My Singing Monsters: Oaktopus Monster


The Oaktopus Monster in My Singing Monsters is a hybrid monster in My Singing Monsters. The monster requires 2 bed and is of the Oaktopus Species. It looks very much like a octopus except in a plant-tree style with its roots.

“This amphibious hybrid of plant and water is comfortable in any environment. The monster’s ‘roots’ are actually powerful tentacles that carry the Oaktopus rapidly across landscapes, and propel it efficiently through water..” – My Singing Monsters: Oaktopus Monster Biography
“Ancient Epic Form Oaktopus Monsters are said to host species entirely unique to their personal eco systems. Lgened holds that some jungles are actually living, breathing Medusasaurs, and that species native to the surrounding areas evolved within them.” -“Epic” My Singing Monsters: Medusasaur Monster Description

 My Singing Monsters - Plant ElementMy Singing Monsters - Water Element

My Singing Monsters Oaktopus Monster

Release Date:
August 22 2012

Egg Design:

My Singing Monsters Oaktopus Monster egg


Rhythm Type:

Release Version:


Breeding Time:

8 hours

Beds Required:

Buying Price:

30My Singing Monsters - Diamonds

Selling Price:
My Singing Monsters - Coins

Level Requirement:  7

 My Singing Monsters: Oaktopus Monster Key Features

  • Octopus-like  Design
  • Features Plant and Water elements

My Singing Monsters: Oaktopus Monster breeding guide

The Oaktopus Monster is a hybrid monster that requires two different elements to breed for. You must first obtain the breeding structure at level 7 to be able to breed for this Oaktopus Monster. Without the breeding structure, you can also purchase this monster for diamonds.

To breed for the Oaktopus Monster you must use the elements of Earth and the elements of Plant to get the Oaktopus Monster. The recommended combinations for breeding this monster is using the Toe Jammer Monster and the Potbelly Monster.

Keep in mind that breeding the monsters left or right does not matter. And that if you are not getting the monsters then you must continue trying until your game gives you the correct breeding time. Breeding is ultimately up to chance and you may get multiple monsters depending on their rarity.

My Singing Monsters: Oaktopus Monster Evolution Guide

As we know it, there’s no physical evolution in the monsters for My Singing Monsters. Your income rate will increase along with your max income capacity.

My Singing Monsters: Oaktopus Monster Earnings [Per Minute]

Level Earnings
Level 1  5 Level 6  24
Level 2  8 Level 7  28
Level 3  12 Level 8 32
Level 4  16 Level 9  36
Level 5  20 Level 10  40

Max income rate per level

Level Max Earning
Max Earnings
Level 1  300 Level 6  1440
Level 2  480 Level 7  1680
Level 3  720 Level 8  1920
Level 4  960 Level 9  2160
Level 5  1200 Level 10  2400

My Singing Monsters: Oaktopus Monster Food Chart

Feeding food to your monsters in My Singing Monsters will allow your monsters to increase their max coins and increase the income rate they are earning.

Level Food Req. Level Food Req.
Level 1  5 Level 6  160
Level 2  10 Level 7  320
Level 3  20 Level 8  640
Level 4  40 Level 9  1280
Level 5  80 Level 10  2560

My Singing Monsters Likes Charts


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  2. What is oaktopus’ secret like? Please help!

  3. Add me! 5736264CI
    Thank you!

  4. The secret like is a fwog

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