My Singing Monsters: GT Breeding Chart

Availability Monster Wanted Elements Combination Monster #1 Combination Monster #2 Breed Time Egg Island
Limited/Halloween  Punkleton MonsterMy Singing Monsters Punkleton Monster  N/A  T-Rox Monster  Bowgart Monster  18 hours  My Singing Monsters Punkleton Monster egg
 Limited/ Christmas  Yool MonsterMy Singing Monsters Yool Monster  N/A  Deedge Monster  Thumpies  36 hours  My Singing Monsters Yool Monster egg
Limited/ Easter  Blabbit MonsterMy Singing Monsters Blabbit Monster  N/A  Spunge  Scups  19 hours  My Singing Monsters Blabbit Monster egg
 LimitedValentines  Schmoochle MonsterMy Singing Monsters Schmoochle Monster   N/A  Tweedle Riff  32 hours  My Singing Monsters Schmoochle Monster egg
 Limited/ Summer  Hoola MonsterMy Singing Monsters Hoola Monster  Pompom Pango 25 Hours  My Singing Monsters Hoola Monster egg

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  686 Responses to “My Singing Monsters: GT Breeding Chart”

  1. Does the shugabush fam have to be bred on shrugs bush island? Or any island?

    • The shugabush fam can only be bred on the shugabush island. The shugabush, deedge, quiibble, oaktopus, furcorn, pom pom,mammott, and potbelly have to be bred on other islands fed to level 15 and then teleported to the shugabush island. the shugabush fam monsters are all bred using the shugabush and other other monsters. Hope that helps.

      add me/ refer me 5434507LL

    • How do you get a Noggin on cold island?

      • you can’t. there are five elements in the game, and each island lacks one of the elements, making each one unique in its combination of elements. In this case, the cold island lacks the rock element, which is the noggin’s, so the noggin cannot be placed on the cold island whatsoever.

      • That’s the same question I am submitting to MSM, since they have introduced two new monsters on ethereal island, yet you cannot breed them since their “parents” are bred on different islands. For example: you can create a Pompom on cold island, as long as you have a noggin and a drumpler to breed according to the chart. You will notice that it is impossible since the island does not offer the option to buy the Noggin, which is unable to be bred. You need the Noggin to breed with a Drumpler to create the Pompom, then Breed a Pompom with the Thumpies to create the Humbug monster. Once you create a Humbug, then you can breed it with a Grumpyre to create the Maximillion. I don’t what’s up with the code, but I hope they are working it out.

      • You have to buy the noggin on cold island, NumNum

      • The noggin is not available to get on the cold island

    • Yes, only allows sugabush to breed on the sugabush island, he doesn’t appear on the plant island breed list.

      • um yes you can breed shugabush on the plant island

      • Wrong! you can breed a shugabush on plant Island I did it on my third try

        • Sorry, I meant you can’t breed Sugabush with other monsters on the plant island. You can make him with a clambel and a Bowgart on the plant island, but he won’t mix with the others here, you have to transport him to his own island along with eligable level 15 monsters (which have to incubate and be grown again) in order to breed the sugabush family members.

          Also, side note: did you all notice that you can light all torches on the islands you visit? I was visiting top islands and after giving a thumbs up I would light one torch, then I realized the rest of the torches light icons remained on, so I proceeded to tap and light each one before moving on to the next island. Please help spred the love & help on all islands you visit. :-) And spred the word!

          • Yes you can light all the torches on all of the top islands but as soon as you leave and go back they aren’t lit anymore,so it is virtually pointless.I have tried countless times yet they won’t stay lit for anything.

        • Actually you can only breed other monsters to get the shugabush,but you can’t breed the shugabush with the other monsters.

    • I was able to breed Shugabush my first time on Plant Island using Clamble and Bowgart.
      Add me and light my torches: 9358348FK

  2. Level 27 here. I’ve just about got everything I want but that darn Ghatz!! Entbrat and T-rox have been tried at least twenty-four times! Light my fire and I’ll do the same.

