My Singing Monsters: Ghazt Monster


The Ghazt Monster in My Singing Monsters is a special monster that can be bred, and it is the first of the new class of monsters called “Ethereals”. It first appeared on June 14 2013.

Developers Notes

NEW! A whole new class of monsters, the Ethereals, is traveling to your islands! Hailing from a mysterious corner of the multiverse about which little is known, the first of them, the Ghazt, has arrived on Plant Island and is ready to shake things up with its special brand of music. Buy it in the Market, or experiment to discover the secrets to breeding this elusive beast.

“The rare Gazt only manifests itself when conditions are absolutely perfect. Imbued with the Ethereal power of plasma, its sleek frame and ability to become intangible are ideal for slipping in and out of places unnoticed. However, these traits also make it vulnerable to accidental interdimensional travel. It plays well with the other monsters, but can only breed with members of its own kind.

All the Ghazt really wants to do is return home to…. wherever it is it came from. No one is entirely sure.

- My Singing Monsters: Ghazt Monster Biography

My Singing Monsters Ghazt Monster

Special Edition

Release Date:
June 14 2013

Egg Design:

My Singing Monsters Ghazt Monster egg


Rhythm Type:
Sphere beat 

Ultra Rare

Breeding Time:  01:11:59:59
36 hours

Beds Required: 5

Buying Price:

1,000 diamonds

Selling Price:
750,000My Singing Monsters - Coins

User Rating

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Breed Rate
Rating: 4.0/5 (87 votes cast)

 My Singing Monsters: Ghazt Monster Key Features

  • Special-type Monster
  • Ghazt  monster
  • 01:11:59:59  breeding time.
  • 1% chance of getting this monster
  • First Ethereals monster
  • First animated sphere spinning icon monster.
  • Level 9+

My Singing Monsters: Ghazt Monster breeding guide

You must first obtain the breeding structure at level 7 to be able to breed for this Ghazt Monster. Without the breeding structure, you can also purchase this monster for diamonds.


There is currently no tested breeding combination. Untested combination, Enbrat + Bowgart. This is unconfirmed comment below if you have other combinations.


There is exactly 4 combinations to obtain the Ghazt Monster. Each combination must include Enbrat. There is a 1% chance of obtaining this monster for your game.

  • First combination. Enbrat monster + Bowgart monster
  • Second combination. Enbrat monster + T-ROX
  • Third combination. Enbrat monster + Pummel
  • Fourth combination. Enbrat monster + Clamble



Keep in mind that breeding the monsters left or right does not matter. And that if you are not getting the monsters then you must continue trying until your game gives you the correct breeding time. Breeding is ultimately up to chance and you may get multiple monsters depending on their rarity.

My Singing Monsters: Ghazt Monster Evolution Guide

As we know it, there’s no physical evolution in the monsters for My Singing Monsters. Your income rate will increase along with your max income capacity.

My Singing Monsters: Ghazt Monster Earnings [Per Minute]

Level Earnings Level Earnings Earnings
Level 1  14 Level 6  67 Level 11  123
Level 2  22 Level 7  78  Level 12  134
Level 3  33 Level 8  89  Level 13  145
Level 4  44 Level 9  100  Level 14  156
Level 5  56 Level 10  112  Level 15  168

Max income rate per level

Level Max Earning Level Max Earnings Max Earnings
Level 1  24,000 Level 6  115,200 Level 11  211,200
Level 2  38,400 Level 7  134,400  Level 12  230,400
Level 3  57,600 Level 8  153,600  Level 13  249,600
Level 4  76,800 Level 9  172,800  Level 14  268,000
Level 5  96,000 Level 10  192,000  Level 15  288,000

My Singing Monsters: Ghazt Monster Food Chart

Feeding food to your monsters in My Singing Monsters will allow your monsters to increase their max coins and increase the income rate they are earning.

Level Food Req. Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1  20 Level 6  640   Level 11  20,480
Level 2  40 Level 7  1,280  Level 12  40,960
Level 3  80 Level 8  2560  Level 13  81,920
Level 4  160 Level 9  5,120  Level 14  163,840
Level 5  320 Level 10  10,240  Level 15

Confirmation Video

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  327 Responses to “My Singing Monsters: Ghazt Monster”

  1. I have tried several times with each type of breeding combo and still nothing. I will keep trying with the Entbrat and Bowgart because that seems to be where everyone is having the most success.
    When you breed the monsters, do their levels have to match in order to breed the Ghazt? If so, what level did you use?
    If anyone else has suggestions on levels or “conditions” for best breeding the Ghazt, let me know! Also feel free to friend me and see my growing islands, if you want you can just add my code, or you can “refer” in the options and we both get 5 diamonds! Here is my code! Thanks, 2097693JF.
    Good luck to everyone else!

