Jul 212017

nWay, the creators of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars has launched a brand new update that includes a special exclusive chance for you to get Black Dragon, the Zord. The Black Dragon Challenge is available for 3 days and has attracted some of the toughest challengers across the battle realm to fight for its zeo shards.

The challenge itself has a few requirements that players will find difficult to battle through unless you purchased a lot of Power Crystals to develop your rooster. One of the requirements is for players to have 3x unique teams where you will be forced to battle with one at a time. That means a total of 3 unique leaders and  6 unique assists. The next requirement is for your teams to win a total of 12 battles. You can only lose 3 times until it resets. You will have to start all over again if you lose all 3 times.

Battles from stages 1 through 5 can be completed easily unless you bump into a player of higher character levels. Stages from 5-10 is where the real battle lay. You can die consistently and then have to replay the entire event again. Stages 11 and 12 are where players are put to the test against level 10s and players which might higher stats that could kill you in only a couple of hits.

This event is highly rigged. You have been warned.

Luck also will play a role in your winning.


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