Jul 052013

Celebrate Smurfs’ Village with a brand new magical update for your game! Released recently was a new update that brings a lot of brand new magic into the game for you to enjoy your smurfs and allowing you to  build your village even more.

Smurfs Village Wizard icon

Now you can get a brand new hut for the Magician Smurf that’s filled with magic to help you earn more stuff for your game and village.  You can earn double resource rewards when the Magician Smurf’s mystical stage is nearby and this is definitely a treat for all players that wants to earn more for their game..

You can also get a new village expansion so you can have more room for all the decorations and buildings for your Smurf Village game so that is definitely a plus. Now build the Smurf Cage and enjoy some bonuses in your game.

You can even spin the Farmer’s Smurf tractor to plant all your crops at once and upgrade the feature so that it will harvest all of your crops at once! Now that is a problem solved!

Smurfs Village Magician Smurf Update Screenshot 1 Smurfs Village Magician Smurf Update Screenshot 2

What’s New in Version

Smurf-a-cadabra! Smurfs Village will Amaze You!

– Place Magician Smurf’s new hut and tap on him once a day to magically earn resources and XP!
– Earn double resource rewards when you place Magician Smurf’s mystical stage nearby
– Purchase the new Village expansion to make room for more smurfy huts and decorations
– Build a Smurf Café and serve yourself a bonus XP treat for collecting the whole set!
– Take a spin on Farmer Smurf’s tractor to plant all your crops at once and upgrade to harvest all too!
– Discover all new prizes hidden up Lucky Smurf’s sleeve in his Island and Village mini games!

  3 Responses to “Smurfs’ Village: Magician Smurf Update! More Bonuses!”

  1. For the next update, we’ll maybe in two months or so, did everyone forget Gutsy Smurf? I want Gutsy in the next update… The mountain place is probably recommended for where his hut should be, or the main village. I like the main village. So, PLEASE add Gutsy and I’ve actually made a good point. So I think maybe SOME people might enjoy the next update with Gutsy!

  2. I bought magician smurf and he isn’t giving me any resources. What do I do?

  3. As I observed, I only able to get 500 XP from Magician’s hut. No other resources such as stones, dye, coins , wood, etc. With this Magician’s hut is not worth for its cost of SB. There’s no magic! but frustrations. I am not sure if other players have same observations & experience with Magicians hut. Hope Beeline could improve Magician’s hut. thanks

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