Oct 012016

A new Wublin is now available in My Singing Monsters, this new monster is certainly a monster to listen to on your island and has an melody that will just keep you in your game longer. The Wublin is available for you to purchase using coins but you will need to fill it up to awaken this monster into your game.

In it’s un-waken state the description for the monster states: This wublin statue has been carefully crafted by its mysterious maker, down to the finest detail. Now all that’s missing is the spark of life! Instead of sending them to the nursery, zap the monster eggs you’ve bred on your other islands, and they’ll transform into the Electrical energy required to wake up this wublin.

Once you’ve waken the monster up into your game, it will tell you more about the Whajje Monster: For a wublin, the Whajje is almost dainty. Named for its distinctive ‘whajje-whajje’ cry, it can most often be found standing on tippy-toes so that its song rings out above the heads of other monsters. Whajjes scrupulously preen their feathers to create a sort of dish to amplify the sound of their voices. Other supernaturals are always daring it to join in their capers, but the whajje is better-behaved than most – a trait for which it cryptically credits its furry feet.

Check out this video of the Whajje to hear it’s song and see what it looks like in its fully waken state!

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