to make the enterbrat!!!!! Does anyone know?

    • Joseph

      Have you honestly not been reading any of the posts

  • Wenchilada

    After trying and failing miserably time and again with Shrubb and Maw and also Potbelly and T-Rox, I got one firzt go with Bowgart and Noggin.

  • Lady Gaga


  • E. L.

    My entbrat is on it’s way! After it hatches I’m going to breed it all the time to get another one! I used t-rox & potbelly.

  • Bob

    Thanks dude

  • bads

    I used t-rox lvl 5 and potbelly4. First time to breed entbrat. And it worked immediately. It doesn’t matter what level is the monster you were using.just try and try and soon you’ll have your entbrat 🙂

  • Gotit:o

    Mammot lvl 10 and pummel at 4 landed me a 24 hr breeding time! I cant wait to place my 1st Entbrat! I tried other combos like Trox and Potbelly with no success. Got him on my 1st try with this one! Good luck everyone!

  • Sybil

    Does anyone know what is the embrant secret like? Please help!

    • jman

      Baybayag tower

  • Joshua

    Thank you so much


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    • RayWJ

      Is that a scam 😐

      • ChocolateNubian32

        It works

      • jman

        No I dun it

        • jman

          AND IT WORKS

    • Katie

      It works

  • RayWJ

    What am I suppose to use???

  • Sandra

    To get any monster just breed together monsters that have one of each element you need. You will have success if both parent monsters are the same level.

  • Tom Hill


    Ignore that breeding strategy, me and my sister breeded BOWGART and NOGGIN and it worked for us first time! Our noggins were lvl10 and bowgarts were lvl5. I hope this helped as I tried the other tactics with no success

    Feel free to add me – 1939443eb

  • beau

    use the pummel and mammot…. I get the ent brat nearly 100 percent of the time.
    ps. I have eight and it took only 7 days, I used diamond to speed up a few.

  • beau

    just a little hint…. go to market and click get free diamonds once the list populates find one that says call now, just call one of any of them connect with an agent and put your phone on mute. he or she will hang up after a little bit but you will get the diamonds for calling. my last one I got 172 diamonds by doing this. easy peasy!

    • jman


    • Thejmillz

      It hasn’t worked for me I haven’t received diamonds after the call

  • Ninjasparkman1

    What is the combination for an embrat.

    • Anonymous

      It’s on the blog above

  • Phillip

    I am kind of new to this game and I wanted to no can u take stuff out of breeding

    • jman

      No you have to use diamonds to finish it quickly

  • Anonymous

    It’s at the blog RETARD!!!

  • jman

    My friend has 11 entrants on his island
    (He bought them all)

  • Thejmillz

    Potbelly and T-Rox worked on my first attempt. Both level 6s.

  • LoveMSM

    Pummel (lvl 7) and mammot (lvl 8) worked for me, first try. Add me: 224253ODM

    • LoveMSM

      I meant friend code:2242530DM

  • Medo

    I added many friends from the forum and won lots of diamonds, add me, so you and me win.
    Go to options -> referral codes and type in: 1712163KN

  • The Fuckery

    Use my friend code on referral code in option, 2494295ND

  • Michael jack

    Oh shiz it really is noggin and bogart first Ty thanks ppl

  • WB 1804295GF

    Friend me! 1804295GF – also use as a referral code for free diamonds!!! Go to options in the bottom right corner and click referral code. 1804295GF 🙂

  • Green

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  • Shawna

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  • Jasmine

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  • capcap

    i tryed clamble and toe jammer gat it on first try

  • dumbbutterfly

    Add me 3529919JL.

  • Alex

    Both T rox and potbelly were lvl 4
    Got third try

  • Emily


  • Rogelio

    T-rox and potbelly, I got it 2nd try

  • Ninjette

    Bowgart and clamble!!!


    Hi there, My friend code is 2868464DC. Feel free to add me.
    I created my entbrats three times using Mammott and pummel. 🙂

  • Jason

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  • Casanova

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  • zayy

    lol noggin and bowgart first try lucky mee 😀

  • Ty

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  • Angel

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  • akakakka


  • Julie Rogers

    My 1st try for Entbrat…. Used lvl 4 T-Rox & lvl 4 Potbelly – 24hr breed time. So lvls obviously do not matter. My highest lvl monster is 7, as I just started playing… and I’m working on the ‘lvl monster to 10’ goal.

  • Chrystah

    Just got him! 1st shot. Shrubb lv. 9 & Maw lv. 7 … I’m at level 14. Good Luck!

  • Garrett

    Guys I am at 14 and I need some friends please add 5573071FH

  • Laysha

    Well i got mine by using the noggin and bowgart and it worked.

  • Hannah

    Im getting Enbrat from breeding Clamble and Toe jammer. Or my clamble (casplink) and toe jammer ( Tocamo). Lol, like their names? :3

  • Brandon Bermudez

    I got 2 enbrats in a row by breeding a noggin and a bowgart

  • Stephen

    I got him from (level 4) Potbelly and (Level 4) T-Rox

    • Stephen

      On my 10th Time

  • evilduckyjr

    I would use Pummel and Mammott cause if the breeding fails you just have to wait 2 minutes for the Mammott.

