Oct 222012

Nemo is back in an all new adventure that allows you to build their very own reef with Nemo and his friends! If you ever wondered what it’s like to own your very own reef, well wonder no more because with Nemo’s Reef you’ll do just that. Build your very own Reef with Nemo and his friends collecting/unlocking a number of fish in the palm of your hands.

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Gameteep Rating: 4 Stars

Nemo's Reef icon

App Name: Nemo’s Reef

Seller: Walt Disney

Release Date: Oct 16, 2012 Genre: Builder

Gameteep Rating: 4/5

Requirements: iOS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Rated Version

iOS: 1.0.0

Rated Device

iOS: The new  iPad

App Download

iOS: iTunes

Nemo’s Reef Gameplay

We’re sure players have played Reef building games or fish collecting games at one point or another but often they would be missing important elements that keep it from being a great game. In fact, people here have only returned to one fish related game and Nemo’s Reef is the second best game we’ve seen till date.

One of the greatest elements in this game is the story-like progression that immerses you into the world of Nemo. You’ll also find a number of well-developed character description and quests that lets you understand more about Nemo and friends which is definitely a plus for fans.

More about the gameplay, the experience is very straight forward and similar to many builder games. You’ll get an ocean bed where you can purchase multiple items from Coral to Ornaments for decorating and building your reef.

Through building your reef, you will attract multiple fishes and unlock them into your collection. It’s quite the simply gameplay and perfect for those that love building and collecting creatures in their games.

Nemo’s Reef Graphics

The graphics in Nemo’s Reef are well designed. It appears that most of the fish are in 3D, but also developed through a cartoon style art. There is also a lot of detail to each decoration and as you look at it, you won’t believe how some of the object has detail down to the hairline.

Nemo’s Reef Sounds

Nemo’s Reef has a really mild and peaceful soundtrack. The sound effects also match perfectly with the calm music in the game to create a magical experience for its players.

Nemo’s Reef Round-up

Nemo’s Reef is a game that will relax and calm the mind. It’s perfect for the night because its music is simply so peaceful.

If you love Nemo, you’ll find yourself hopelessly trying to increase the collect of friends and building the best reef in town. The graphics for the game is extremely detailed and it’s difficult to ignore. The fishes themselves are also beautifully designed and fitting for any collector.

Bottom line:

Nemo’s Reef Screenshots

Nemos Reef Screenshot 1Nemos Reef Screenshot 2Nemos Reef Screenshot 3Nemos Reef Screenshot 4Nemos Reef Screenshot 5Nemos Reef Screenshot 6

Review Rating
  • Nemo and friends!
  • Graphics
  • Relaxing soundtrack
  •  Fish joining your reef randomly or no knowledge why they’ve joined.
  • Limited gameplay

  7 Responses to “Nemo’s Reef Review”

  1. hi iam merai i have samsong galaksy s 3 i download this game and i love it
    but how i can download in my computer

  2. Since they did update I can’t play. It keeps going back to my home screen. I have an iPhone 4. If anyone could help me, please let me know what to do. Thanks
    I was on level 23.

  3. I really like the game, but it has become too expensive. I can’t gather enough algae to feed fish 60k and 80k every 24 hours. Not sure what will happen if I don’t feed them, but guess I just finished the game on Level 30. Bye, Nemo!

    • You don’t have to feed them unless u want pearls. Even if you homework is to feed them u don’t have to, u can ingnor it, not earn the points, or opt to finish the assignment by spending pearls. I always asses the cost vers benefit and choose the best option for me. The same with reef space u can sell back rare plants to conserve space, once u have them u only need to keep o e of each.

  4. I discovered that the the giant brown grass loves the purple marine shrub…

    And the giant green sea bush loves the green seaweed grass…

    Yellow table plant loves the rock.

    Does anyone have any other hints?

  5. 1st was real fun.
    Graphics and color are spectacular.
    Now I have numerous connection probs and I have trouble going to menu and looking for new plants. Every time I click on ornamental tab, I get kicked out and have to reenter program. Pain in the butt now but still love to see all the fishes / accomplishments.

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