My Singing Monsters: GT Breeding Chart


 Ethereals Monster

Please see their individual pages for an in-depth understanding of Ethereals

Availability Monster Wanted Elements Combination Monster #1 Combination Monster #2 Breed Time Egg Island
 Ghazt MonsterMy Singing Monsters Ghazt Monster  N/A  Enbrat Monster  T-Rox
  • 01:11:59:59
  • 36 hours 
 My Singing Monsters Ghazt Monster egg Plant
 Reebro MonsterMy Singing Monsters Reebro Monster  N/A  Riff Monster Pom Pom Monster
  • 01:11:59:59
  • 36 hours
 My Singing Monsters Reebro Monster egg  Air
Grumpyre MonsterMy Singing Monsters Grumpyre Monster  N/A  Deedge Congle
  • 01:11:59:59
  • 36 hours
 My Singing Monsters Grumpyre Monster egg  Cold
 Arackulele MonsterMy Singing Monsters Arackulele   N/A  Grumpyre  Reebro  42 Hours  My Singing Monsters Arackulele egg  Ethereal Island
 Nebulob MonsterMy Singing Monsters Nebulob Ghazt  Reebro   42 Hours  My Singing Monsters Nebulob egg Ethereal
 Whisp MonsterMy Singing Monsters Whisp  Ghazt  Grumpyre   42 Hours  My Singing Monsters Whisp egg Ethereal
 Jeeode MonsterMy Singing Monsters Jeeode Monster  Shellbeat Any 3 Element Monster  36 Hours  My Singing Monsters Jeeode Monster egg  Water
 Boodoo MonsterMy Singing Monsters Boodoo Monster  Jeeode Grumpyre   42 Hours  My Singing Monsters Boodoo Monster egg  Ethereal
 Sox MonsterMy Singing Monsters Sox Monster  Jeeode  Ghazt   42 Hours  My Singing Monsters Sox Monster egg   Ethereal
HumbugMy Singing Monsters Humbug Monster Quarrister Monster  Thumpies Monster  36 Hours  My Singing Monsters Humbug Monster egg   Ethereal
KazilleonMy Singing Monsters Kazilleon Monster  Humgbug Monster Grumpyre  42 Hours  My Singing Monsters Kazilleon Monster egg   Ethereal
 My Singing Monsters Bellowfish  Reebro Jeeode  42 Hours  My Singing Monsters Bellowfish egg  Ethereal

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  997 Responses to “My Singing Monsters: GT Breeding Chart”

  1. I know how to breed wubbox on plant island shugabush and ghazt

  2. I can’t believe how idiotic some of these questions are! It’s a simple game a child can play…… I don’t understand why some people are having so many trifling questions? Sorry if I often anyone,but the game it basically self explanatory……

    • Lorri, the only stupid question is one not asked. Kindness matters! There are some things I still can’t grasp and I have played since day one. You did not offend me, but lots of people could benefit by your expertise in the game. Your time and helpfulness will come back to you when you need it most!

      • Your right. I wasn’t thinking….I have learned a lot from this site….and kindness always comes back to you. Thank you for your candour…. I put a lot of time into my islands but still feel like I have a long way to go. I apologize if I offended anyone.

      • With all the guides floating around stupid questions shouldnt be asked. People should stop being lazy retards and click on the next google link. There is a reason that stupid questions should NOT be asked. Thats what makes games fun when you “discover” something new.

      • How do you breed a robot not the one in eathel Island

        • When you say robot, I think you mean the wubbox. You can only buy wubbox from the market when you reach the right level – it cannot be bred.

          • No I wasn’t talking about Wubbox.I was talking about the big robart you have on the air island. Please tell me how to breed it Thank you very much for helping me. ;-) :-)

          • Narchardis I think you mean the rebroo?that can be bred with the riff monster and the dongle monster but also with the Pom pom but with the riff and the pom pom it is at least 15% of getting it riff with dongle is 40% and light your wishing torches for better chances

        • The big robot monster on my air island is a wubbox that has been enlarged from the biggify tab. You will be able to do this too, when you have hatched your wubbox you have on your air and cold islands.

        • I think you mean Reebro. He looks like a mechanical spider with four legs and it’s face is a brain. I don’t get how he always smiles with a horrifying body like that. Like all ethereal monsters not bred on Ethereal Island, the combination to breed them is always the four-element monster and any three-element monster. Try Riff and T-Rox. ( also making them the exact same level always seems to work better for me ) and remember, you must have patience. They all take a while to breed.

