Oct 022016

October is here and that means there’s a new monster in My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire. We’re not talking about any old monster but a constellation monster, a monster that is available every month for a limited time. This monster represents the constellation of players in the month of October, and if this is your month, then be sure to get this monster for you game! The monster we are talking about? This month’s monster is dubbed the “Torrt” monster which appears to be a turtle appearing creature and plays the drums.

The description for this monster states: Drawn from the reaches of the Earthen Constellation. The Torrt measures time for all eternity. This monster echoes the heart beat of every earth elemental keeping each firmly grounded in their worlds and their souls. Its carapace shields it from the cacophony of the cosmos, even as it amplifies its own never-ending rhythm: transmitting to its terrestrial descendants an infinitude of groove.

Check out the Song of the monster here

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