Skylanders Lost Islands: Hot Dog


Hot Dog is the perfect Skylander for Lost Islands players as this fire looking character is simply amazing. If you like the element fire then this is definite one of those Skylanders you want to get for your Skylands because he is the Dog of all Fire Skylanders and he is boiling in fire.

Hot Dog was born in the belly of the Popcorn Volcano. While on a nearby mission, a team of Skylanders had come across the stray fire pup when the volcano erupted and Hot Dog came rocketing straight into their camp, accidentally setting Gill Grunt’s tent on fire. Using his nose for danger, he helped the Skylanders complete their mission – even pouncing on a lava golem like a blazing comet when it threatened his new friends. After displaying such loyalty and bravery, Hot Dog was brought back to Eon’s Citadel where he became a Skylander – and then he proceeded to bury Eon’s Staff.~ Game Description

 Skylanders - Fire Element

Skylanders Lost Islands Hot Dog

Release Date: March 8 2013
Skylander Class: Fire

Level requirement: 1
Buying Price: 200Skylanders Gem

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Key Features

  • Fire Dog
  • Fire Type Skylander
  • Fire symbol that represents Fire Skylanders
  • Lava type creature
  • Fire Sprit
About the Skylander

Hot Dog cost 200Skylanders Gem in the market and is available for purchase under the fire section.

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