May 042012

Tiny Monsters players are happy to wake up to three entirely new monsters for your Tiny Monsters app game! These three monsters have their own characteristics and amazing new designs that will make your island that much more interesting. They are the Tailwind Monster, Icefloe Monster and lastly the Tempest Monster. Which one will you choose when breeding these three monsters and which one do you think is the best? Comment below and let us know which design is cool to you!

Tiny Monsters: Tailwind Monster

Tiny Monsters - Tailwind Monster

The Tailwind Monster in Tiny Monsters is perhaps one of the best designed monster out of the trio, Icefloe, Tempest, and this Tailwind monster. Some may say it looks like a bat, a flying chipmunk, or even a squirrel. Regardless of what you want to define it as the Tailwind Monster is one of our favorite monsters for the Tiny Monsters app and should definitely be bred.

Tiny Monsters - Icefloe Monster

Tiny Monsters: Icefloe Monster

A shark for Tiny Monsters that is what the Icefloe Monster is. This Icefloe monster with his big eyes is no push over and will definitely make your island shine with his dark blue scale and fins.

The Icefloe monster was released with the tempest monster and tailwind monster on May 4th 2012 making him one of the coolest in the trio. The elements of the icefloe monster is ice and water, this means that if you want to breed a icefloemonster you need to ensure that within your breeding combination there is ice and water for a chance to get the icefloemonster.


Tiny Monsters: Tempest Monster

Have you seen a pig like angel in your Tiny Monsters island? If you have then you have seen the tempest monster, a newly added monster in Tiny Monsters on May 4th 2012. This tempest monster is made out of Air and Earth elements giving you an amazing look – some may say.

Tiny Monsters - Tempest Monster

If you love the color pink and angels then this is probably directed to those players that love that combination. The Tempest Monster is a earth and air element so you can use any earth and air element monster in your breeding den for a chance to obtain the tempest monster. Remember that it takes 26 hours to hatch so if you have an 26 hour breeding time after placing earth and air elements then chances are you have a tempest monster breeding!

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