Nov 302012

Smurfs Village just made the hottest update of the year! The Christmas update for Smurfs Village players!

The first thing you’ll notice about this Smurfs’ Village update is the stunning blonde Christmas Santa smurf icon. It’s absolutely amazing. It’s just so colorful.

smurfs village 1.30 icon christmas

For this update there’s a number of things added for Christmas including the Christmas Calender, glow in the dark items, and a new smurf.

Slow in the dark stuff

Some of the stuff includes Christmas special items that glows in the dark (in your village) that will simply make your village magical in the dark. Decorate your entire village in these items and all the Christmas specials putting your smurfs into the Christmas spirit!

Don’t forget to buy your Christmas Trees and other decorations for your game during this season!

smurfs village christmas screenshot 2

smurfs village christmas screenshot 3

Sweety Smurf

As noted, the Sweepy Smurf is added into the village so be sure to get one to join your village.

smurfs village christmas screenshot 1

Christmas Calender

Notes says

  • Place the calender and check it every day. Come back on December 26th for a surprise!
So be sure to place your calender and check the game everyday. You just must get an exclusive gift on Christmas for your Smurfs Village game!

What’s New in Version 1.3.0

Get in the Smurfy Holiday Spirit with Smurfs’ Village Version 1.3.0!

– Meet Sweepy Smurf and build his hut to get your village in ship shape for the holidays
– Place the Christmas Calendar and check it every day for special surprises!
– Take on challenging new quests
– Spread holiday cheer with lots of seasonal decorations and special items including: glowing lights, customizable Christmas trees, snow globes, candy canes, and many more!
– You’ll be on Santa’s Smurfy list all season long!

  5 Responses to “Smurfs Village: Christmas Update, Sweepy Smurf!”

  1. No!! Don’t buy sweepy smurf’s hut, trust me. It asked to clean greedy smurf’s hut AND HE REMOVED THE WHOLE THING!! >:-( Now I have to buy Greedy Smurf’s hut, again… I don’t care if the whole village is a mess, I WON’T let him clean anything again 🙁

    • Wait, I don’t know what happened.. But I got greedy’s hut again. Something about leaving his oven? Anyway, I take back what I said about sweepy smurf ._.

  2. How do i get Sweepy ?? Cheers

    • You will find his hut in the smurfberries tab. However, I don’t advise you to buy his hut now. There’s a serious bug that makes huts and objects disappear.

  3. Wait till the bug the bug issue is fixed 🙂
    I lost my painter smurf and hefty smuuuurf !!

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