    • You can use any three element monster. They suggest using the T-Rox. Just light all your torches and try all combos with sent rat and any three element monster.

    • what are the odds of breeding on ethereal monsters? i’m always getting a parent. 5573162HA

    • I lit some torches for ya ,,,,,i have seen several combinations that do not work due to the monster is not offered on the island, or the tweedle and an fwog for the earth but not sure how to get a tweedle on the earth island to breed this combo , please help

      • Some monsters are only breedable on certain islands. You can first get a tweedle by buying it in the snow island shop, like with the noggin. If you want to breed a tweedle with a fwog, you need to buy the air island.

    • Hi. I have been lighting torches for you, could you light some for me? If anyone wants to add me, I light friends torches! 7673666na

    • How come when I add a friend it doesn’t show up in the friends menu??

  3. Is anyone having better “luck” with the wishing torches? It seemed to make a difference a first, but not much now. I’ve tried between all ten to around three with no change lately.

    • I have not found the torches any use at all. I had more luck getting rare monsters when I sold torches, or had none burning.
      I’d like to see what others think.

      • Very true.Its just another way for them to make more money by using all your diamonds up quicker to light them.POINTLESS!!!

    • You have to have all ten torches placed and lit for them to work. most times when people visit your islands they will light a torch if they can as well as like your island. Other than that, luck plays a really big part in breeding rare monster. The Shugabush island is probably the the exception because i only have a few torches lit and i’m getting the Shugabush monsters with little problems. The only issue i have had with these monsters is the combinations. Refer me @ 5434507LL and check out my islands.

      • Thanks Brenda, I will do that !

      • If anyone wants to add me, I light friends torches! 7673666na

        • Not with that friend code.I won’t have anything to do with that devil number.Sorry,I know it’s not your fault sweetie!You should see if they could change that for you.Alot of people feel the same way I do so it’s going to stop them from adding you.Just put a request in and see if they can change it.Good luck sweetie!

    • i dont really light my torches

    • They actually seem useless except to use up diamonds!!!

  4. Yippeeee! Finally – my first Jeeode is breeding after months of trying to get one!!!!
    Merry Christmas everyone.

  5. For those if you trying to build your Shugabush Island, I have tried these combos and they have worked.

    The combos I used and results are as follow:
    Shugabush + Quibble = shugabuzz (the chart has Furcorn listed)
    Shugabush + Pom Pom = shugitar (the chart has Oaktopus listed)
    Shugabush + Furcorn = shugabeats (the chart has quibble listed)
    Shugabush + Deedge = shugavox (accurately listed)

    Hope that helps.

  6. I have 4 different My SInging Monsters games I play. I light torches almost daily for my friends with torches. Please add me and light my torches. I will light yours as well. My friend codes are: 5967153DF, 5655809LN, 5681545DB, and 7812263EJ The last one is my newest one I am only at level 9, I think, the others are at level 20 or above. I am trying to get the wubbox on my game that is level 28, but can not find the right breeding combination yet. Does anybody know the combination?

    • Leslie, You can only purchase wubox from the market. Start saving, as it costs 75 million coins! I am starting to save to get my second wubox, and I’m trying for the new sox monster. 5073690MK

      • Trust me on this I know the right combination for the Sox monster You need
        a ghazt and a jeeode it takes 45 hours if it doesn’t work keep trying this is the right combination

      • The Wubox monster is on sale for $45 million until the 31st :~D

  7. Newbie here, thanks for great page, my code is 8445916GM .

  8. Brenda,Do u want to know how to get the ghazt,or do u know already know my friend code is 1012596FC

    • I already have all the ethereals and got the combo for the humbug on earth island ( quarrister and thumpies) but i will add you anyways.