    Here’s my friend code: 5789093bb

  • Liis

    Shurubb Monster and the Maw Monster worked just fine for me at the second try

    • Angie

      You are so lucky! I tried that combonation at least 3 times and it didn’t work. I’ll keep trying though.

  • Laysha

    I some body needs help on geting the entbrat i know how to.=). You breed it with a bowgart and a nogging and it does work. Now i got to entbrats well i erased 1. But i steel a got my other is my code if you need it:4278591ab. You can also go to this website calles my singing monsters will show all of the monsters and their breeding hours and how you can breed them and what they like and all of the elements from some monsters which Illinois tell you now all of them.the legendary element that is a wish star,the ice element,the leaf element,the rock element,the rock element,the water element,the plasma element which looks like melting candles with bubbles.the electricity element which looks like a rain dash,the shadow element which looks like black volcano ghost,the air element which looks like a wind cloud,the mech element which looks like a tool inside a clock,the crystal element that looks like diamond pennies.and they will also show you all of the monsters eggs.

  • Laysha

    But after you read all this wrote at the top where it says Laysha says october 15,2013 at 7:44 pm. Please tell me how to get the deedge ,the ghazt,the voodoo,the whisp,the arakulele,the nebulob,the grumpyer , the jeeode and the reebro. My code is up if you look up where i wrote all this stuff not in this peregraphs. In the large information on top. But i reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly need those monsters.

  • Karin

    Add me please:


  • Robbie s.

    No offense to this website, but this did not help me get the entbrat at all. I got him, but I did my own recipient. THE REAL WAY TO GET THE ENTBRAT IS TO DO PUMMEL AND MAMMOT

  • Laysha

    Well i know this cool website which is called game teep you can find it there i got my three entbrats by using noggin + bowgart = entbrat.i hope this works for you guys.add my code:4278591ab bam got 5 free diamonds.

  • Juan r.

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  • Naba

    Got this in my first scratch card and love it so take it away!!

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  • Naba

    You can get this monster using
    T-rox potbelly
    Pummel mammott
    Bowgart noggin
    Clamble toe jammer
    Maw shrubb
    Drumpler oktopus
    Fwog furcorn

    However because the island is plant, and the plant only monster is the potbelly, therefore you keep that on its own so the best result is
    T-Rox Potbelly!

  • Jokey Jone-i am a girl-

    Whats the last thing enterbrat likes

    • Angie

      The Entbrat likes the Baybayg tower. Please mind my spelling.

  • Laysha


  • Raevan

    I am soooo addicted to this game….. I keep just adding random ppl as friends from these forum things cuz you get diamonds from adding certain numbers of ppl…. So add me too 🙂 My friend code is 8675535DL
    Also for reference… the “Referral” thing for diamonds only works once… You and the other person get the diamonds.. BUT ONLY ONCE

    • Raevan

      Oh and also it helps you get the special/rare monsters if you have the torches… and make sure your friends come to your island and light them for you so that you dont waste your diamonds everyday… The torches are meant to increase your breeding luck so that it is more likely to get the rare monsters in less tries.

  • sergiu

    hey i breed entrbra with another combination.

  • Bob

    The easiest way is use a clamble and toe jammer and u get him on it first try

  • Hana

    Lol I got 2 em rate on both try’s yay

  • Joe

    Pot belly and t rox usuly doesn’t work so do ssrubb and maw

  • Tyler kwist

    It took me a lot of tries, ALOT, but after about 4 times of breeding only schrubb and maw, I got lucky and in the breeding structure, it said it would take 24 hrs to breed, and this site said it would take 24 hours. So guys, all I’ll say is, keep trying with schrubb and maw or what ever u would like, but even through, like 20 fails, at one point, I will guarantee, it will work. Gl breeding and hf with all else but giving up won’t accomplish anything, unless literally impossible. In math terms, Shurubb + Maw x (</=) 2 = Entbrat. Your welcome lol.

  • Angie

    Hey you guys! I am a Level 15 player with 4 islands including the Gold and Etheral. My friend code is: 13112760CM
    Feel free to check my Plant and Cold islands out!

  • GracieGamer99

    Got really lucky and got Entbrat on my first try! I did the Toe Jammer and the Clamble together. Hope this helps anyone else…

  • Benji ‘Banton’ Taylor

    Daily logging in to light friends torches and breed alsorts of weird and wonderful monsters. Check my fabulous islands at 25017047ND. See you soon I will always light your torches in return if you light ours…

  • Benji ‘Banton’ Taylor

    tribal island??? Can somebody please tell me what is the point apart from an endless waste of coins diamonds and shards

  • WizardPie

    You do realize you don’t have to buy the breeding structure you get it when you join -.-