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Plants War by Gamevil is a strategically fun game packed with plant-action goodness. Explore the world of Plants War in a 3D environment with over a dozen dungeons for you to battle. Players begin the game as the hero Leafy, a yellow and green plant humanoid with the looks for revenge. You can also start out with other versions of Leafy like Quick Leafy but you will need points to unlock that.

Your home is under enemy invasions of other creatures and this means war. After selecting your main hero you will he asked to select a plant. These additional plants require Plant Points to add.  You will almost immediately lose the game if you do not select any plants to join your team on your war against the other enemies. So be sure to add them. These plants are actually “your plant army” which will keep spawning to attack your incoming enemies.


The gameplay of Plants War is very similar to that of Langue of Legends Tutorial [LoL]. You will have two teams, one army is yours and the other is the opposite commanding officer. Your main hero Leafy will be in charge of protecting your plant team as they mass towards the commanding base of your enemy. While they are in fierce battle with the other team you can join in by using special attacks to even the odds or just attack normally. Know that the opposing commanding officer also has special abilities and can often wipe your army of plants within a few attacks. So it is almost essential that you jump in to help them.

As your adventure grows, your character will face countless monsters on multiple maps, each with a different setting that could affect the outcome of the battle. Be sure to understand your enemies and attack the ones that hit the hardest and heal when needed. You can also swap out and buy better plants as you gain coins on your adventure to win the plants war.


Plants War is entirely in 3D. Many of the plant characters, enemies, and object can be seen as using 3D polygrams that build the character. The game also has a art tone that really makes you feel that you are in a jungle or forest battling your war.


The soundtrack for plants war matches their theme of a war field. You will find that the main theme is a heroic one making you almost feel superior to your enemies. Many of the attack sounds also play an intriguing role in enriching your experience while battling your enemies. Time went by without even noticing!

Final Thoughts

Plants War is simply an amazing strategic war game.  Players will find themselves hopeless addicted to advancing towards the next stage or even trying to obtain another Leafy unlock-able character. Give it a try here

Gameteep Strategies

Tip #1

One of the most important strategy to Plants War is to use the correct plants in your army. If you find yourself dying hopelessly then it is most likely because you are using a weak plant type on your stage. Remember that each plant has an offense or defense. If you find yourself using all offenses then they are all dying very quickly, try mixing them. You can use 2 high defense plants along with 1 offense plant to help strengthen your army.

Tip #2

Remember that at the beginning you can use 1 point from the left corner for skill points. Do so and help your team plants out. Remember as you level to increase your points in your skills and stats. If you do not do this your attacks will be weak.

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