Apr 152012

If DragonVale players heard about a secret blue type earth-styled dragon in DragonVale then let us clear the rumors for you. It’s real. This secret dragon is dubbed the Dodo Dragon and can only be obtained through breeding at the moment, meaning those that want to purchase it will not get it so easily.

The Dodo dragon was first revealed to us on a YouTube channel [External Link] with four other hidden dragons that may be coming to your DragonVale park. This new Dodo Dragon is known to be a difficult breed and some may even compare it with the sandstorm dragon but there are definitely those that are luck to have bred the dodo dragon within their first or second try. Some players have even pinpointed it down to percentages of getting this dodo dragon and have rated it 10% for epic breeding island and about 5% for your normal breeding cave. So if you get the dodo dragon on your first or second try be happy to know that you are one of the few to have gotten the dragon and that the luck is with you.

We some times get players asking where is the dodo dragon in the market place? Well as we have mentioned that the dodo dragon can only be breed currently and if you want it for your DragonVale park you will need to breed it. However the dodo dragon may show up in your market place if you want to purchase it but he is not available currently.

How will you know if you have gotten a dodo dragon?

If you are breeding the correct combinations you can expect to get a dodo dragon if you see 16 hours for breeding or a brown egg with air elements on it. Check out our breeding guides found here.

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Dodo Dragon Appearance

DragonVale Dodo Dragon

The dodo dragon is known for it’s flightless appearance because he is one of the few dragons that do not have wings and is extremely similar to the earth dragon. You will see that the dodo dragon is blue, has fur and & horns similar to an air dragon when hes an adult.

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