    • Learn to spell

    • Don’t you mean offend instead of often?

    • Learn how to spell jerk, even a child can spell offend, lol….

    • I completely agree! & Add me if you want!

  3. I can’t get a quarrister to ethereal island is there another combo for humbug.? My ultimate goal is the jellbilly?

    • You have to breed humbug on earth island the very first time – try quarrister and pom-pom. Then send humbug to ethereal isle to breed for the jellbilly.

      You can only PURCHASE wubbox from the market when you reach the right level – it cannot be bred.

      • Ishtar, I love your islands! How long have you been playing? Thanks for lighting my torches!

        • Thanks fcfirecat! I have been playing for 12 months. I am thinking about redecorating my islands – when I find time.

      • You can breed ANY monster!

      • I was able to breed a humbug once. This combination worked for me (Quarrister and Pom-Pom) but I have retried this combination A LOT of times and I just keep getting more Pom-Poms.

        • Then go buy a wishing torch for 10,000 coins. They can be unlocked a level 12. I tried to breed a ghazt with a entbrat and a trox. Then a clear egg with circles came for 36 hours at plant island.

  4. I’ve been trying for almost a year now to get the Ghazt! Do the torches even help? Add me please 3813211KF. Thanks:)

    • It took me almost 2 years to get my first one and I just got my second…. I can only say keep trying. I used this guide and it was correct Entbrat and T-rox. I picked a pair that I liked then kept hitting retry every 8 hours…eventually I got it.

      • ive played for like 6 months or so and I have 5 ghazts.

      • I got ghazt on 1st try I have ten toarches lit
        It’s like the don’t work for shugabush. Help plzzz

      • I posted that comment and later that same day I finally got one! Yay! Hopefully it doesn’t take as long to get another one:)

      • I’ve been trying for a really long time to breed any ethereal monster I can get. Is there a certain level the parent monsters need to be, like my trox and entbrat are both level 15. I also have a torch on this island too. I know I need to be patient but man!

    • I never had trouble breeding Ghazt. T rox end rat do it. I hardly ever use torches

    • I managed to get a ghazt on my 5′th go. Light 10 torches it’ll save you a heap of time.

    • I got both of mine using a level 15 Entbrat and a level 10 T-Rox. I had my brother try it and it worked for him also. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked for my girlfriend yet. For reference I’m on level 30 and my brother just started playing and he’s sub 20. I hope that this helps you out.

    • I have two and have only been playing a month. I have six torches – that’s it! I just keep trying with the same combo T Rox and Ent and voilá! Don’t give up – I always breed late at night! 10663069HJ

      I am baking at the moment to build up large stash to level up a bunch of monster to 15. I keep a few of the high coin earners and sell the rest to add to the bank. I’m not decorating and have few torches.

    • I lit 7 torches and got it first try with entbrat and bowgart

    • My husband tried 20 times almost. It’s by chance. He lit ten torches. Also from other sites by other people’s experience, the level for both monsters have to be level 15. I have been trying to level up but it’s gonna be awhile. Keep trying. Hope this helps.

    • It only took me 5 tries. I’ve been playing for about two days. All ten torches were lit. So I guess they do help.

    • I breed the Entbrat and the Bogart. I have gotten 2 in the 6 or so monthes I have been playing this game. Oh yes and it on the first island if that helps.? I just breed the combination over and over.

  5. I can only seem to light one torch a day for friends , but I read in an older post that this person said they could tap like and each time they did they could light another one for their friend.I can’t ,can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong or was this persons game malfunctioning at the time? shazz

  6. When I breed wubbox with potbelly I get a ghastly

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  8. I don’t understand the ethereal island … Can only certain monsters get there ? If not how the heck do you transport monsters on there ?

  9. This is probably a stupid question but I need a Noggin to breed a bunch of the other monsters on my task list but, on the above chart, it says you have to purchase one from the market – which worked fine on Plant Island – but I’ve now progressed to Cold Island and I can’t find the Noggin for sale in the Cold Island market… Is there a way to transfer monsters from island to island (other than just to the Gold and Ethereal Islands, that is???) Like could I somehow transfer a Noggin from Plant Island to Cold Island or how else am I supposed to obtain one of these to breed w/ my other monsters on Cold Island??? If anyone could help me out on this, I would really appreciate it!

