Jun 152017

A new monster is now available for you to breed in My Singing Monsters – Dawn of Fire, the second installment to the popular My Singing Monsters game. The new monster is named Edamimi, a four element monster that has the elements of Fire, Water, Plant, and Earth. This monster is breedable using the correct combination of elements and monsters in the game.

If you want to breed the Edamimi you need to simply use any combination with the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Plant. It is recommended that you use two-element monsters to breed for this monster as the hours for breeding is generally shorter. For example, a hybrid of Earth and Fire with a hybrid of Water and Plant. Keep breeding until you get 24-hours as a breeding time, specifically 23:59:59. It will take another 24 hours for the egg to hatch.

Edamimi description

Percussionists are renowned for their well-developed forearms but the Edamimi is not your garden-variety instrumentalist. Far from brawny, its forelimbs are delicate and twing-like, performing a balletic display that can only be described as ap’pea’-ling. Its sound is light and bright, with a metallic clarity that plays in sharp contrast to its organic nature. A precocious rascal, the Edamimi likes to contemplate the havoc that might be wrongt by a single, rogue garden pea. Pet peeves include garden tools, insufficient drainage, and extended droughts.

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