  2. What happened to earth island? Looks like a Hawaiian party.

  3. Umm… i have 9429 diamonds i am very sensitive with them and i mean VERY! i am saving up and i never wasted any i just wait for them to be done breeding oh and thanks to you i got 23 Ghazt’s And if you need help ask me..Btw i used the ENTBRAT AND T-Rox

  4. How to feed ghazt?
    I’m stuck in level 10

  5. Add me 1599533JN I’m level 17

  6. Add me 1445297IH and please rate my islands

  7. What a hardcore childish gamers u guys are

  8. I did Enbrat and Clamble to get my Ghazt but that was when you had a 500% chane increase. my friend code is 188162LE go to the options menu the submit referral an the type my friend code for 5 dimonds.

  9. Remember to obtain breeding structure at level 7

    Want free Diamonds? Click on options in the bottom right hand corner then click on submit referral and Enter 3343681HN, you’ll get 5 free DIAMONDS!

  10. Hey guys guess what if u put entbrat the tree u
    Unlock at lvl 19 the tree house (wind chimes)
    And one of the likes it makes ur ghazt 100%

  11. Got it! Finally! I tryd everytime with the Entbrat + T-Rox comination, because theres only 8 Hours breeding time. It’s fast. After 10 days i got him! :) SO happy!

    • 10 days??? Wowww!!!! That is a long time to try to have a silly guitarist!!! ;-)

      • I’ve been trying to get the ghzat ever sense Christmas ended. THIS IS TAKING FOREVER! I’ve only been using the Entbrat and the T- ROX because everyone seems to be getting successful on that breeding combination.

  12. Ugghhhhh can’t get it… Is it limited time? Lol

  13. You get free diamonds!!! Enter 2947621jn

  14. Add me my friend code is 1878365gd

  15. I finally got it! Entbrat + Bowgart

  16. Add me 3756422IG Go to options and click on referral, enter code. LOVE THIS GAME!! :)

  17. I have tried for ghazt so many times help! Also refer me and friend me for like on ur island daily 3387030FM

  18. Also if u do ill help u

  19. Hi there guys

  20. It took me 10 tries to get a ghazt I used a level 11 trox with 75% happiness and a level 11 entbrat with 50% happiness at 6:30 pm
    Add me 2914240EA

  21. Finally got Ghatz with entbrat & bowgart. Now I’m trying for Reebro. Add me

  22. Use my referral code for free diamonds 3898539HL. Have fun & your welcome 

  23. I already have 2 Of them, now im looking for SHUGABUSH, add me please, go to options, submit referral, and put my code 2707426FE, we both will receive 5 diamonds, good luck breeding everyone :)

  24. When I go to options I don’t find a place for referrals Am I doing something wrong?

    On my first try

  26. somebody friend me plz 2636009DN

  27. refer me plz 2636009DN

  28. Add me 3241823AJ
    If you haven’t done a referral code yet go to options put in my number and we get 5 diamonds :)

  29. Which is the best breed of the four two get it right

  30. I am breeding a Ghazt! I have done it with a Entbrat(lvl. 10) with a T-Rox(lvl. 10)
    With both 75% happiness.

    • Go to your option and input “4270425JN” under referral.
      Other wise feel free to friend me as well. The codes the same.
      Referrals = gems, so let’s help each other.
      PS I am new to this so my islands still pretty mangled, so do t respect anything spectacular quite yet:p

  31. I bred the Entbrat and T-Rox for 2 weeks straight! And came up with nothing in these past two weeks. Changed the breeding to Entbrat and Bowgart, got it on the first try!!!!! My Gazt will be with me in 35 hours!

  32. My ghazt won’t level up pass 10 what’s up with that?

  33. add me 4712951en

  34. 3547872DK

  35. hi guys please add me. code: 44881Z7JH

  36. Singing monsters is a really fun game, but I think it’s stupid how you can’t earn diamonds, you have to buy them, and also I think it should take so long for some monsters to be bred or to hatch. Like for a ghazt? A day and eleven HOURS? I think that’s a bit much. It gets me mad how its so hard to do these things and I think the game would be just so much better if things didn’t take so long, because it is a really fun game… So please do something to fix that and make it even more fun and awesome then it is please, because I would like that and I think a lot of other people would to.