    Thanks! :)

    • Never mind about this; it WAS a stupid question! I have a problem w/ quickly skimming over info & missing the important parts & so when I actually READ the chart all the way across to the end, I seen that you can only breed/purchase certain monsters on certain islands and the islands they are available on are listed on the chart… Lol

  10. Also, this is probably another stupid question, but does it matter what order you select the two “parent” monsters in when trying to breed new ones using the above combinations or can you breed the desired monster no matter what order you select them in as long as you use the correct monsters from the chart? For example, the chart shows that in order to breed a Spunge, you need to breed a Tweedle and an Oaktopus but instead of selecting the Tweedle first and then the Oaktopus when making your breeding selections, could you instead select the Oaktopus first and THEN the Tweedle or would this produce a different monster???

    I haven’t wanted to experiment w/ this on my own and try it myself due to the amount of time it takes to breed the monsters in case the order you select the “parent” monsters in for breeding DOES make a difference so I thought I’d ask here to see if anyone else knew… So if someone could also help me out w/ this as well, I would be grateful! :)

    Thanks again!

  11. I would like to thank everyone who gives advice and tips so I can gain the knowledge I need to improve and grow my islands! I absolutely love this game …I’m addicted! I’m on the game daily 3 to 6 times a days, I light torches and like & light everyone that lights my torches .. so thanks ! Add me if you want me to light/like you…..1648813ML lets go light em up!

  12. Hi in the world can I get mammott on water island without egg or market purchase. I need it for breeding purposes. Please advise.

  13. Does any one know how to breed a enbrat the combination keeps giving a potbelly. Over and over? Please help

  14. Please add me too! 14094457GD Thanks!

  15. Where does Jeeode come into play

  16. I have been trying to breed a Jeeode for over 6 months with no luck. I have stopped playing of weeks to see if giving it a rest would help, lit all 10 torches, lit 1 infinitely, tried all 3 level monsters at various frequencies. What gives to get a Jeeode? I got a humbug before this. I am so furious with this game anymore. I had to buy the blabbit because I couldn’t get that to breed either.

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  20. Please add meh! I really need help to get in the top 100 or whatever! I will help you if I can but I have 399 friends and it takes forever to check everyone’s islands. Meh friend code is 5789093BB Thanks!!

    • I have been lighting your torches and you have not lit even 1of mine. All you need to do is go to the torch at the top when friends opens to see who can be lighted. It’s really easy to keep up with so please light me back.

    • Here’s my friend code 16578105LN and here is my boyfriend’s 16481640AA

      We just started playing. Please add us :) …he just got his first torch


  21. My friend was trying to breed and entabrant and got a ghazt… She loves To rub it in

  22. I cant get a trox on plant island can anyone help

  23. Hi, I was going thru checking to see if I needed any monsters for breeding found one that noone has left info on, any one know how to get a dragong,
    Havent found anything on this site yet.

  24. Add me! :) 13645150DE

  25. Does anyone know how to breed a dragong?

    • Look at it’s elements in the market. I don’t remember exactly but they should indicate the elements of 2 single element “parent” Ethereal monsters

    • reebro and a humbug, and it has to be on the ethereal island. there is a wikipedia that shows extensive breeding combos and every other trick on the planet.

    • If u go to the monsters where u can buy them then check out the little signs under the picture of the monster u want to breed it will show u which ones make them.

    • Reebro and humbug

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  29. What does a pummel and t-rox make??

  30. I am sooo frustrated because I cannot breed a Shugabush. I had a MSM account last year and got up to a level 20 something, and repeatedly tried to breed a Shugabush(at least 50 tries) with no success. I have a new account and i am running into the same problem! Grrrrrrr! I am now only a level 15 1/2 and need some help. Ive added almost everyone from this list and I constantly like islands and light torches, so please do the same. FRIEND CODE 14937268AM. Thank You

  31. I just started playing ‘My Singing monsters’. I don’t have 10 friends to add. I saw several friend codes, can I join you? ( whoever posted their friend codes) I am playing on a G-Pad and can’t connect to my son on facebook. I only have one friend so far.

  32. I just started playing I love it. Here is my friend code everyone who sees it add me please. 10524579cb

  33. Does anyone know the point of getting your monster to 100%? Sorry if that’s a stupid question, just started playing. My island is all cluttered with stuff and I really don’t see why they need to be at 100. Got the unity tree so they stay there but still.

