My Singing Monsters: GT Breeding Chart

Availability Monster Wanted Elements Combination Monster #1 Combination Monster #2 Breed Time Egg Island
Limited/Halloween  Punkleton MonsterMy Singing Monsters Punkleton Monster  N/A  T-Rox Monster  Bowgart Monster  18 hours  My Singing Monsters Punkleton Monster egg
 Limited/ Christmas  Yool MonsterMy Singing Monsters Yool Monster  N/A  Deedge Monster  Thumpies  36 hours  My Singing Monsters Yool Monster egg
Limited/ Easter  Blabbit MonsterMy Singing Monsters Blabbit Monster  N/A  Spunge  Scups  19 hours  My Singing Monsters Blabbit Monster egg
 LimitedValentines  Schmoochle MonsterMy Singing Monsters Schmoochle Monster   N/A  Tweedle Riff  32 hours  My Singing Monsters Schmoochle Monster egg
 Limited/ Summer  Hoola MonsterMy Singing Monsters Hoola Monster  Pompom Pango 25 Hours  My Singing Monsters Hoola Monster egg

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  • James Todd

    I go through my friends daily. Can you only light one torch per person per day?

    • expectmorefromu

      Yes just one

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  • Janet Sommerfield

    What is the advantage of gold island once the initial goal is met? I see none

    • Glen Lau

      I Agree!

      • Janet Sommerfield

        Those monsters on gold island could at least generate coins, dont you think?

        • Rainbowsky

          Yes, that would be helpful.

          • Erick Lopez

            Add me please! I’ll add you back. I don’t see your code. 28697173iL

      • Janet Sommerfield

        Thank you for responding Rainbowsky, by the way.

        • Rainbowsky

          No problem!

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        • Sharon

          You don’t get free diamonds by adding people as friends, but if you use someones code to say that they referred you to the game, each of you get free diamonds. So you get 5 and the person advertising gets 5 x however many people he can convince to use his code for the referral. you can only do it once though, but they can receive it as many times as they want.

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    Did they stop giving diamonds away to people who enter a federal number? Cause
    I don’t have that option in my option menu.

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  • DocsGirl1

    04/05/2015 Please add both my husband and I we light torches daily :) 19605693HB, and 20202219AB

  • 22 29 68

    I check on my islands every hr, and I light torches. So if you got em add me to your friends list, and I’d be happy to help out. 22108046JI.

  • 22 29 68

    Can anyone tell me he I can breed monsters on my islands without certain monsters that are only available in the markets on other islands.

  • 22 29 68

    Does the size and or level of a monster have anything to do with weather or not it breeds a new species of monster and not just its own kind

    • Janet Sommerfield

      Seems like your the only one in this disscussion sometimes. I think that is because you cannot reply from your email post, and when you get here, you have to wade through so many add me posts. To your question: the FAQ. Page says after your monster reaches level four a higher level makes no difference in getting a special monster. It is a matter of chance. To that I add, I personnaly have not found added tourches to change that chance. Unlit tourches do however, lead to players visiting your islands and adding to the number of ‘LIKES’ to your islands.

  • 22 29 68

    Am I the only person on this site or what

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  • Scott Davis

    Those hoola hoop yellow monsters on air island… do I get those?

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    I dont have a tweedle in my market. Anybody else have this problem and know the solution?

  • Jessica Jarvis

    For some reason I dont have the tweedle in my market. Has anyone had this problem and knows the solution?

    Also I like and light daily so add my friend code! 24423502KG

    • Kiera

      Tweedle in not on the first island, noggin is not on the second. each island is without one of the elements btw my friend code is 26254652FC

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  • Missy Bir

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  • Shana Richey

    Ok… can anyone help me out with a difficult monster. Grumpyre…. I can not get him. I have tried for a year to get this monster. I use monsters Deedge and Congle so many times it’s not funny. What am I doing wrong? – Help –

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  • Bobby

    Also is there any recommended combination for a Grumpyre that I should know of? I just spent 200ish gems breeding congle’s with deegede’s.

  • Bryan

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  • Raven

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