  9. The combination to breed a Shugabush did not work despite having all 10 torches lit :( 837028GI

  10. Can you transfer tweedle to the plant island?

  11. Can you please help me get top island: 2429025LJ (~^-^)~

  12. Does the bowgart and the clamble have to be 100%haPpy to have a shugabush?

  13. Ghazts are rare but easy to breed

    Entbrat + T-Rox = Ghazt

    Just dont get stressed they are really hard to breed

    For more info add me as a friend i’ll post my code soon

  14. The combo for the Sox monster is Jeeode and Ghazt on the ethereal island. I don’t know the time yet because I tried the combo and got 10 hours. I know that is how long it takes the Jeeode or the Ghazt to breed. I will try the combo again to see if I get a different time.

    Don’t forget to refer me and add me 5434507LL

    • Brenda, I’m trying for the sox also? No luck so far. I think it should take 42 hours like the other monsters ( Boodoo, etc.) that you can only breed on the ethereal island.

  15. Been trying for the shugabush and jeeode on my iPad for a while even with torches. Very frustrating. Randomly got it on my phone and can’t seem to do on iPad…. 4153256MI

  16. NEED A CLAMBLE FOR SHUGABUSH anybody know the breeding combination for the clamble?????

  17. Hi everyone, has anyone had problems with their game crashing when you check a monster into the hotel. I’ve tried deleting and reloading the game, but that hasn’t worked. If anyone has a solution, could you please let me know. Thanks

    • I have had the same problem continuously ever since the new sugarbush island arrived. Before that there was no problem

    • Yes. Game kept crashing when checking monsters into hotel. Seems to be fixe now.
      Anyone know final like for Grumpyre? Also, anyone know breeding combination for Humbug?

  18. I sorry it takes 42 hours for the sox typeo

  19. I keep trying to breed the new monster Sox with no luck. Has anyone been able to breed one? Add me 3667408mm.

  20. You guys are amazing! Thanks for the flame and referrals for diamonds! After what had to be more than fifty tries I finally bred a Ghatz!! (Entbrat and T-rox)

  21. How do you get shugabush island

    • By buying the air island and the sugabush island is free and every monster costs gems but if you have a level 15 monster you can teleport it to the sugabush island

  22. How do you get the shugabush island

  23. I like the Grumpyre monster and the Nebolob even tho it takes 42 hours its still my favorite
    monster even tho it needs a ghast and a Reebro I didn’t have the luck to get any of those two

  24. Can anyone tell me how to get a monster at level 15 to shuts island ?

  25. Can anyone tell me how to get my level 15 monsters to shuts island ?

    • If u mean shugabush island only certain monsters can go once u get it to level 15 it will have a special teleport beside where u feed it so far the furcorn potbelly mammott and quibble and the pom pom can go that I know for sure

  26. What’s the name of the big monster with the energy ball in his chest? How do you get it? It’s on the top island.

  27. What does Wubbox + Entbrat make.

  28. What lv do you have to be to breed Entbrat ?

  29. I haven’t been playing for very long, but am having trouble getting Shugabush, Ghazt, Grumpyre & Reebro. It clearly says that ALL monsters can be bred for free on the Market page, but there are no clues as to how to get these. Can anyone help? I am not able to buy anything, so either it has to be bred, or I won’t get much further! And, please, add me & light my torches. Thanks. 5338183MJ

    • Use the breeding guide on this page, and then breed over and over again. You need lots of patience and luck to get the rarer monsters – but you CAN get them all without paying anything.

  30. I am trying to get a t-rox and a ghazt and it always turns out like it’s parent. Does anyone have any combanations I could possibly use?

    • For the trox it is a potbelly and a maw I think and for the ghazt I did several combinations over and over all with the enbrat as the first monster I used it and the trox and it and the pummel and it and the clamble I done it over and over took me a long time I think the first one was with the enbrat and pummel and the second one was the enbrat and the clamble not sure about the third I tried so many times

  31. how do you get a friend code

  32. Does anyone use this web?
    I am getting no reply!

    • You’re question is a little unclear. If you are trying to get a ghazt you will need to breed one of these combinations in order to get a ghazt:
      Entbrat and Bowgart
      Entbrat and Clamble
      Entbrat and Pummel
      Entbrat and T-Rox
      It will take many tries to get one so be patient and keep trying.

