Apr 102013

Smurfs’ Village just updated the game with a brand new installment of smurf items. The new update brings an array of features to reach the new level of 58 in the game!

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You’ll also be able to plant and harvest your shrubs at once with the new Fruit Picker in the game which makes it easier than ever before to pick up your plants.

In the mountain is the ability to rebuild the Smurfy carousel, which you can watch the Smurfs play on it in your village. You can also build a set of stairs that will be able to open new space in the mountains.  Added into the game is the Fireman Smurf that you can bring onto the island or into the mountains of your game, so be sure to have one for your village.

There is also a new spin prize game for the Lucky Smurf on your island so be sure to check that out.

Other notes includes a new designed store to make it easier for players to look for the items they want. We’re were there were also bug fixes and optimization for the game in this new update.

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What’s New in Version 1.3.7

There’s Fun All Around in Smurfs Village 1.3.7!

– Help rebuild the smurfy carousel on the mountain, then watch your Smurfs go for a spin!
– Install a set of stairs that leads to new open space in the mountains
– A new, smurfed up store makes it easier to find what you’re looking for
– A wheel of prizes awaits in Lucky Smurf’s new Island Mini Game!
– Make Fireman Smurf at home on the Island and in the Mountains
– Plant and harvest all of your shrubs at once with the new Fruit Picker
– Collect XP to reach the new level 58!

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