  37. Want free Diamonds? Click on options in the bottom right hand corner then click on submit referral and Enter 2111659GJ BAM 5 free DIAMONDS! Add me using this & like my islands!

    • I know and I tried but it never ever works for me at least but its not just the diamond thing I wish it wouldn’t take so long to breed and stuff, but yea the game is really fun over all

  38. Après 2 semaine à essayer d’avoir Ghast, je viens de mettre Enbrat + Bowgart et la surprise… Il m’affiche 1 journée et 12h !!! Enfin je l’ai!!!

    Au début j’essayais Enbrat + T-ROX mais rien après je me suis dit t’en pis je prend la création la plus longue on verra. Et du coup sa à payer.

    Par contre Enbrat et Bowgart ils sont level 15 tout les 2 et avec un bonheur de 50% pour Bowgart et 100% pour Enbrat, je sais pas si il y à plus de chance à avoir Ghast avec ses paramètre.

    Je sais pas si je vous est aider mais courage et patience.
    Salut :-D

  39. The ghazt secret is it likes the entbrat

  40. This is a really helpful article. Does anyone know if it’s possible to put an ethereal monster on Gold Island? Because I’ve never seen one on Gold Island…

  41. I just did it with a entbrat and a trox both level fifteen and could u please enter my friend code and like our island it would mean a lot to a sick child again thanks a million its2950554EG

  42. I FINALLY got it with the Entbrat and Plummel!
    My Entbrat was on level 9 and the Plummel was on level 5

  43. i got Ghazt! now still trying to get the 2nd ghazt! add me 3336274MC summit referrals n get 5 diamonds! thx everyone

  44. I tried level 15 enbrat and level 15 t-rox it took 3 tries but got the ghazt monster

  45. How do you make a Ghazt happy? Any clue?

  46. I had a ghazt and it just dissappeared on me this morning. What happened to it? Is it going to come back? Has this happened to anyone? I’ve only had it for a week!!

  47. Actually if it has four combinations then it doesn’t really seem ultra rare but your the expert so ok

  48. I am so annoyed. I have been trying for months and months to get a Ghast. My husband has gotten 2, and my nephew has one. I’m getting ready to give up on this game.

  49. Eneyone know how to get lots of diamonds fast? I’m trying to get a ghazt fast…..plz tell me how to only got 17 thx! :D

  50. Add my code! today you will get 2, 450 diamonds if you add it!!!

  51. Add my code! Today you should get 2, 450! My code is 5729749hj

  52. DANG! I breeded a T ROX and a entrabrat and I got a T ROX !? I want a ghazt! Plz someone tell me in a simple way how! Or atleast tell me how to get diamonds! :( thx

  53. Darn I’ve been trying to get a ghazt for 2 weeks everyday breeding a t Rox or a Bogart with a enterbrate is there something im doing Wong? Because I keep getting just like the t Rox or the Bogart when its done breeding :(

  54. Add me plz my friend codes 5729749hj thx! And plz don’t forget to like my islands I will make sure I like all yer islands as well :D

  55. Still trying to get this one. Nothing working so far. Hey, enter my friend code in referral or friends: 4711215MN

  56. I got my ghazt today!!!!!!!!! Omg I’m sooooooooo exited!!!! It took my 2 months! Every day breeding a ghazt and a intubrat!!! I just saw in my breeding structure that the speed up was 1 day! And normally it’s 11 hours so I know it’s a ghazt! Finally I used a level 10 t Rox and a level 11 intubrat both 10 percent happy!!! Good luck! My friend code:5729749hj visit my ghazt! :D

  57. also going for the ghazt, wish me luck, see as it goes and send me a referral if u like, pleeeeze :)

    code: 5279557JF

    Thääääännnxxxxx and good luck to all of ya!!! ;)

  58. Add me in Friends Menu/Submit Referral (We both get 5 diamonds):


  59. Add me if you like, need friends!
    Code: 3863100im
    Thanks, happy breeding!

  60. Confirmed success with a level 15 Entebrat and a level 15 T-Rox.

  61. Got ghazt on fifth try! I used clamble+bowgart both level fours. Visit my plant island:) Friend code; 5196154MG. Give me your opinion on my islands.

