Dec 162016

My Singing Monsters creators have released a brand new Wublin into their game and it’s quite a unique one. Dubbed the “Scargo” this new Wublin can now be obtain in your Wublin Island using 5000 Gold, then it needs to be awaken using the required monsters zapped into the statue. Upon zapping your first monster into the Scargo Statue, you will only have a time-frame of 3 days or 2 days, 23 hours to complete the Wublin before having to redo it again.


  • “Nobody is sure whether the constant collision of the Scargo’s clash cymbal-tipped eye-stalks causes it any discomfort, or if the Wublin has just gotten used to it. What is sure is that this Monster’s technique is near-perfection -many new percussionists can’t seem to get a handle on the proper grip. Then again, if the cymbals were attached to you, you might figure it out quicker than most, too.”

We all know the Scargo is the latest Wublin in the My Singing Monsters franchise, but what does it look like after it has been zapped? Well, it’s quite a unique one at that because the Scargo is no ordinary monster in this game but combines a very unique”Gastropoda” with an musical instrument to create this Scargo monster.

Are you ready for it?

Here it is,  (See Image)

That’s what the monster looks like once it has been awaken and it’s certainly a sight to behold. We didn’t want to share with you the image directly on this page because then it will ruin the surprise.

How to Breed?

You cannot breed for this monser, it can be purchased directly in the shop on the Wublin island.

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