Dec 082017

My Singing Monsters players can brace themselves as the Festival of Yay is now available in the game. The Festival of Yay celebrates the upcoming holidays witha  series of returned Rare Monsters including the Yool and Rare Yool that is available in the cold island. The new update also adds various monsters decorations on the Cold Island for the Festival of Yay. Monsters in the game can now level up to Level 20 and monsters above level 15 have a chance to find special currencies like Keys and relics.

A new treat is now available in the bakery, it’s called the Big Salad and it gives even more food than any other food available for you to bake. New max level cap has been increased to level 75 for the player to reach new heights in the game.

What’s New in Version 2.1.3

A heartwarming Festival of Yay celebration!

The Festival of Yay has begun on Cold Island! Celebrate the season with festive decorations and cozy winter outfits for your favorite Monsters, plus the return of the jolliest Seasonal Monsters: Yool and Rare Yool! You can now give your Monsters the gift of an all-new healthy Treat from the Large Bakery, and level them up even more than ever before. When a Monster achieves the new max level 20, it will radiate a special glow. What’s more, every level your Monster achieves above 15 increases its chances of finding bonus items like special currencies, so keep leveling up!

In this update:
• Cold Island and various Monsters decorated for the Festival of Yay
• The Seasonal Monsters Yool and Rare Yool available for a limited time
• Monsters can now reach Level 20
• Monsters above Level 15 have chance to find special currencies, like Keys or Relics
• New Treat – Big Salad
• New Max Level Cap of 75 with new Monikers
• Bug Fixes and Optimizations

Enjoy celebrating the Festival of Yay, and Happy Monstering!

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