  62. I have tried to get the ghazt i used entbrat + trox and entbrat + pummel and entbrat + bowgart and entbrat + clamble and it didn’t work can somebody pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease tell how to get it or show me web siete because in my game they are telling me to get the ghazt. Please add me heres my code : 4278591ab.

  63. So today i tried with the trox + entbrat and it didn’t again. = (. Please some boyd nerds to tell me how to get it please. I need the ghazt.

  64. OMG my little brother just got the ghazt he so lucky

  65. he used the entbart and t-rox

  66. For the lást time i whant a ghazt because three telling me to get it in the game.
    I tried all combinatations a million times.somebody pleeeeeeeeeeeeease tell me how to get the ghazt with the real combo.

  67. Here’s my referral code. Let’s be friends. 2314426di

  68. I got a ghazt using entbrat and pummel but first I did Trox then bogart then clamble then pummel do it in that order and u should get it. Add me so u can see and thumbs up 5186666fi

  69. How many referrals can you send in one day because I only sent one and it’s not letting me send anymore.

  70. Hey guys i love this game and need ppl to like my islands so plz add me and like and i’ll like urs i promise my friend code is 4590511KB thank u to any1 who adds me xxxxx

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  72. Make a referral and u get 5 diamonds mt friend code is 2242325kl

  73. Who knows the likes for ghatz on ethereal island

  74. ADD ME 3036303kj PLEASE!!!!!!!! I just got the jeeode!!!!

  75. Guys chill out its only the ghazt.but i need that sucpiciuos monster pleaaaaaaaaaase

  76. let’s play together~


  77. plz add this code as a referral or friend plzzz I need diamonds bad and friends I have only one ghazt right now and I’m struggling to get other ethereal monsters thank you soooooooo much :D code:5729749hj I would like to thumb up your island as well :) again thx

  78. Entbrat and T-Rox works best. Now trying to get grumpyre on cold island. Any suggestions?

  79. Please add him as a friend he is only seven and loves this game. Been trying to get a Ghazt for almost a year. Hasn’t been able to get one ethereal so far. 3167428lg Monsters ar awesome.

  80. I keep on doing entbrat & bowgart.WTF AM I DOING WRONG

  81. Omg this game is so addictive. Got 2 grumpyres after a couple weeks of trying. Took over 2 months to get my first that’s! So excited that I got him and as soon as he was done incubating I bred a rebro! Yay ready to play on ethereal island as soon as I level these boogers up!

  82. I already have two ghazt and a grumpyre after (at the most) two weeks. I use the T-Rox and the Enbrat; this works great. For the grumpyre I used Congle and Deedge. I hope this helps you guys!

    BTW my friend code is 4686074AM. Come visit my islands anytime. C:


  84. My mom and dad have 2 but I have 0! WTF BIG BLUE BUBBLE!

    I’m doing the right combination ; (

  85. How am i suppose to get a GHAZT!!!!! I have tried all combinations possible and it doesn’t work.

  86. Entbrat+ trox all torches lit tried countless times now this is just getting ridiculous!

  87. I’m log 17 and getting a ghazt for a long time

  88. I’ve tried to get ghazt so many times but I still don’t have it but I’m still tryin Add me at

  89. I have tried exactly 86 times to get the ghazt and I’m really tired of trying, I’ve tryed all combinations and I don’t have 1,000 diamonds to buy him, the people who got him on there first try, you really don’t know how lucky you are…seriously

  90. Aaaaargh Why Must It Be SoOoo Hard???????? Maybe Its Because
    I Keep Switching Betwee Combos?? Grrr Ghazt I Needs
    You :(

  91. Can you help me?I am trying and trying to breed it but nothing,and my question is :Is it compulsory Entbrat to be level 15 to breed Ghazt or not?
    And which is the most used combination that works?

  92. I know this is a long shot since I’m near the bottom of the list but if anyone can help me out by lighting my torches and referring my friend code I’d greatly appreciate it! Username: inoorihime friend code: 8329876ai

  93. Please light my torches on Plant island,because i try hundred times to breed Ghazt but nothing.Code:7486319HL

  94. I am a DEVOTED torch lighter :) if you visit and light mine, i will do the same, add me as a friend please! 8452044FK thanks ^

  95. HEY!! I’m working on my first ghatz :)
    Friend me to help light my torches!! I’ll friend you too

  96. T rox

  97. i have tried to get a ghazt Please torch my light 8359131MJ

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