My Singing Monsters: GT Breeding Chart

Availability Monster Wanted Elements Combination Monster #1 Combination Monster #2 Breed Time Egg Island
Limited/Halloween  Punkleton MonsterMy Singing Monsters Punkleton Monster  N/A  T-Rox Monster  Bowgart Monster  18 hours  My Singing Monsters Punkleton Monster egg
 Limited/ Christmas  Yool MonsterMy Singing Monsters Yool Monster  N/A  Deedge Monster  Thumpies  36 hours  My Singing Monsters Yool Monster egg
Limited/ Easter  Blabbit MonsterMy Singing Monsters Blabbit Monster  N/A  Spunge  Scups  19 hours  My Singing Monsters Blabbit Monster egg
 LimitedValentines  Schmoochle MonsterMy Singing Monsters Schmoochle Monster   N/A  Tweedle Riff  32 hours  My Singing Monsters Schmoochle Monster egg
 Limited/ Summer  Hoola MonsterMy Singing Monsters Hoola Monster  Pompom Pango 25 Hours  My Singing Monsters Hoola Monster egg

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