May 232013

Smurfs Village introduces a brand new update for the game and as you’d expect, there’s always some great addition for Smurfs players to decorate their village.

Smurfs Village Mining

In this new update, you will find a brand new mini-game from building the Miners mountain hut that’ll take you through a cavern filled with jewels. There is also a brand new Smurf Condo for your Smurfs to enjoy their lives in a luxurious home of your village. You can now plant and grow crops on the mountain to earn gold and experience to develop your village even more.

Enjoy brand new items and build them like the Wheat Shed, Binoculars, the Carnival Game, and more. This will help you get free Smurfberries faster and is definitely a plus. There are also new premium paint for the Painter Smurf so get ready to style your game even further!

Smurfs Village Miners Mountain Hut Update New Mini Game

Smurfs Village Miners Mountain Hut Update New Mini Game 2Smurfs Village Miners Mountain Hut Update New Mini Game 3


What’s New in Version 1.3.9

Smurfs Village 1.3.9 Leaves You Rolling in Rewards!

– Build Miners mountain hut to open a new mini game that takes you on a wild ride through a jewel-filled cavern!
– Place the new Smurf Condo to safely stow your Smurf huts and free up space in the village.
– Now you can plant and grow tasty crops on the mountain to earn gold and XP rewards!
– Build the Wheat Shed, the Binoculars, or the Carnival Game to help your Smurfy Wonder yield free Smurfberries even faster!
– Dress up your smurfy domain with bunches of beautiful new decorations and premium items!
– Explore three new premium paint collections from Painter Smurf to give your village a fresh coat of cute!
– New game improvements make completing quests easier than ever before!

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  1. Is miners hut game worth spending 30 smurfberries for?!

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