My Singing Monsters: Jeeode Monster


The Jeeode Monster in My Singing Monsters is a special monster that can be bred, and it is the third of the new class of monsters called “Ethereals”. It first appeared on September 19 2013.

Developers Notes

NEW! The Ethereal monsters Jeeode and Boodoo are now available to buy or breed on Water Island and Ethereal Island respectively!

“Species: Jeeode
Beds: 5

The wise Jeoode is renowned for its ability to see all sides of a situation. Harnessing the ethereal power of crystal, it pictures each scenario as sitting in the center of a giant prism, looking at each facet one at a time. Then, it somehow creates a solution that leaves everyone smiling. Because of this refined perspective, Jeeodes are first-rate instrumentalists, never missing a note.

– My Singing Monsters: Jeeode Monster Biography

My Singing Monsters Jeeode ElementsrMy Singing Monsters Jeeode Monster


Special Edition

Release Date:
September 19 2013

Egg Design:

My Singing Monsters Jeeode Monster egg


Rhythm Type:


Ultra Rare

Breeding Time:  

36 Hours

Beds Required: 5

Buying Price:

1,000 diamonds

Selling Price:
750,000My Singing Monsters - Coins

User Rating

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Breed Rate
Rating: 4.0/5 (27 votes cast)

 My Singing Monsters: Jeeode Monster Key Features

  • Special-type Monster
  • Jeeode  monster
  • 36 hours  breeding time.
  • 1% chance of getting this monster
  • Second Ethereals monster
  • Level 9+
  • Water Island

My Singing Monsters: Jeeode Monster breeding guide

You must first obtain the breeding structure at level 7 to be able to breed for this Jeeode Monster. Without the breeding structure, you can also purchase this monster for diamonds.


There is a 1% chance to get the Jeeode Monster and exactly 4 combinations. Combinations not tested!

  • Shellbeat Monster + Scups Monster
  • Shellbeat Monster + Pummel Monster
  • Shellbeat Monster + Spunge Monster
  • Shellbeat Monster + Reedling Monster


Keep in mind that breeding the monsters left or right does not matter. And that if you are not getting the monsters then you must continue trying until your game gives you the correct breeding time. Breeding is ultimately up to chance and you may get multiple monsters depending on their rarity.

My Singing Monsters: Jeeode Monster Evolution Guide

As we know it, there’s no physical evolution in the monsters for My Singing Monsters. Your income rate will increase along with your max income capacity.

My Singing Monsters: Jeeode Monster Earnings [Per Minute]

Level Earnings Level Earnings Earnings
Level 1  13 Level 6  67 Level 11  123
Level 2  22 Level 7  78  Level 12  134
Level 3  34 Level 8  90  Level 13  146
Level 4  45 Level 9  101  Level 14  157
Level 5  56 Level 10  112  Level 15  168

Max income rate per level

Level Max Earning Level Max Earnings Max Earnings
Level 1  23,000 Level 6  110400 Level 11  202400
Level 2  36800 Level 7  128800  Level 12  220800
Level 3  55200 Level 8  147200  Level 13  239200
Level 4  73600 Level 9  165600  Level 14  257600
Level 5  92000 Level 10  184000  Level 15  276000

My Singing Monsters: Jeeode Monster Food Chart

Feeding food to your monsters in My Singing Monsters will allow your monsters to increase their max coins and increase the income rate they are earning.

Level Food Req. Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1  20 Level 6  640   Level 11  20,480
Level 2  40 Level 7  1,280  Level 12  40,960
Level 3  80 Level 8  2560  Level 13  81,920
Level 4  160 Level 9  5,120  Level 14  163,840
Level 5  320 Level 10  10,240  Level 15

Confirmation Video


  59 Responses to “My Singing Monsters: Jeeode Monster”

  1. I just bred one with shellbeat and spunge

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      • Do u want free diamonds if u do go to options then go to submit refferal then type in this code to get free diamonds, 3489391CF. Also check out my island I have a ghast on the ethereal island and all sorts of other cool monsters. Also please put a like on my islands.

  2. YAY! just got JEEODE on my 2nd try! bred with SHELLBEAT + SPUNGE
    add me for proof – 2153848DC

    • i have been trying relentlessly to get ethereals. i have every combo at least a hundred times in the last few weeks and still come up with everything except the monsters i want.

    • Thank you jack black you are very helpful because I got jeeode and that monster is like the hardest monster to get I tried like 1,000 times already:-) :-)!

  3. Nooooooooooooooooooooo!

  4. I got a monster for 18 hours. What is it?

  5. ???

  6. Hey guys if you want 5 free diamonds go to settings submit referral and write 3519786ac we will both get 5 free diamonds

    Don’t be fooled you will never get more than 5!!!!!!

  7. I’m just waiting on my Jeeode breeding- I used a Shellbeat & Spunge aswell. I’ve been trying to breed every Ethereal monster since they’ve each become available and that’s me only got a Ghazt a few weeks back and now my Jeeode!! I’ve just worked out that I’m gonna need 1,310,640 bits of food to get the Jeeode to level 15 to transport it! Better get baking!! My friend code is- 1847938LE 🙂

  8. I one have one breeding right now with the correct time of 36 hours. The only difference is that I used a shellbeat x reedling on my seventh try. Is it possible to have more than one winning combo?