      If you are trying to get a t-rox breed any of the following:
      Fwog and Mammott
      Drumpler and Toe Jammer
      Maw and Noggin
      You should be able to get one pretty easily. If you keep getting one of the parents then again keep trying.

  33. Hi I’m getting a SHUGGARBUSH OMFG RIGHT!!??!

  34. Please help me!!

  35. I want to know how to get a sox,help plz :)


  37. How the hell do u get the shugabush

  38. Guys i got a SHUGGARBUSH WHHHEEEEPPPYYYYY so wat is the last secret for the SHUGGARBUSH?

    MY FRIEND CODE IS:7022716AE plzzz

  39. breed a shmoosie?

  40. Yolo so smoochle!

  41. you guys are the best this is a great help for me as a newbie here’s friend code: 9531766AK


  43. ive been breeding tweedle and riff for days trying to get the valentines Smoochle, any other suggestions on how to get it without using the emeralds? HELP PLZ

  44. I’m needing help with lighting my torches. Can I get some help? I need some friends for this game. My number is 8726575KJ … Thanks everyone!

  45. How do I get the code for the smoochle

  46. Where do I find info on wubox? Can you breed for one, not seeing anything. I’ll buy one ONLY if I have to. I’m doing well so far . Thanks, I love this.

  47. Glad I found this forum lots of great info I’m adding some invites ill light your torches if you will light mine 4134975mn my islands are cluttered need to clean them up.

  48. What level does the clamble and bowgart have to be to make a shugabush?????

  49. The combo I used for the humbug (new ethereal) is quarrister & thumpies. Add me/refer me 5434507LL

    • HUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS: the new ethereal monster, humbug has to be bred on the earth island. I have successfully bred the new monster using the quarrister and the thumpies on my account 5434507LL and with quarrister and reedling on my other account 6644009AL. KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS IS AN ETHEREAL MONSTER AND CAN BE BRED USING THE 4 ELEMENT MONSTER (QUARRISTER) AND ANY 3 ELEMENT MONSTER. IF YOU WANNA CHECK OUT THE HUMBUG, ADD/REFER ME @ 5434507LL AND MY OTHER ACCOUNT @ 6644009AL

  50. Cass,you are added!

  51. Hey…can someone tell me how to breed a reebro or a riff

  52. I finally got a Grumpyre and a Jeeode

  53. i have tried to grt a reebro for months by breeding th riff and the pom pom on the air island that is what the chart says does any one no how to breed for a reebro

  54. Trying to breed a riff, not having success with the congle/rock thingy combo. Anybody have a different recipe? Also, I “like” & light torches when I visit random islands. 9131891BD

    • I’d like to thank whoever visited my Plant island with a “like” and torch lighting – I’m attributing the incubation of a shugabush to your kindness and generosity!

  55. how do i become weekly rank

  56. now i been making paths and placing monsters i have 1 drumpler 2 furcorns 2 potbellys 3 entbrarts 3 t-roxs 1 mammott 1 toejammer 1 shugabush 1 bowgart 1 clamble 1 maw 1 fwog im level 17

  57. i have all the monsters on cold island

  58. i have 1 cybop 1 toe jammer 1 maw 1 tweedle 1 pom pom 1 noggin 1 drumpler on air island

  59. i have nothing on gold and shugabush island ALMOST

  60. i have tried to get a ghazt Please torch my light 8359131MJ

  61. Love my singing monsters. Trying for humbug, can’t wait to get one. Add me 3667408mm.

  62. Got Grumpyre on cold with a Deedge and Bowgart, Shugabush on plant with Bowgart and Clamble. The hardest part is keeping up enough food to get monsters to level 15 to teleport them to their islands.

  63. what is the combo for that Blabbit???

  64. I guess I should leave a number. 5615554JA

  65. 2148231nl

  66. Please add me too! 5926297ED

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