  34. does the order that you put the monsters in the breeding machine matters?

  35. You thuck balls

  36. I keep trying the combination for the Entbrat but keep getting another potbelly. Is there another combination?

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  38. hi, I have only been playing this for a couple months, on a pc. I want to get the summer monster Hoola, which takes a PomPom and Pango. To get a PomPom on the winter island it takes a Drumpler and a Tweedle. I have the tweedle. To get a Drumpler it takes a Mammot and a Noggin. Ok, how do I get a noggin on winter island when it isn’t for sale in the market and I can’t find how to breed one? Thanks so much for the help.

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  40. How do you breed a Ghazt and I tried breeding the shugabush monster but it’s not working.

  41. How can I breed the shugabush monster I tried before but it didn’t work

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  43. how do you get diamonds for free

  44. Hi all

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  48. I am trying to breed Wubox
    What islands and what are the combinations?
    Please. Thanks

  49. I’m having a heck of a time making a Clamble. I guess I have to just keep trying over and over with a Drumpler and a Potbelly. :/

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  52. Help! I cannot figure out how to breed a Grumpyre on my Earth Island. So frustrated

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  54. Can you breed a ghazt, if so does anyone know how?

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  56. How do you breed a spunge

  57. It’s fun and addicting though I can’t get ghazt or grumpyre

  58. Does anyone know the new breeding combo for yool on cold island, I’m having trouble getting it. Thanx for ur reply!

    • I have had success getting Youl twice with congle and thumpies. Time has run out now for the special offer though – you will have to wait now until December.

  59. I love my singing monsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. This isn’t a complete list…

  61. All this time I thought the wubbox was a myth

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  66. To all those that say you cannot breed all the monsters. I have been trying for about a month straight to breed Ghazt, Reebro, and Jeeode. I can now say I am proud owner and that this chart truly does work. All it takes is patience. If you want to go to my island this is my code 1944564JK. I have never spent real money on the game and have worked hard for over a year to have what I have.

  67. Here’s a good tip, when you first get to your island go to the market, click on monsters, those are the monsters that are available on that island.

    You do not have to purchase them using your diamonds. There will be four monsters that you can purchase with coins and using those for monsters and this breeding guide you can breed all monsters.

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  70. I see you can upgrade the hatching structure???? what is the benefit? can anyone tell me please

    • Apparently you can upgrade the hatching structure as well as the breeding structure and the amount of time is reduced by %25. I haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet.
      Don’t forget to add me 10524579cb

  71. has any one watched the youtube video on how to breed a rare furrcorn 100 % ?

  72. how do you get a number

  73. Does anybody have a rare pink furcorn? It is special. It costs 40 diamonds. You breed it with a potbelly and mammott. 8 hours means regular furcorn. 10 and a half hour means rare furcorn. 2 beds.

  74. got to recomend any suggestions im on youtube and my brother is recording a random video of himself being dumb runing around my house like a ravenous beast!!! /help me

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  76. I am having a hard time getting a GHOST is there anything specific I need to be doing. Thanks my friend code is 1662460EH. ADD ME!!


  78. how do you breed a pink furcorn?

    • Sorry, I know this is too late to help you since the special is past, but for next time it comes around again … Answer is: Same combo as regular Furcorn, but it’s a percent chance of hitting it on any given try, otherwise you get regular Furcorn. Torches help. I managed to get one on Plant but didn’t hit it on the other islands within the special time window.

  79. dose any one know what the date that you can get the rare furcorn??

  80. Please add me. New to game. 16983762EG

  81. I bred the reebro with pompom and riff

  82. How do you breed punkleton?

  83. Is the combination for Punkleton still the same ?(Bowgart+T-Rox) and how likely is it?

  84. Anyone successfully bred a Dragong? I have all single-element Ethereals on my Ethereal island and bred a number of the combinations, but months now trying for Dragong and nada. Starting to wonder if I’m doing something wrong! (Reebro + Humbug + torches)

  85. How to breed Punkleton ?

  86. How do you make a humbug?

  87. How do you breed a rare pummel?

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  91. How do you get a Yool on COLD Island?
    I have been using Deedge and Thumpies.

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  99. Also is there any recommended combination for a Grumpyre that I should know of? I just spent 200ish gems breeding congle’s with deegede’s.

  100. Oops its 13058917rj thanks all

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  102. 4 torches lit while breeding, my first rare monster actually.

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