Jul 062017

Spider-Man Unlimited, the endless runner game from Gameloft has updated their game in celebration of Spider-Man Homecoming that will be arriving in theatres on July 7th 2017. In the new update you can be expecting to see a new boss like the Homecoming Vulture and sooner or later you can probably be expecting to see the Homecoming Spidey to be available in the game. You can also be expecting the next chapter of the Symbiote Event to be released soon  for you to complete. Perhaps the newest thing about the new update is the “Infinite” class character card rarity that has been added into the game which should be a tier above the Titan class.

What’s New in Version 3.3.0

Hey webheads! Don’t miss this exclusive chance to swing into action as the latest, greatest Spidey to join the Spider-Verse. Experience the Spider-Man: Homecoming update now, with loads of content straight from the movie.

Will the Vulture take control over the whole city? Well, that depends on you and what you can learn from Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man!

– Meet characters from the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie, including a new version of The Vulture to battle.
– Enter the next chapter of the Symbiote World event and save the world!
– Discover the unfathomable power of the new “Infinite” character card rarity.
– Get even more buffs when you select a team with the same Genome and boost your event results!

And as usual, enjoy more UI and stability improvements for the best experience possible!

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