  9. what is the best way to gett it

    • I used the shellbeat x reedling combo and got the correct breeding time of 36 hours. Its interesting to know there are two winning combos for the J.

    • There isn’t a better way to get an ethereal you will always have a 1% chance unless they increase it to 5% which is still pretty low, but I rather have a 1 out of 20 chance than a 1 out of 100

  10. I got it by breeding shellbeat and reedling

  11. I haven’t had any luck at all

  12. I’ve been trying for a Jeeode non-stop since it became available. No luck at all. 🙁 The only luck I’ve ever had with Ethereals is with the “out of season” Blabbit (got 2), and when they had that one weekend about a month ago when they increased breeding chances by something ridiculous like 500%. Lol. Which really only amounted to about 16% (a bunch of people did the math on the Facebook thread.) I shouldn’t complain because I ended up finally getting a Ghazt on Plant.

    Back to the Jeeode… My Water Island has nothing but Shellbeats! Same with my Earth; ALL Quartiters! I can breed the #[email protected]! out of most of the Quads! Lol. Maybe I’m being punished by the MSM gods and denied a Jeeode for seeming ungrateful about my Quad luck. 😛

    Everywhere I search, there doesn’t seem to be a definite breeding combo. Seems like it’s an equal success rate for any of the Triple elements. *shrug*. I’m sure I’ll continue to obsessively breed in vain.

    Hopefully I’ll come back here soon to tell you what combo worked for me. 🙂


    FYI!!!!!!!… Everyone above has been added as FRIENDS!!! I’ll check back, and add anyone who replies to this thread! 🙂 I also LIKE islands frequently!! I dont even care what they look like/what level you’re on, well… because it’s always fun to se that you’re islands have another “thumbs up,” right! 😉


    P.S. If you want to reciprocate, you can add me too if you have time.

    3780914CC — Name: “Bluebottles”

    Or… I’m also on the MSM Facebook page and my name is Lola Girard. You can look for me there, add me as a on FB, & give me a shout there, and I’ll add you on MSM.


  13. Got one first try shell beat spunge both level 10

  14. What’s its last like?????????????

  15. Add me!! Need friends!! ID: 3876570ig

  16. Finally got one with Shellbeat and Reedling

  17. Still trying – 334976jg

  18. Shellbeat + Spunge!!!! on my FIRST TRY!!!!

  19. Shellbeat + Reeding! both level 15

  20. Haven’t been able to get one yet. Using Shellbeat reedling and shellbeat sponge. Oh well.

  21. Shellbeat and Pummel has just worked for me after many failed attempts 🙂

  22. I just got a Jeeode with Shellbeat and Spunge, I finally was able to get all of the Ethereals at least once!

  23. My friend code is 5196154mg

  24. I added many friends from the forum and won lots of diamonds, add me, so you and me win.
    To get free diamonds go to options -> referral codes and type in: 1714507EJ

  25. Today, 10/14/2013, i just got my Jeeode, and still breeding, check it out, my friend code is 1415152LC, please add me and give me thumbs up…

  26. Refer me for free diamonDs @ 5750146DM

  27. At max level an still can’t breed a Jeeode or Punkleton. I know..keep trying. Add me 3667408mm.

  28. HEY I just got the jeeode with the shellbeat and reedling my friend code 2828135mb

  29. Finally got punkleton! Yah!

  30. Just added everyone below my last post thru Oct 15th…

    Angela, JC, MSM Queen, wanmsy, veivi, & Pango

  31. Love this game already, working my up add me 6421059HL

  32. o my god I just got my third jeeode

  33. Still waiting!!!!!!

  34. What level monsters

  35. Level 15

  36. me adicionem por favor 4683943EN

  37. Unbelievable. Still no jeode

  38. 6455283EB Add me 🙂

  39. Got jeeode with scups! You can use any 3 element monster with shellbeat to get her 🙂 now I’ve got at least one of all the 1 element ethereals and gonna play on ethereal island!! Yay

  40. Hello!

    I got a Ghatz and I haven´t been able to get anything else. Even with the torches.

    And I don´t know Why I don´t get diamonds afetr add friends, aren´t we supposed to get 5 diamonds each?

    Anyways, I leave my code here, friend me pls!


  41. I have only been able to get a ghazt… 🙁 I have two. One I put on ethereal island and the other I left on plant. I have a punkleton and a Yule but no luck with any ethereals other than ghazt. I’ll keep trying… 🙂

  42. Is it hard to breed it?And how costs to update for first time castle in water island?

  43. I just combined a Reedling and a Shellbeat, and I now have an egg to hatch at 36 hours, we shall see, but I do believe I’ve got myself a Jeeode ! Breeding time is currently at: 01:11:51:51 !

  44. I thought the shugafam would be easier.
    .but some are common and some are rare..same with ethereal…humbugs are common so I’m gonna try..added u as friends…mine is 3962870ni

  45. I got a humbug from quarrister and pom-pom.on my first try.i also got the kazillion on my fourth try.but I cannot get the blabbitt from no where I’ve been trying for months and I’m still trying.its disapeared you can’t find it to buy it either? Where’s the blabbitt?

  46. What is the jeeodes 4th like? Anyone know…..

  47. I will always light your torches in return if you light ours…Check my fabulous islands at 25017047ND.

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