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The Amazing Spider-Man is now on your mobile device to help you keep the city of New York safe from thugs and crime bosses on the go. Join The Amazing Spider-Man as he journey through New York in order to protect the city in this action packed adventure right on your mobile device either for your Apple Devices or Android.

The Amazing Spider-Man Picture Screen

 Gameteep 5 stars rating

The Amazing Spider-man by Gameloft icon

App Name: The Amazing Spider-Man
Developer: Gameloft

Genre: Action/Adventure
Gameteep Rating: 5/5

Requirements: iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad (3rd generation) and iPad Wi-Fi + 4G.Requires iOS 4.0 or later

Rated Version: 1.0.0

The Amazing Spider-Man Gameplay

If you have played any Spider-Man game you know one of the best parts to Spider-Man is being able to web sling your way through buildings and the city. The Amazing Spider-Man brings this amazing feature directly to your mobile devices.

You will control The Amazing Spider-Man in New York City where you are required to take on missions in order to keep the peace in your neighborhood. In this Spider-Man app game you can expect to see everything that makes Spider-Man, Spider-Man. You will travel around town taking out thugs and protecting the innocents using your web-shooters and super-spider-human abilities.

As your adventure through the game you will also unlock various techniques and attacks where you can upgrade and make them even more powerful. This will definitely help you grow your superpowers helping you tackle the toughest of the super-villains.

The Amazing Spider-Man Graphics

the amazing spider-man villain

The Amazing Spider-Man app game has graphics that is generated entirely in 3D making it truly an amazing adventure on your mobile device. If you have played Spider-Man on the Playstation 2 then you’ll know that the graphics are pretty similar to it on your mobile device, which is absolutely amazing.

You will get to travel the city of New York as you web-sling through its beautiful 3D environment. As you play through the game you will notice that the texture, lighting and colors are top-notch and adds to your experience in the game. The game’s environment at times may even look better than a console system like the Playstation 2 and definitely looks better than any Spider-Man game in the App Store and Play Store today.

The Amazing Spider-Man Sounds

Did you know they talk in this app game? Well they do! This is definitely one of the best features in the game for those that dislikes reading dialogues after dialogues and can simply watch scenes like the movie!

There are amazing tunes and voice actors in this app game that will just immerse you into the world of Spider-Man. The music is definitely fitting and each sound effect is carefully selected to give you the best experience possible.

The Amazing Spider-Man Round-up 

The Amazing Spider-Man app game by Gameloft is definitely the most polished Spider-Man game ever released onto any mobile device today. It’s amazing graphics combined with Web-Slinging goodness makes this app a must get blockbuster for any mobile app user out there.

In the world of The Amazing Spider-Man you will challenge yourself with over 25 missions, and over a dozen unlockable upgrades to  build your character with super cool moves. This along with voice actor dialogues will certainly make your adventure feel like you are part of the movies. You will finally be able to experience an rich and captivating Spider-Man experience right in the palm of your hands.

If you are wondering if you should purchase this game for your mobile device then we’ll let you know that the web-slinging adventure is definitely worth it. If you love Spider-Man and action apps on your mobile games then this one is a must have for your app library.


Bottom line: Great graphics, web-slinging gameplay, must get for Spider-Man fans.

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  2. only played the demo, but my only two complaints were the graphics for things like electricity and smoke and that I glitched out of the map and fell in complete blackness for a minute before it automatically reset

  3. man chamathi

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