My Singing Monsters: Nebulob Monster


The Nebulob Monster in My Singing Monsters is a special monster that can be bred, and is one of the three new “Ethereals” that was released on September 3, 2013 during the celebration of My Singing Monster’s 1-year anniversary.

Developers Notes

Welcome to Ethereal Island! You can teleport Ethereal Monsters here from their original islands once they have reached level 15. Ethereal island replaces the coins currency with shards.

“Species: Nebulob

Beds: 10

The little-understood Nebulob is one of the few monsters born without a predisposition to music. Instead, it is something that the Nebulob works on all its life, constantly researching new and exciting genres to learn from and experiment with. The elaborate exo-suit it dons aids in the creation of its own special style, a Dulcet mix of machine and spirit. If pressed, the Nebulob will confess its favorite musical genre as “Rhythm & Ozze”.

– My Singing Monsters: Nebulob Monster Biography

My Singing Monsters Ghazt element My Singing Monsters Reebro element My Singing Monsters Nebulob

Special Edition

Release Date:
Sept 3, 2013

Egg Design:

My Singing Monsters Nebulob egg


Rhythm Type:



Breeding Time:  

42 Hours

Beds Required: 10

Buying Price:

1,250 diamonds

Selling Price:

User Rating

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Breed Rate
Rating: 3.8/5 (9 votes cast)

 My Singing Monsters: Nebulob Monster Key Features

  • Special-type Monster
  • Nebulob  monster
  • Found only on ETHEREAL ISLAND
  • Released during 1-year anniversary.

My Singing Monsters: Nebulob Monster breeding guide

You must obtain the Ethereals from the other islands like the Ghazt, Grumpyre, Reebro and then level them to level 15 then teleport them into the Ethereal Island. Doing this will turn your Ethereal into an egg then you will need to hatch them and then collect the new currency called Shards to buy the breeding structure then breed them using the combination below.


To breed the Nebulob, you need to use the Ghazt and the Reebro in the Ethereal Island breeding structure to get this monster.



Keep in mind that breeding the monsters left or right does not matter. And that if you are not getting the monsters then you must continue trying until your game gives you the correct breeding time. Breeding is ultimately up to chance and you may get multiple monsters depending on their rarity.

My Singing Monsters: Nebulob Monster Evolution Guide

As we know it, there’s no physical evolution in the monsters for My Singing Monsters. Your income rate will increase along with your max income capacity.

My Singing Monsters: Nebulob Monster Earnings [Per Minute]

Level Earnings Level Earnings Earnings
Level 1  3 Level 6 Level 11
Level 2 Level 7  Level 12
Level 3 Level 8  Level 13
Level 4 Level 9  Level 14
Level 5 Level 10  Level 15

Max income rate per level

Level Max Earning Level Max Earnings Max Earnings
Level 1 32 Level 6 Level 11
Level 2 Level 7  Level 12
Level 3 Level 8  Level 13
Level 4 Level 9  Level 14
Level 5 Level 10  Level 15

My Singing Monsters: Nebulob Monster Food Chart

Feeding food to your monsters in My Singing Monsters will allow your monsters to increase their max coins and increase the income rate they are earning.

Level Food Req. Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1  20 Level 6  640   Level 11  20,480
Level 2  40 Level 7  1,280  Level 12  40,960
Level 3  80 Level 8  2560  Level 13  81,920
Level 4  160 Level 9  5,120  Level 14  163,840
Level 5  320 Level 10  10,240  Level 15

Confirmation Video


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  1. Io l’ ho ottenuto con reebro livello 15 e ghazt livello 15.Se il tempo di allevamento è di 1:17:59:59 allora l’ avete ottenuto

  2. lol, i think its pretty obvious that “Moris2” is saying that both Ghazt & Reebro need to be level 15 in order to get the Nebulob.

    Hopefully it Works.^_^

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  4. 6267720LC is my friend code. Can you do the “submit referral” only once?

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