My Singing Monsters: GT Breeding Chart


 Ethereals Monster

Please see their individual pages for an in-depth understanding of Ethereals

Availability Monster Wanted Elements Combination Monster #1 Combination Monster #2 Breed Time Egg Island
 Ghazt MonsterMy Singing Monsters Ghazt Monster  N/A  Enbrat Monster  T-Rox
  • 01:11:59:59
  • 36 hours 
 My Singing Monsters Ghazt Monster egg Plant
 Reebro MonsterMy Singing Monsters Reebro Monster  N/A  Riff Monster Pom Pom Monster
  • 01:11:59:59
  • 36 hours
 My Singing Monsters Reebro Monster egg  Air
Grumpyre MonsterMy Singing Monsters Grumpyre Monster  N/A  Deedge Congle
  • 01:11:59:59
  • 36 hours
 My Singing Monsters Grumpyre Monster egg  Cold
 Arackulele MonsterMy Singing Monsters Arackulele   N/A  Grumpyre  Reebro  42 Hours  My Singing Monsters Arackulele egg  Ethereal Island
 Nebulob MonsterMy Singing Monsters Nebulob Ghazt  Reebro   42 Hours  My Singing Monsters Nebulob egg Ethereal
 Whisp MonsterMy Singing Monsters Whisp  Ghazt  Grumpyre   42 Hours  My Singing Monsters Whisp egg Ethereal
 Jeeode MonsterMy Singing Monsters Jeeode Monster  Shellbeat Any 3 Element Monster  36 Hours  My Singing Monsters Jeeode Monster egg  Water
 Boodoo MonsterMy Singing Monsters Boodoo Monster  Jeeode Grumpyre   42 Hours  My Singing Monsters Boodoo Monster egg  Ethereal
 Sox MonsterMy Singing Monsters Sox Monster  Jeeode  Ghazt   42 Hours  My Singing Monsters Sox Monster egg   Ethereal
HumbugMy Singing Monsters Humbug Monster Quarrister Monster  Thumpies Monster  36 Hours  My Singing Monsters Humbug Monster egg   Ethereal
KazilleonMy Singing Monsters Kazilleon Monster  Humgbug Monster Grumpyre  42 Hours  My Singing Monsters Kazilleon Monster egg   Ethereal
 My Singing Monsters Bellowfish  Reebro Jeeode  42 Hours  My Singing Monsters Bellowfish egg  Ethereal

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