Sep 122017

Power Rangers Legacy Wars has updated their game with some improvements and news about a new upcoming character that will be available for your roster. The character that will be released is Udonna from Power Rangers Mystic Force. She will be available as an Epic Character in Leader or Assist form.

A new league has also been released, League IX: Zord Graveyard, will give you the ability to obtain Black Dragon as an Leader or Assist character in the game. There has also been changes to the amount of medals you require to obtain various leagues. Please see the chart below.

What’s New?

Warriors, League, and more….

New Warriors

  • Epic Leader: Mystic Force – Udonna (Releasing: 9/15)
  • Epic Assist: Mystic Force – Udonna (Releasing: 9/15)
  • 1 Mysterious Warrior Leader & Assist

(New) League IX: Zord Graveyard

We wanted to reduce the 900 medal gap between League 5 and League 6. This is why we put League 9 at the previous medal count of the old League 8. By closing the gap between League’s, people will be able to experience more variety while playing through the game.

Increased Rewards

This new League gave us the perfect chance to add increased rewards in Morph Boxes. By adding League 9 but not changing the max number of medals to reach the top League, all players above 3000 medals will be seeing a League promotion. So if you were in league 7 before, you will now be in League 8!

Push Notifications for Challenge Windows:

If you turn on push notifications you will be messaged each time a Challenge Window is open!

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