Plants vs Zombies 2: Pea Pod


Pea Pod in Plants vs Zombies 2 is a Plant that players can obtain in the game that’ll help them throughout their battles against the zombies. Each plant has their own special ability where they can turn the tides of a battle in your favor or against you. So be sure to understand what objective of this plant before using it.

Planting Plants in the game requires you to use “Suns” each plant has a certain requirement and once you reach the requirement and then plant it the Suns will be subtracted from the amount you’ve collected in the game. If you do not have enough Suns you will not be able to plant it into your lawn.


Plants vs Zombies 2 Pea Pod
 Sun Price 125 Plants vs Zombies 2 Sun
 Damage: Normal
 Range: Straight
 Recharge: Fast
 Pea Pods can be planted in the same space for up to 5 times the destruction.
  • Damage Details: Normal (for each pea)
  • Special: increases rate of fire with multiple plantings.
Having studied Quantum Spatial Mechanics in Clown College, the peapod has been amusing families of all ages.
How to Get  The Pea Pod can be obtained in the Wild West section of the game after you have reached level 7. Once you reach level 7 you must beat the stage to unlock this plant into your game.
What it does  It does normal damage similiar to other Peashooters but has an increased rate of fire with multiple plantings.
Plant Food Special Ability  It shoots a giant pea ball that hits it’s enemies, and it’s firing increases in speed.
Recommendations / Strategy  The plant is similar to other Peashooters and is great to use if you want a new attacker but if you are comfortable with your team then you might want to pass on this plant.

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