Dec 052012

The Simpsons: Tapped Out players! There is a massive update for the Christmas holidays with Update 4.0.0 built specifically for the Christmas season. There are a number of things updated in the game from your entire game being engulfed into the winter holidays to limited edition items only available during this update.

he Simpsons Tapped Out - Christmas Update 4.0.0

What’s new in this update?

Your Springfield is now covered in snow!


New characters have been added into the update like Barney, Sideshow Mel, Santa Homer, Santa’s Littler helper and more! However, these characters aren’t going to be easy to get so be sure to stay tuned as we go through the requirements for each character one by one.


There are tons of buildings added into the game from Limited edition ones to ones that’ll be in your game for a life time!


Holiday Tree, Kiddie Ride, and more.

What’s New in Version 4.0.0

There’s snow in Springfield! Time to get in the festive spirit with all-new yuletide décor for the Holidays. Enjoy new limited-edition characters, buildings, quests, and more. Plus, collect Santa Coins to get seasonal façades for all your homes.

Check out what’s new:

• New Characters – Go on a binge with Barney, blast Sideshow Mel from a cannon, and have Santa Homer endure whiny kids’ wishes. And it wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa’s Little Helper!

• New Buildings – Steal a copy of Bonestorm from the Try-N-Save, roll a strike at the Bowl-a-rama, and feed the reindeer at Santa’s Village.

• Put Up Lights – Decorate your Springfield with Holiday Light façades for all the homes around town.

• Decorations – Spruce up your Springfield with the Holiday Tree, Kiddie Ride, and more.


The Simpsons Tapped Out - Santa Sleigh Homer



Premium Stuff 

Building/House Costumes

Costumes are not actual buildings but they allow you to swap appearance of your buildings in your game!


Please keep in mind that some of these items are only available during this Christmas update. And that once they’re done they will be gone until next time. If you have the item already purchased then your item will be fine in your city.

The update news for this Christmas Update 4.0.0 is still work in progress… please stay tuned as we update information about the Christmas Event for your Tapped Out city.

Order of Quests [Christmas]

Below are some of the quests and items obtained in order following the game. Please understand that if your item is locked that you’ve have not completed one or more of the following quests (or purchased items). The game is developed in an order where you must complete the quests in an order.

If you are stuck please check if your game has any pending quest bubbles. If there is then simply complete them. If everything is completed please check if there are any items you have not purchase that uses Santa Coins.

Donut items are not required and is not part of the requirements to unlock things in this update.

1) Starting Quests

2) Ned Take the Boys Snowmobiling [Ned]

3) Build Hibbert Family Practice [Seymour] 

4) Pretend to Ski Quest [Homer/Lisa]

5) Others optional until Homer and Lisa does starts What’s a MyP-Od? quest

6) What’s a MyP-Od?

7) Pin Pals Quest
8) Try-N-Save Quest

9) Santa’s Little Helper Quest
[Not Christmas quest]

As of December 6th 12:00PM [EST]

We have completed the majority of the update and information for each character. Characters like the Funzos and Santa’s Little Helper are the final of the characters you can gain in this Christmas update for your Tapped Out city.

The last building you can gain supposedly locked by quest is the Try-N-Save building which is required for the Funzos. Most of these characters and buildings require Santa Coins which means that most players probably don’t have a lot at the moment. You can always buy Santa Coins using 5 Donuts in the store menu.

Happy Holidays and all the best with your Tapped Out city. Please feel free to comment below .

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