My Singing Monsters: GT Breeding Chart

Availability Monster Wanted Elements Combination Monster #1 Combination Monster #2 Breed Time Egg Island
Limited/Halloween  Punkleton MonsterMy Singing Monsters Punkleton Monster  N/A  T-Rox Monster  Bowgart Monster  18 hours  My Singing Monsters Punkleton Monster egg
 Limited/ Christmas  Yool MonsterMy Singing Monsters Yool Monster  N/A  Deedge Monster  Thumpies  36 hours  My Singing Monsters Yool Monster egg
Limited/ Easter  Blabbit MonsterMy Singing Monsters Blabbit Monster  N/A  Spunge  Scups  19 hours  My Singing Monsters Blabbit Monster egg
 LimitedValentines  Schmoochle MonsterMy Singing Monsters Schmoochle Monster   N/A  Tweedle Riff  32 hours  My Singing Monsters Schmoochle Monster egg
 Limited/ Summer  Hoola MonsterMy Singing Monsters Hoola Monster  Pompom Pango 25 Hours  My Singing Monsters Hoola Monster egg

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  826 Responses to “My Singing Monsters: GT Breeding Chart”

  1. I know how to breed wubbox on plant island shugabush and ghazt

  2. I can’t believe how idiotic some of these questions are! It’s a simple game a child can play…… I don’t understand why some people are having so many trifling questions? Sorry if I often anyone,but the game it basically self explanatory……

    • Lorri, the only stupid question is one not asked. Kindness matters! There are some things I still can’t grasp and I have played since day one. You did not offend me, but lots of people could benefit by your expertise in the game. Your time and helpfulness will come back to you when you need it most!

      • Your right. I wasn’t thinking….I have learned a lot from this site….and kindness always comes back to you. Thank you for your candour…. I put a lot of time into my islands but still feel like I have a long way to go. I apologize if I offended anyone.

      • With all the guides floating around stupid questions shouldnt be asked. People should stop being lazy retards and click on the next google link. There is a reason that stupid questions should NOT be asked. Thats what makes games fun when you “discover” something new.

      • How do you breed a robot not the one in eathel Island

        • When you say robot, I think you mean the wubbox. You can only buy wubbox from the market when you reach the right level – it cannot be bred.

          • No I wasn’t talking about Wubbox.I was talking about the big robart you have on the air island. Please tell me how to breed it Thank you very much for helping me. ;-) :-)

        • The big robot monster on my air island is a wubbox that has been enlarged from the biggify tab. You will be able to do this too, when you have hatched your wubbox you have on your air and cold islands.

        • I think you mean Reebro. He looks like a mechanical spider with four legs and it’s face is a brain. I don’t get how he always smiles with a horrifying body like that. Like all ethereal monsters not bred on Ethereal Island, the combination to breed them is always the four-element monster and any three-element monster. Try Riff and T-Rox. ( also making them the exact same level always seems to work better for me ) and remember, you must have patience. They all take a while to breed.

    • Don’t you mean offend instead of often?

    • Learn how to spell jerk, even a child can spell offend, lol….

  3. I can’t get a quarrister to ethereal island is there another combo for humbug.? My ultimate goal is the jellbilly?

    • You have to breed humbug on earth island the very first time – try quarrister and pom-pom. Then send humbug to ethereal isle to breed for the jellbilly.

      You can only PURCHASE wubbox from the market when you reach the right level – it cannot be bred.

      • I was able to breed a humbug once. This combination worked for me (Quarrister and Pom-Pom) but I have retried this combination A LOT of times and I just keep getting more Pom-Poms.

  4. I’ve been trying for almost a year now to get the Ghazt! Do the torches even help? Add me please 3813211KF. Thanks:)

    • It took me almost 2 years to get my first one and I just got my second…. I can only say keep trying. I used this guide and it was correct Entbrat and T-rox. I picked a pair that I liked then kept hitting retry every 8 hours…eventually I got it.

      • I posted that comment and later that same day I finally got one! Yay! Hopefully it doesn’t take as long to get another one:)

  5. Please add me too! 14094457GD Thanks!

  6. Please add meh! I really need help to get in the top 100 or whatever! I will help you if I can but I have 399 friends and it takes forever to check everyone’s islands. Meh friend code is 5789093BB

  7. Please add meh! I really need help to get in the top 100 or whatever! I will help you if I can but I have 399 friends and it takes forever to check everyone’s islands. Meh friend code is 5789093BB Thanks!!

  8. Does anyone know how to breed a dragong?

    • If u go to the monsters where u can buy them then check out the little signs under the picture of the monster u want to breed it will show u which ones make them.

  9. I’ll light yours if you light mine… add me 7351835NL

    • Also, it would help if y’all had more torches to light! Thanks for lighting mine, though and I will try to like islands as I go for those who light my torches. :)

      • I added you as a friend. I’ll be happy to light any torches you need. I’m new to this game, but looking to have fun! 15514943IF

  10. I need friends too…. 15071502ig

  11. I will light your torches 15599175MJ

  12. I am trying to breed Wubox
    What islands and what are the combinations?
    Please. Thanks

  13. I’m having a heck of a time making a Clamble. I guess I have to just keep trying over and over with a Drumpler and a Potbelly. :/

  14. Great blog, great job , the se are my friend code 12091888fc and 11909309id (my son island) add me , thanks

  15. Pls add me 15876721GH

  16. Help! I cannot figure out how to breed a Grumpyre on my Earth Island. So frustrated

  17. Can you breed a ghazt, if so does anyone know how?

  18. Plz add me my name is…

  19. How do you breed a spunge

  20. It’s fun and addicting though I can’t get ghazt or grumpyre

  21. Does anyone know the new breeding combo for yool on cold island, I’m having trouble getting it. Thanx for ur reply!

    • I have had success getting Youl twice with congle and thumpies. Time has run out now for the special offer though – you will have to wait now until December.

  22. I love my singing monsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Hey everyone my friend code is 10524579CB. Add me I light friends torches at least once a day. I love this game!!! And am so addicted, it’s disconcerting.

    I had a lot of trouble in the beginning but I believe I’ve finally got the hang of it so I can help anyone who needs it if you’d like.

    I haven’t checked out this site in a while. But I’ll routinely Check in to assist. Don’t forget to add me. 10524579CB.


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  25. 2148231nl

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  27. Your number isn’t working.

  28. help!

  29. i will add you!

  30. With what?

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