Oct 112016

NEW Clamble & Krilly Update 1.8 in My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire

In the new update for My Singing Monsters 2, Dawn of Fire, the developers have updated the game with an all-new island called the “Party Island” that is now available to all players in the game. You have the ability to move various selected monsters into the island and start your very own party. Additionally, 2 new monsters have been added into the game during this time for players to breed, the Clamble (Baby Version) and the all new monster “Krillby”. You can breed both of these monsters in the game using their elements. Check them out on our pages.

On top of those two important news, the second cCastle has been activated and you can place even more monsters into the Continent island than before. A new hotel allows you to put your monsters into the building, giving you more space. You also now have the ability to receive coins from monsters in the outer islands and some cool Celestial Monsters that should be coming our way.

Come on over to Party Island!

To celebrate 1 year of My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire, we’re throwing a party – and you’re invited! Come on over to Party Island, an all-new Outer Island that your Monsters can teleport to, right at Level 5! That’s not all though… two new Structures have been discovered, a handy Hotel to help organize your Monster collection, and a second Castle that unlocks even more Beds on the Continent! These little miracles come just in time for you to breed two new Monsters, the ‘king of clang’ Clamble, and the never-before-seen Krillby!

In this update:

• Party Island: A whole new Outer Island for your Monsters to discover!
• A Second Castle: Place more Monsters on the Continent than ever before!
• A new Hotel Structure: Check in your Monsters to make room on the Continent!
• Receive Coins from Monsters on your Outer Islands!
• 2 new Monsters – the fan favorite Clamble and the crustaceous Krillby!
• New Celestial Monsters released monthly!
• Updated Tutorials and improved Gameplay Balancing
• Bug fixes and optimizations
Thanks for playing, and Happy Monstering!

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